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Bubble Bobble Wii - Now With 4 Player Support

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The latest edition of Famitsu has more goodness - The first screens of Taito's Bubble Bobble remake, Bubble Bobble Wii!

The screens are very small, but we can at least tell a few things by looking at them closely - It has the same minimalistic graphical style as the original game (Available on VC), features new levels, and has 4-player support!

The Famitsu article also reveals that the game is taking a page from Taito's other WiiWare game, Space Invaders Get Even - The game will have DLC! For 800 Wii Points you'll get 100 classic stages, 100 new stages, and "hard" versions of all of those levels - There will be two DLC packs with 50 "very hard" stages each. These packs will cost 200 Wii Points each.

The latest Famitsu does not have any information on Taito's other upcoming retro WiiWare remake, Rainbow Island Tower, but we assume it is coming out later this year.

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worrybomb said:

If it'll have online play then I'm completely sold. I wonder if those new stages in the DLC pack will be all-new levels or just the same levels but increased in difficulty. I hope the former.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I can. Not. Wait.

Ohhh yes.

Is anyone else hearing the Bubble Bobble theme in their head right now?



Wiiloveit said:

Awesome, although I think it's strange that they only have the hard levels in DLC, since this will put many people off buying the extra content.



-TR said:

Hadn't heard of this one before! I realy want it now, too...



blackknight77 said:

"Hadn't heard of this one before! I realy want it now, too..."

The original is on the Virtual Console if you need it to tide you over



Kaeobais said:

HOLLY F**KING ASS CRACKERS! A new Bubble Bobble? 4 player support? Downloadable Content? HELL YEAH! GAH, I CAN'T WAIT! I'm gonna have a heart attack ........ kay, I'm dizzy, just .... just let me .... let me sit down. My GOD this is gonna be awesome!



Kokstra said:

Wishing we had some better screenshots, it could be a game with SNES visuals for all we know, they're so small!



EJD said:

I downloaded the original on the VC a few months ago and enjoyed it, this looks even better. I may be put off the DLC if the extra levels are all a high difficulty but I suppose practice helps. 800 Points seems reasonable for what you're getting here, the 4 player will be interesting to see.



Terra said:

I'm liking this. 800 points does sound pretty reasonable and i'll probably get it.

400 Points worth of DLC for 100 Levels of Very Hard though. Maybe a touch overpriced, i would have it all in one pack at 300 points to be honest but, who wouldn't want stuff cheaper?

Are you feeling ok?



Philip_J_Reed said:

"it could be a game with SNES visuals for all we know"

Megaman 9 proved (and hopefully Bit Trip will reinforce) that graphical quality means nothing.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

HELL YES!!!!!!!

Im a huge fan of BB for the NES. This automatically goes to the top of my list. Classic stages with better graphics, better multiplayer, hmore stages, AND A HARD MODE!!!!




Pablo17 said:

@Wiiloveit "Those were worth posting" was worth posting as well. lol

This is a game that I will down load just because I have always loved Bubble Bobble. When it is all said and done, we will be getting 300 levels for 1200 points with four player support. I want this.



tatemon555 said:

Awesome!!! I loved the first game, and there is so many levels in this, and then DLC??? I'm getting this, especially with 4-player support.



RadioShadow said:

Bubble Bobble is an awesome game, and the more it plays like the original, the better!

4 Players is a great feature. Hope for online too!



Omega said:

Is Taito now going to release all of their old games as WiiWare? When comes Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars, Puzznic, Arkanoid and the many other games that Taito has released since 1973? C'mon boys. What about something innovative? Are there no new ideas anymore?



Terra said:

Have you already forgotten Space Invaders: Get Even? Sure, it's based off an old Taito license but it was certainly new and fresh.



shadows262 said:

It`s nice to see more and more DLC on Wiiware games lately! I truely hope this has online multiplayer in all.
Yeah that is true in all but with all that DLC SIGE rounded up to be around 700 blocks...which sucks!



Omega said:

@Terranigma: Yes, I admit that Space Invaders GE is quite innovative. I hope they make more games like this and don't decide to rest on their laurels by re-releasing all the old stuff more or less unchanged.



