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Fri 10th Apr 2009

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xDlmaoxD commented on BIT.TRIP BEAT Updated!:

I have this game so I might as well update and play it and see if it is any better. Didn't even know it was going to be updated.



xDlmaoxD commented on Brain Challenge Heading to DSiWare:

They should port some Mario Bros.
All these "Brain Age" games are exciting at first but when it ask too many questions you get frustrated. Will buy it anyways why? Cause its cheap xD
Plus it looks nice on the DSi Menu.



xDlmaoxD commented on DSi Contains Improved Anti-Piracy Technology?:

I really do wish that there was no piracy, but sometimes people are not old enough to have a job. Luckily I do and can buy my own stuff but still, there's other stuff that's more important. I did buy the DSi and don't mind paying 2-8 bucks for DSiWare. The problem is when they ask for 30-50 dollars for a game that looks like crap. I had like 30 DS games but sold all of them two years ago to buy x-mas presents. Now i have a flash cart but doesn't work on my new DSi so I will just see what DSiWare is worth playing.

BTW those cheating apps are not license by Nintendo so they don't bother telling you because you where never meant to use them .



xDlmaoxD commented on Real Football 2009:

lol, I'm american but not ignorant.
Football is what soccer is call outside the USA.
American Football is what other countries call Football.

I play football, the real stuff not American Football
This game looks ok I have it for the DS.