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Pokémon Gold and Silver To Be Remade?

Posted by Damien McFerran

A recent episode of the Japanese-only Pokémon Sunday TV show has provided the biggest hint yet that Nintendo is currently working on remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

The classic duo originally appeared on the Game Boy Color and remain two of the best-loved entries in the insanely successful series.

Apparently a "world-exclusive first announcement" will be made on May 10 during the Pokémon Sunday show; the logic behind the assumption that the news will involve Gold and Silver is dedicated by the fact that two Gold and Silver globes were displayed on-screen during the teaser. Simple, no?


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Shortay said:

That would be awesome. Hopefully it's true; SIlver is by far the best entry in the series, in my opinion, and I'd love to play a graphically-enhanced version with more features.



Objection said:

Those are my favorite Pokemon titles (well, silver), so I might just have to shell out for them. Better than shelling out for Platinum at least, since I already have Diamond.



MrPanic said:

Insta-buy if you ask me. Bad luck the releasedate is already set to Begin 2010 for US/EU so we still have a long wait.



ReZon said:

If they remake a Pokemon game, and they make it for the DS/i, the smartest thing they can do (imo) is to make it NOT look like a GBA game.

Take a page from the Final Fantasy remake notebook, and make it something pretty.



Mainstreamguy said:

Gold and Silver and Crystal were the last Pokémon games I really loved before i started hating Pokémon
Maybe these remakes can bring me back



warioswoods said:

I'd like for this to really be the announcement of the DSi VC at long last, headlined by these two games; I suppose a remake is more likely, however.

Also, what the heck is the Pokemon Sunday show? That screenshot looks crazy.



Party_On_Dude said:

All I got to say is if its for a DSi Virtual Handled; hence a Virtual Console like that NEEDS TO BE ANNOUNCED for the DSi... come on!!!!
Also NO WIIWARE REMAKE!!!!!!! That TMNT Turtles in Time WiiWare Remake Artical on NintendoLife made me UTTETLY UTTERLY UPSET!!!



Chrono_Cross said:

Why Gold and Silver?
Why not Red and Blue?
In my opinion Red and Blue are my favorite in the series by far. All of the original, classic Pokemon are found there and that`s why I love it so.

Over the last couple years or so Pokemons image of fun, has been getting smudged more and more the more they seem to add more Pokemon...



Nintendork said:

Red and Blue have already been remade.

While I really, REALLY want this remake, I'm kind of hoping that Gold&Silver would be lineups for Virtual Handheld (I seriously doubt it, though).



Cthuloops said:

This will sell like hot cakes guaranteed. If it's true, I will pre-order and then insta-buy, seeing as Gold was and still is the best Pokemon game ever made imo.



TwilightV said:

Purely speculation for now. We REALLY need a new Stadium style game. Battle Revolution was terrible. XP



Digiki said:

I'll most likely skip it. Since I don't have much of a reason not to assume that this'll pale in comparison to the original games.



King_Elemento said:

I doubt they'll do the games justice, but it took them dang long enough to get on with this project. I'm going to assume they're already at least half way done.

Also, Celebi needs an in-game location to be catchable, worldwide. This had better be fixed in these.



GamerZack87 said:

I think it'd be awesome if they added one of the most intriguing, yet strangely ignored, additions to GS: different sprites for each Pokemon in each version; such as a different sprite of Cyndaquil in Gold to the sprite in Silver. I must admit that Silver's sprites looked kinda neat-they were always (usually) in some kind of pose.



RevolverLink said:

I'm not a big Pokemon fan anymore, but Gold and Silver are still my favorite editions of the series by a good margin, so I think I'd double dip for them.



Adam said:

OK, who was the NL crew member watching Pokemon Sunday TV in Japanese? Hands up. Don't be shy, Chicken.



King_Elemento said:

@ 20. Adam:
I'm pretty sure they saw the update on Serebii, found a screenie from somewhere, and quickly wrote up the article. That's kinda how journalism works.



Objection said:

On second thought..maybe I'll just play the old GB version of Silver instead. I am done with Pokemon. Its just too slow and non-evolving of an RPG series. (said by an owner of Red, Silver, Diamond)



Token_Girl said:

You can't play the gba remakes of red/blue on a dsi though.

I hope they go the vc route!



Adam said:

@ 22 King Elemento
Actually, I'm pretty sure they got it from Kotaku, since that is the source listed. I was making a joke, but apparently it wasn't very funny. That's kinda how my jokes work.



Mario_maniac said:

Do want.

But you know what I'd want even MORE, Ninty? That's right: the original Gold and Silver available on the DSi Shop. ; ) (That said, if they release these rumoured remakes and then bring out the original ones, I'd get all of the versions... that's the kind of sucker I am for Pokémon.)



y2josh said:

(Does a dance on his couch that makes him look like Tom Cruise) YES! I AM IN LOVE! YES!



SmaMan said:

Maybe they could release the originals on DSi shop a month or two in advance to psyche up/help everyone catch up. Then BOOM! Release the remakes and the whole world explodes like on that Nintendo Power commercial where the kid eats the magazine...



xDlmaoxD said:

Damn, I want the original blue and red.
That would be awesome not that crappy fire red and leaf green.
Pokemon Blue pwns all
Squirtle is the best!!!!



King_Elemento said:

@ 26. Adam:
Ah, I didn't see that. XD
I only said that because I know a lot of people get Pokémon news from Serebii, so yeah.



Atlantis1982 said:

>.> Well, much I loved Silver, think I am going to wait till the Crystal version to come out seeing how they love throwing in a third entry a year or two later.



donx998 said:

man i hope it has wi fi lol it probably will also i dont think they will do crystal because for the red and green remakes they didnt do yellow



Linkuini said:

Me, I'm still holding out for a better Wii Pokémon game to come out. I'd rather have something new for my old Pokémon to do.



mastersworddude said:

Yes! G/S are such great games, and having D/P/P graphics and features makes it the best Pokemon game IMO.



Terra said:

I heard rumors about a G/S remake ages ago and they seemed to be realistic evidence. I hope this turns out to be true, I would love to see a G/S remake



gamerboyshadow5 said:

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If there really is going to be a remake I'm gonna be one of the FIRST to get it!

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