Supermarioman said:

I never played the original, but I do want it, looks simple but extremly fun, also it proves that developers who make pretty great games will continue to support the service like Square-Enix which recently announced its second game for the service, so all I can say to this great thing is Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!



Ricardo91 said:

4-player support? Oh goody! Now I actually have reason to buy this with the NES Bubble Bobble already on my Wii.

@Chicken Brutus. I'm hoping that the game ISN'T in retro style. Sure, it's cool with MM9, Bit. Trip and (to a far lesser degree) Gradius Rebirth, but this trend is starting to get a little old.

"Are there no new ideas anymore?"

ponders about all the FPSs, retro revivals, sequels, and remakes that populate the general modern-day gaming climate
Not really no.



Terra said:

We can hope. We've seen the worst of that with EA. Honestly, they have been resting on theirs for too long and only now are we starting to see some change.

I'd would be awesome though, to see a New Darius game. as for original Taito projects, the only ones of recent i can think of are Exit and Tact of Magic, seeing that their PS3 games were canned.



Virus said:

I haven't gotten the NES version of Bubble Bobble since I wasn't convinced I would like it entirely, but these new additions look pleasing enough to warrant my purchase...hopefully.



Kaeobais said:

@14. Wiiloveit: No, don't accuse me of things I didn't - yeah, I had six.

Anyways, this might have a chance at beating world of goo!

@39. MarkyVigoroth: That game was pretty fun too.



Twilight_Crow said:

Yeah!! I was waiting for this news, 4 players yes yes yes! I want this sooo much...
Now the terrible wait until is released .

@Chicken Brutus
The curious thing is that when I read your first post I realise that I can summon the Bubble Bobble theme to my mind with extreme ease, I think I spent too many hours playing the GB version .



ness said:

Mmh, why without a graphical update, like Toki Tori?
So probably i will pass on it.

@ Chicken Brutus (#20): "Megaman 9 proved (and hopefully Bit Trip will reinforce) that graphical quality means nothing."

Yeah, but the whole Mega Man series is defined by the NES games. For me Bubble Bobble Wii would be much more attractive with a graphical update.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"why without a graphical update, like Toki Tori?"
It HAS a graphical update! Compare it to the screenshots on vc-reviews.

"the whole Mega Man series is defined by the NES games."
I see your point, but it's just as fair to say that Bubble Bobble is defined by its NES game. There were other versions (just as there were in the Mega Man series), but there's certainly a huge portion of gamers for whom the NES Bubble Bobble is definitive and classic.

And also, before this goes too much further, I'm NOT recommending they go the retro route! I'm just saying that it doesn't matter if they use undetailed sprites or something because it's the quality of the game that matters, not the quality of the visuals.

I'll take a quality Bubble Bobble game over a flashy Bubble Bobble game any day.



Mayhem said:

Online would be so nuts on this... but I'm not anticipating it sadly. But we'll see... seems good value for money so far. Played the arcade and C64 versions to death...



ness said:

@ Chicken Brutus (#46): "It HAS a graphical update! Compare it to the screenshots on vc-reviews."

Yeah, but i mean it still has NES graphics.

And don't get me wrong, i absolutely agree with the point that the quality of the game that matters, not the quality of the visuals. I also love Mega Man 9, but because i'm not a huge fan of Bubble Bobble (although i like it), it would be much more attractive to me (and maybe to others, who don't know the game, too) with a graphical update.



Starwolf_UK said:

Ouch to the people who bought Bubble Bobble NES. Guess this means the sales for that title have pretty much stopped but its been out for more than a year.

So let me get this straight. We have the 100 classic levels of the NES version (plus hard versions...given we can have 4 players now I imagine they could makes these the kind where you need 4 people), 100 more levels (and again hard versions). That is quite some content. Lets hope the true ending doesn't need 4 people



Jazzem said:


I love Bubble Bobble, easily one of my favourite arcade games, and despite having the VC NES version I'll happily buy this as well.

Just please, please have Wi-Fi! I'll get it either way but I'd be very disappointed if it didn't have the feature

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