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BIT.TRIP CORE Coming to WiiWare July 6th

Posted by Corbie Dillard

The next title in the Bit.Trip series is on its way.

Gaijin Games has just announced that their newest WiiWare release in their Bit.Trip series BIT.TRIP CORE is headed to the US WiiWare service on July 6th, which will make it the 100th US WiiWare release. Congrats to the guys at Gaijin Games for all their hard work!

Below is a copy of the graphic that adorns their blog which gives away the release date. After seeing the game in action, we're ready to give this bad boy a try.


To tide you over until the release, you can check out the official E3 BIT.TRIP CORE Trailer below for a taste of what you can expect from this unique retro-style WiiWare title.

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We'll have more information on BIT.TRIP CORE as it becomes available, as well as a full review soon after its release. And just for the record, the game will not be free. So start saving those Nintendo Points.


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I need to get the FIRST ONE. But this ONE looks good. I better get here before Corbie. I FIRST have to ge wii points though.



Machu said:

Awesome! Looks h-core n' after Beat, I'm there! Pal? Nite.

EDIT: lol gg



Pastry said:

I will have to put some points aside for this!


EDIT: never mind



Corbs said:

Bit.Trip Brutus indeed. And yes, this will be the 100th WiiWare title. Booyah!



Stevie said:

Mickeymac - Always the optimist i see

Any news on the EU release date anyone?



Objection said:

I was only meh about the first one. But congratz to them getting the honor of the big 100th!



Corbs said:

Great pick for the 100th game. Better start saving those Nintendo Points now.



CanisWolfred said:

Watched the video.

...yep, it's worse. Not only is it more confusing than Beats, but it also reminds me a lot of one or more minigames that I've grown to revile. Guess I can put another game down on my "ignore" list.



Corbs said:

What was confusing about BIT.TRIP BEAT? It was like a rhythm-style version of Pong. Very simple to pick up. Brutal to master. A wonderful combination!



WarioFan63 said:


We're at 95 games right now so I'm guessing it's gonna be another Triple Release next Monday and a Double for the 6th. In fact, I guess getting Bit.Trip Core to be Game 100 like that might be why they ramped up the amount of releases lately so I imagine it'll go down soon after that.



CanisWolfred said:

The colors! It bombarded my senses!O_O I couldn't figure out what was going on on-screen. Honestly, If I ever actually sat down with that game and played it through, it'd probably give me a seizure.>_< And this one doesn't look any better.



Gizmo said:

Mmh, it looks even harder than Bit.Trip Beat. And although I like challenges, it seems that in this game the frustrations are more often than before... =(



HOT-ROD said:

YES! Bit Trip Core is coming out on my birthday =D I think I am destined to buy this game =)



Starwolf_UK said:

@WarioFan63. At the very least it means 3 games (inc B.TC) in the next two weeks for America (if you count all the Wiiware that is out including the two only out in Europe you get 97...true I can't see Nintendo counting like that...).

Assuming B.TC, NyxQuest and Proj.Bang are coming out (NyxQuest seems given) then that leaves Water Warefare and...I don't know there seems to be so much that you would have thought would be out ages ago...I'll say Aero Guitar since everyone has forgotten about it.

I guess Bit.Trip Core is getting the 100th game spot becuase Cave Story isn't quite ready...I would have Cave Story would be the milestone title...ah well, it could always happen in Europe



Philip_J_Reed said:

One of the designers said that he thinks this game is significantly easier than Beat, but I'm with looks insanely hard! Not that that really matters to me, the (often brutal) difficulty of Beat gave it a lot of its personality in my eyes, and I'll be darned curious to see where this falls on the spectrum.

Day 1 purchase for me...but if anyone didn't expect me to say that, then they haven't been paying attention.



Adam said:

I'm with you also. It looks much harder. I hope the designer is right. I'd rather it be easier than harder, though ideally it'd be about the same.



Sean_Aaron said:

Is there going to be a simulataneous worldwide release? I did bet BEAT for the Japanese Wii, but no localisation was done, so the game was the same and it was 100 points cheaper than EU/NA, so if that's true of CORE, I may get the Japanese WiiWare release of that as well.

I got a new high score in Descent last night; though I'm still in the bottom position at 67x,000 points. I know I'll beat it someday; I'm enjoying having the odd go now and then. It's really such a nice game and I'm looking forward to the follow-up(s).




Just got the 1st one. It took me more than THIRTY-NINE tries to get a high score. Its fun though.



NeoRausch said:

i NEED to crack the last stage in BEAt...CORE cant come soon enought to europe!! that beeeeep, that bumpapapow!



Gizmo said:

@ Chicken Brutus: "One of the designers said that he thinks this game is significantly easier than Beat"

Mmh, significantly easier would be as bad as too hard like in the video^^.



gainscwa said:

Anyone know what the control scheme is? Are those d-pad presses or gestures to activate the beams?



nintendoduffin said:

Gainscwa, it's all button presses this time around with the d-pad being held in the relevant direction then the 2 button pressed to activate the beams.



Aardvark_Soup said:

I really liked Bit.Trip Beat and this game is looking very good too. For only 600 WiiPoints this is a must-buy.



LittleIrves said:

Perfect timing. Just beat Growth--finally--last week. Man, that's some tough stuff. Quite the epic experience. But I hope CORE isn't too much easier. It certainly looks brain-exploding in those videos. Now all I need is Gunsmoke (VCA) and I'm a happy clam.
@Mickeymac: "If I ever actually sat down with that game and played it through..." Ah, and now we see the source of your nay-saying. Give BEAT a shot! Yes, your skin might melt, but in a very fun way, promise.

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