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Mecho Wars Confirmed for WiiWare and DSiWare

Posted by Damien McFerran

Luc Bernard's latest project meets with Nintendo's approval

In case you didn't know, Luc Bernard's fantasy-themed turn-based strategy title Mecho Wars has just been released on the iPhone and has been getting some generally positive reviews.

Bernard himself has previously stated - albeit under the influence of alcohol - that he'd like to bring the game to either WiiWare or DSiWare and now he's gotten in touch to let us know that it's definitely coming to both, having passed Nintendo's approval process.

Bernard has also confirmed that he is working closely with publisher Flying Tiger Entertainment and will be overseeing every aspect of the conversion process. This is in stark contrast to Bernard's previous title - Eternity's Child - which was announced for WiiWare months ago and still hasn't appeared; however, the situation with that title is different as its publisher - Alten8 - is working on the port itself, without Bernard's assistance.

Sadly, the Nintendo versions of Mecho Wars will not support online play, even though this is a feature that Bernard is hoping to bring to the iPhone version in a future update. However, it will have a local 2 player mode and will feature a extended soundtrack.

No solid release date has been set, but Bernard has confirmed that he hopes to have the WiiWare version finished by the end of August.

You can check out the Mecho Wars soundtrack here and the official site here.

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y2josh said:

Good luck this time around Mr. Bernard. Hopefully we will see your other title some time to, I know it's not up to you though



Corbs said:

YAY! Great news. I'm looking forward to Mecho Wars. I'm so happy Luc didn't bail out of the game industry. That guy has some serious artistic talent.



Corbs said:

He was ready to chuck it all after the Destructoid massacre. Said he was leaving the gaming industry for good.



Ben__Harlan said:

Great news. I've read a lot of favorable reviews of the iPhone version.

Also, Luc if you read this, Are you going to make yourself(Oyaji Games, i mean) the WiiWare version of Eternity's Child? We're still waiting for it.



Corbs said:

Luc says the contract with Alten8 expires soon and if they haven't released Eternity's Child by then, the rights to the game revert back to him.



Sean_Aaron said:

This one is definitely on the list online or no. Nectaris WiiWare will be offering turn-based strategy with online, so I'm not fussed. Nice to see all these lovely games with turn-based combat coming to WiiWare!



calculon said:

Heh, now there's a first! I deleted my last post - I wonder what deviant act caused me to do that?! Must mark that down as one of the (most insensitive comments I've ever heard) pinnacles of my online social activites.

Anyway, enough about small minds, I actually like the sound of this game but because it's got no online I doubt I'll get it. I don't know anyone who's enough into this type of thing to play locally.

Good luck with your first WiiWare release though Luc and I hope you do get the rights back to Eternity's Child, which I still rate it as one of my most wanted WiiWare titles!



Objection said:

I'll pass on this since I don't like the genre but I still want to try Eternity's Child.



Adam said:

Awesome! I'll pick it up on WiiWare the moment it's out. It looks fantastic, and everyone who's played it (that I've read) has been happy with it. I'm glad this project is going better for you, Luc. I hope it's successful, too.

Seems like it'd be a good DSiWare game. Advance Wars has a fanbase on DS, and it's been awhile since they've had a game. I think it'll find a good home with those fans. I don't know how similar the games actually are, but regardless I much prefer this game's graphical style.

I was actually thinking of getting an iPod touch for this (and a handful of other games, but mostly this), so I'm glad this news popped up before I wasted a hundred bucks for nothing!



Egg_miester said:

i am sick of iphone games being ported to the wii but i love rst/ turn based strategy games i may pick it up



siavm said:

He not proved his self to me. Unless this gets a good review, me no care about his games.



longtimegamer said:

So I wonder why he's not putting online in this...cost? Difficulty. I really wish it had online. At least. as Sean said, we're getting an online strategy game. Hope that's coming soon. I'd really love to do an online strategy game.

@Luc- By the way, I am looking forword to playing your games. Good luck on all this:)



Wiiloveit said:

Looks kinda cool. Hopefully the character design will grow on me, and it'll be in widescreen.



Noire said:

Looks pretty cool. Kinda like Advance Wars. I'll keep an eye on this one.



SupermarketZombies said:

I have the game and it's pretty fun. Typo in the article though, the game is a TBS (turn based strategy) game not an RTS (real time strategy) game.



Popyman said:

Awesome! I'm buying this even if I REALLY suck at Advance Wars when I tried it. I'm usually good at strategy games, but the battles were to long, and had to many units to control and I couldn't get the upper hand in later battles...



Mikarlo said:

Now this is a DSiWare release I can get into!

Please Nintendo, more cool games for the DSiWare, less crap...I mean apps..

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