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Mon 25th May 2009

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Mikarlo commented on Review: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes (DS):


I was finally able to snag me a copy of this little gem last Thursday. But, like Panda above me, I just can't get to it right now as I've got several other games FFXIII in less than 2 days! But it is definitely on top of the DS pile.

It looks really good and I'm looking forward to when I can get the time to really get into M&M:CoH!



Mikarlo commented on Review: Legends of Exidia (DSiWare):

Of course, the week after I run out of points...they'd release the one game I have been really looking forward too, ugh! Looks like I'll be picking up another points card very soon!



Mikarlo commented on Review: Sands of Destruction (DS):

My local GameStop only got 1 copy of SoD at release! Seriously? What gives?! But I do want this game pretty badly. I've noticed lots of gamers on the Backloggery currently playing SoD and all the chatter is pretty positive! Just makes me want it all the more...



Mikarlo commented on Review: Glory of Heracles (DS):

I actually bought GoH last week when I went up to GameStop to buy SoD...but they had sold the only copy of SoD they received. (Really? Why send 1 copy of a new release? But, anyway...) I am actually very pleased with GoH and do not regret my fortune one bit! Yes, the gameplay is a little different than what we're use to, but then, I think I like it more because it's different.

I do plan on getting SoD too at some point, but GoH will hold me over just fine till I can find SoD!



Mikarlo commented on Review: Dark Void Zero (DSiWare):

I love this game! It quite possibly may be the best game available for DSiWare currently. Well worth the 500 pts! I agree with others who say it is too short...but really, as good as this game is, complaining about the length is just nit-picking. Congrats Capcom...and Thank You!



Mikarlo commented on First Impressions: Legends of Exidia:

Best news I've read all week! And unlike TwillightPrince, Gameloft does not disappoint me. I will be downloading this game the minute it is released in NA! Please don't make us wait too long for Legends of Exidia!!!



Mikarlo commented on Dark Void Zero Landing This Month:

Immediate Download Requested! Hope it comes earlier in the month rather than later, DVZ looks like it could be an instant classic! (Actually, it kind of already is a classic )



Mikarlo commented on Nintendo Silence Talking Link:

Honestly, I know Nintendo only did what they had to do. It stinks, and actually I'd kind of would liked to have seen the film, but the law is the matter how senseless the law seems.

But maybe Nintendo could have handled it using the film to promote a contest of of fan-made films based on their favorite Nintendo characters or games? With some sort of prize and all, I don't know. I just know I hate seeing creativity and ambition squashed.



Mikarlo commented on Review: The Oregon Trail (DSiWare):

I used to play this game on my girlfriend's Apple back in high school! Such a great game! I have considered downloading it again, but with only 1500 points left in my account right now...I'm being super selective. And I'm not sure if rehashing "the Trail" is how I want to spend half the points I have left...



Mikarlo commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

I completely agree with Skrubber and others here...this did NOT deserve a 5/10! This game is a very fun and enjoyable...yet hard at times...port of the game! My little sister, who was an addict of Rayman on the PS1, just loves this port and will barely let me have my DSi back! And from the couple hours I've put into it so far, I can tell are way harsh on the score my friend! Rayman DSi deserves no less that a 8/10!



Mikarlo commented on Rayman:

I never played the original for the it a worthy enough port or should I just find the PS version?



Mikarlo commented on Extreme Hangman:

For 500 points or's an instant buy for me. I've always had an affinity for Hangman.



Mikarlo commented on Reflection:

This looks great! Any recent news on when it might be released?