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Bubble Bobble Plus! is a simple yet exhilarating action game where you control the bubble blowing dragons Bub and Bob, trapping enemies in bubbles and then popping them.

You can play all 100 of the Standard Mode rounds, which faithfully recreate the nostalgic arcade game, or try 100 new Arrange Mode rounds, which allow up to four players to play on stages with exciting new features such as new enemies and stage layouts. There are also Super Mode rounds for you to enjoy.

Obtain the true ending by solving puzzles hidden on each stage to defeat the final boss.

You can also play Ranking Mode where you compete with players from around the world to get the highest score by registering your scores via Nintendo WFC for each game mode.

On top of all that, you can enjoy a further 100 rounds, facing off against new boss characters by purchasing the “Expert Mode 1” and “Expert Mode 2” add-on content.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Space Invaders Get Even proved that drastically changing a classic Taito franchise works very well. Bubble Bobble Plus, however, is more of a flat-out remake - is it a good one?

Bubble Bobble's one of the most well-known arcade games - If you so much as hum the theme song to someone it's very likely they'll recognize it. As such it's really a no-brainer to have on the Wii Shop. But wait a minute - the NES port of the original...

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User Comments (36)



worrybomb said:

I really hope Taito revitalizes Bubble Bobble for WiiWare the same way they revitalized Space Invaders with Space Invaders Extreme. If there's one Taito franchise that needs the SIE treatment, it's Bubble Bobble.

Also some online co-op couldn't hurt either. =P



Yasume said:

I'll most likely get this game. I hope it also supports GC controllers, I don't want to pay 40 bucks for an extra WiiMote right now.



Drake said:

@ Garrett: There's pretty much been a Bubble Bobble game every year, the DS even has two.



Ferret75 said:

I hope it's multiplyaer is good.

If it has an online scoreboard, then I'll defienetly get it.



Ziondood said:

I honestly can't wait for this game =D
Ive always loved this series =]
These are the things i want to see in the game =]

  • Stick to the 2D/3D look that the arcade versions had
  • Online Co/Op
  • Leader Boards
  • Keep Bub & Bub Dinosaurs. Don't make them look like they did in the psp game (they were little kids in dinosaur costumes with bubble gun).

Me and my friend use to play Bubble Bobble 2 at the arcade at our local bowling alley. I LOVED IT =D Then they took it out =[
I tried to contact the arcade company that had rented the bowling alley the machine to see if I could possibly purchase the machine but they never called back =[
Please Tatio make this the best Bubble Bobble Ever =D



ZEIDO said:

Now that's exiciting!

I Love Bubble Bobble, and have already downloaded the NES version from the WiiShop........ will definitely get this one to complete my collection, even if gameplay is identical



tatemon555 said:

Well well. I loved the first Bubble Bobble (getting it soon on VC!), so I'll keep this in mind.



smetloos said:

Online co-op will be massive! I have the NES-version from the Wii-shop and it is still great fun to play.



Bass_X0 said:

They're different platform games completely. Bubble Bobble has you clearing a screen of monsters before you move on to the next screen. Rainbow Island has you working your way up stages which are several screens in height. I prefer Rainbow Islands.



Pegasus said:

As much as my interest is piqued here, I really want to know what's going on with the Rainbow Island game. It was one of my favorite games on my Amiga.



Wiiloveit said:

What's the difference between the Rainbow Island remake and this?
This one's Bubble Bobble, not Rainbow Islands.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Definitely getting this. Question is, when can we expect this? Soon, I hope in light of the recent ESRB rating.



Wesker said:

I was saving 800 points for this but couldn't wait any longer and got Super Punch Out today. Anyway this and Adventure Island are still my most anticipated WiiWare titles. So hurry up and get them out NoE!...Please

BTW does anyone know why this is published by Square Enix and not Taito?



WarioFan63 said:

BTW does anyone know why this is published by Square Enix and not Taito?

Square owns Taito



Spocker said:

posting here aswell:

It's a bit "buggy", they've changed the range when you pop the bubbles, without compensating the levels, so you can get stuck in narrow spaces, like on level 99, and plenty others. The bubbles pop as soon as you touch them, so it's impossible to blow any in spaces that are 2 "squares" wide. One other bug is that you no longer can blow bubbles through narrow spaces, one square high, also unbalancing some of the levels.



jhuhn said:

North America gets their price in this game set at 600 points making the PAL regions jealous.



Cheezy said:

I like BB, but this ain't worth it for me, it just looks alot like the original.

EDIT: Well, maybe...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm actually quite surprised with the pricing decision they chose but who am I to complain? 600 Points can be seen as a big bargain especially since the original is 500 Points and there's more content found here.



Alexei123 said:

How come it's 800 in PAL and 600 in NA?
That's not fair because that means it costs Americans $6 US = $7.63 AU
and in Australia it'll cost $9.829 US = $12.50 AU

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