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The Three Musketeers have been imprisoned by the treacherous Count Xavier and his sinister lieutenant, Count Orsini!

Well, almost – take on the role of Porthos, famed member of the Musketeers, to save the day in this swashbuckling platform adventure inspired by the classic novel. Swing the Wii Remote to launch blistering sword attacks on your foes, avoid fiendish traps and discover hidden collectables. Packed with frenetic fencing, heroic leaps and fun puzzles, this is one adventure no aspiring hero will want to miss.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

This week, Alexandre Dumas makes his WiiWare debut. Next week: Crime and Punishment Party!

When it was first announced, The Three Musketeers: One For All! was the subject of much anticipation on the part of the WiiWare community, simply because it belonged a mysteriously under-represented genre: the action platformer. This earned it a lot of...

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bpf11 said:

It looks pretty hard but i think wii ware needs some more complicated games. The graphics look good ,too.



eripmav said:

Kind words guys, thank you. I work for Legendo as the PR manager and it's my job to gather up what people are saying etc etc!

Feel free to head along to our Facebook and Twitter pages to ask any questions or just to get an idea of who we are and what we do!



John3714 said:

I gotta say, I'm more excited for this one than I am for Cave Story. I'll probably pick up both.



pixelman said:

Radar'd. Awesome looking platformer. If this and Cave Story sell for 800 points each, I can get an NES game with my next points card! :D



James said:

It reminds me of a cross between Dragon's Lair, Viewtiful Joe and Pandemonium!, which are three very different but interesting references! I look forward to this :)



GamerFromJump said:

They even managed to get a Metal Gear Solid shout out in there. I'm a fan of old-school platforming, so I'll probably give this a go.



suburban_sensei said:

The Viewtiful Joe artstyle has caught my eye, but still want to wait for a review. If it gets an 8, im DLing it. :P



Ausden said:

This is the first WW game that actually looks interesting. Wonder how long of a game it is seeing as it cost 900 points.



GotWii said:

Defiantly has my interest. I am not a huge fan of plat formers but this looks interesting enough to give it a try.



Graph said:

Gah, and I went to get the choppy, bad audio compression monkeys instead of this :(. Need to get more Wiipoints. I knew I should have gotten this game.



eripmav said:

I hope Graph's post has been a lesson to you all! ;)

Three Musketeers: One For All! Go get it:)

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