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New Metroid Prime Trilogy Artwork

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the new eye candy for the upcoming trilogy release.

Nintendo has just sent over a bunch of new Metroid Prime Trilogy artwork and we have to admit, the more we see these Metroid Prime Trilogy goodies, the more we want to get our hands on the game.

You can check out all of these new pieces of artwork below and as usual, we'll have more information on Metroid Prime Trilogy as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the package once it's released.








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pixelman said:

Awesome artwork, though I'll probably end up passing on this. I played some of Prime 3, but the locales really turned me off. I haven't heard very good things of Prime 2. I've heard the first Prime was the best, so I'll probably just end up getting it for my Cube.



ganondwarf16 said:

I already have all three so i'll pass unless the wiimakes are considerably better...well I guess thats what reviews are for



Syr said:

I haven't played any games of the trilogy, but will definitely be picking this up. I need more female bounty hunters in my life.



Megumi said:

Awww, I wanted to be the first to say sexeh, lol. I'm hoping to nab this game next month, can't wait.



Pablo17 said:

I started with Metroid on the Nes and then played the Gameboy, SNES and DS games. I have never been able to get into the first person Prime Metroid games but I still may pick this up.



hylianhalcyon said:

I've beaten MP3, never played MP2, and stopped playing the first one half way through due to my dislike of the controls, so I'll definitely be picking this up.



Nnooo said:

I have all 3 but buying this for the motion controls and 'cos they are awesome!! Cannot wait to play them again.



The_Cow said:

I know... those pieces of Metroid Prime Trilogy artwork are pure AWESOME! I first saw that one pic on GoNintendo!

Also here's a tid bit of something interesting:
Spoilers: hints that the Metroid games have something in common with the month of August... & says could we see Metroid Other M in August 2010?!



Corbs said:

Sorry, they sent these to us this morning and I got busy and didn't get the artwork up. But I did use the full size image to make a killer wallpaper for my laptop.



StarDust4Ever said:

I've never been that big of a FPS fan, but I may pick this up anyway. Are the Metroid games super hard like the old megaman games were? Cause I don't wanna try playing a game only to get killed in like 20 seconds...



Edwin said:

@ StarDust

These really don't feel like an FPS. It's more of a FPA (first person adventure). And they are hard, but not hard in the sense that you get killed easily, but in the sense of exploring and solving puzzles.




Ultra nice....I think I've seen one of them before though...

Trilogy was reviewed at 94% in the latest ONM...

@Stardust: Metroid Prime 3 is fine in terms of difficulty. Its not too hard whilst still appealing to the hardcore. Enjoyable with brilliant visuals and gameplay.

Metroid Prime 1 is a tad convulted and has back-tracking (though you could argue that is better than a game being to linear), but is still amongst the very best nintendo games of all time and is generally regarded as the best Metroid game. I would agree with that.

Metroid Prime 2 is one of the hardest Metroid games (perhaps the hardest). I didn't complete that one as I was beginning NOT to enjoy it whilst also getting overly frustrated. Its still regarded as a "good" game though.

Oh and Edwin is spot on...Metroid Prime Trilogy is a lot more than an FPS. Its an action-adventure, puzzle solving, FPS! Its kind of in a category of its own!



Jockolantern said:

I feel bad for anyone who doesn't splurge on this collection. Three of the best games of all time released on one disc with enhanced 16x9 visuals and superior motion controls for the first two titles? I've been saving my Completion runs of all three titles for this release and it certainly doesn't look like it is going to in any way disappoint. I simply... don't understand the people who dislike any of these oustanding titles.

Gorgeous artwork, too. I particularly like the Parasite Queen one; very cool. Gotta' love that Gamestop is offering a T-shirt and a nice artwork poster with pre-orders. Very good looking pack-ins. Cannot wait for August 25th.



Metroid133 said:

20 more days.......dang it come on already. T_T

I think I found my new desktop wallpaper by the way.



Machu said:

I enjoy lots of games, The Metroid Prime Trilogy however, I respect!
All 3 are excellent and will put nearly everything else on Wii to shame, nothing comes close to the love and detail that was poured in by Retro. I can't wait to get this, so as to immerse myself once more in the amazing Metroid Universe (and throw my copy of the Conduit out the window). Where did the negativity toward Echoes come from, it was a brilliant sequel with some amazing boss fights, and it had the light suit ffs (do excuse me while I travel along a beam of light)!

If I had to choose between the Prime Trilogy, and every other game ever, past, present and future. I'd play first person Metroid for the rest of eternity.

And thanks for the shiny Metroid porn btw.



Starwolf_UK said:

For anyone who wants to make wallpapers you can grab the fullsized ones from here:

One problem though is there seem to be some sort of watermark in the bottom right corner of some o fthe images. The Metroid Prime 1 artwork looks kind of bad since the used the Samus textures from the game which look rather blocky at high resolutions.

Looking at them has almost gotten me into the mood to play the games (I own all three of them but I never really got into them).



Odnetnin said:

Can someone find a wallpaper of the third image (Corbie's) that would look good on a monitor that usually fits 800 by 600 wallpapers. I've tried all of the versions above...




Game looks awesome! im still stuck on the first game though at the sheegoth. can't beat that big dude!



Cthuloops said:

Already pre-ordered it. Imma get that T-shirt and poster!
Trading in all 3 of them, so I can get this.



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

@ comment #26: I agree with you all the way! I might trade in all my copies just to get this.... wait that means my gamecube data would be useless.....DAMN! Oh well I've been speed running metroid prime for years now 1 more time wouldn't hurt!



Ren said:

out that soon? Awesome! I'm all about it. Didn't finish the first, never tried the second and loved the 3rd for controls. With these controls they'll all be so awesome.



emiru69 said:

This month Nintendo is going to get my money. Between Wii Sport Resort, Spectrobes for the Wii and Metroid Trilogy I'm going to be busy! Also I heard that this Trilogy as a stamps/achievement added to the first 2 Metroids.



emiru69 said:

@ Odnetnin
What's snapshot feature? Sorry I played the first Metroid I can't remember too much.



Terra said:

Nice. Especially that 3rd one, I may use that as a background as well.



Dark_Machine said:

@30. SUPERZELDAMAN: Morph Ball, roll underneath, bomb, roll out, unload missiles into face, repeat.

Am selling MP 2-3 for whatever they fetch now (probably a fiver) to help grab this collection. I have a US import version of MP1 I paid £60 for because of the delay of it coming out over here back in the day, it's probably worthless now so I'll keep it.



chadthegamer said:

Game looks sweet. I unfortunatley never got to play MP1 and MP2, but I really enjoyed MP3. Can't wait to pick it up.

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