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Pong Toss Coming To Europe With Added Beer!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Yesterday, the OFLC revealed that Lonpos would be coming to WiiWare in Europe. Today offers a bit more shocking news.

The USK has rated Frat Party Games: Beer Pong. As you might be aware, this was the original title for Pong Toss, but it got changed, because an alcohol themed game upset some people who forgot that the prohibition ended in the 1930’s! Europe of course has a much more mature attitude to alcohol so we’re keeping the original title of Beer Pong.

It's nothing to be excited for though - We think it's one of the absolute worst WiiWare games (Perhaps even the single worst), so you should hope that its European release is delayed as long as possible!

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jorenmartijn said:

It does look bad, even for a downloadable title. So far the only title I've considered a misbuy is SPOGS Racing, but I'd never even go near this title.



Bass_X0 said:

I've been expecting this to come some time. I won't touch it just like I don't touch real beer. All it does for me is to help fill up WiiWare World's European games list.



Starwolf_UK said:

Given how binge drinking has become a topic in UK politics I can't help but think this isn't the best of moves...

But all I can say is if we get this kind of stuff before Art Style games I will be most disapointed in Nintendo.



Wiiloveit said:

@Starwolf_UK: Binge drinking is England's most favoured tradition - especially in my little village/town.

Also: my longing for WoG has been put on hold. In the meantime, I can play something ten times better now: BEER PONG! Screw you, ACReturns and Guitar Hero WT: Billy just got a brand new friend.



Terra said:

Great, more Mediocrity to hit WiiWare in europe. Does anyone truly care if they release the Uncut version of Pong Toss? To say I would be extremely hard pressed to find someone who does would be an understatement of the year.

Why do we have to suffer from this crap when there are much more important games we haven't got yet, like HIgh Voltage's games (Still F***ed off with Them) or the Art Style games. To be fair, once this is released, it will be out of the way for good.



Wiiloveit said:

I honestly don't see how this could be so bad. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to enjoy The Incredible Maze and Midnight Bowling, followed by a hearty dose of Spogs.



Mopsical said:

Wow, that's terrible news. Why can't we get something like Gyrostarr instead of this rubbish?



Bensei said:

Maybe they changed some more things, like improving the game? I mean, it's a while back it released in the US, too much time for reconstructing alcohol references...



WarioFan63 said:

Ah come on guys, youre better off wishing it would come out. Think of it this way, you wont have to dread it coming anymore afterwards. Its got to come out at some point and as it is now, things cant get any worse then that.

Well maybe Im not explaining my point well but hopefully its in there somewhere.



KDR_11k said:

Oh don't worry, it'll come out SOON, NoE loves games they can torture us with. I bet the week it's released in only gets two Wiiware games and the other one will be something like SPOGS 2.



Bass_X0 said:

Oh come on, the worst news is that we're not getting World of Goo. A game that we particularly don't like can just be ignored. A game we're not getting that we do want cannot be ignored. We don't actually lose anything just because this is coming out here.



Ren said:

Ok I'm going to put myself into the flames here, but... Whats so bad about it? From the review here there is really nothing negative, besides that the game it's simulating is an embarrasingly simple drinking game. Somehow after an almost glowing review there is a 2 at the bottom and people here obviously DL it a lot. I don't have it and 800 seems like too much but after going back to look at the video and screens it kinda looks fun as a multiplayer timewaster (especially if actually drinking).
I sense a certain "oh, my gosh we Americans really are that dumb" thing going on here, but if something is at all fun, why not own up to it. It's not claiming to be Halo 6 or anything. Using a tossing motion to complete a simple game against an opponent is kind of no-brainer fun and thats arguably what the wii's mini-games are for. People sure are on a high horse about it, though, I may actually be tempted to try it now. How many of you have actually played it before blasting it so much? I haven't either but the review shows no signs of bad control, bad music, bad play modes, (weak graphics are no surprise), then it's given a 2?! Sounds like a case of "I'm too good for this" to me.



PALgamer said:

Like KDR has pointed out, NoE (I mean NoJ) is going to torture us by not releasing it next fortnight. Oh wait... forget about next fortnight, I want it this Friday!!!

@WiiloveitOnline: These guys don't get it. Anyways, let's play a match online when this comes out, all right?



Ricardo91 said:

At least you guys get to keep the booze though.

@Nintendork. No, that would be when SPOGS comes to Europe.



xSJx said:

I still don't understand everyone's beef with this game. The game is what it is, a virutal version of beer pong. Not much you can add, the physics seem to be decent, I dunno what else you're expecting. The game is clearly a drinking game. You get a ball in a cup on tv, drink your beer. Much less messy than actually setting up a bunch of plastic cups and letting your beer sit out and get warm while you wait for someone to get a ball in it. I live at home but this will be bought shortly after moving out so that me and my buddies can drink and play some beer pong. Maybe you guys just need to drink more?



Terra said:


I Guess i must be. Sarcasm is one of my most used forms of humor. Interesting new avatar by the way. Why the change from (Wasn't it a Sin and Punishment one) to that?



Kriqz said:

Ren, I couldn't agree more. My Aquarium was rated as a aquarium simulator and not compared to other wii-ware games, yet Pong Toss wasn't rated as a simple drinking game but rather was compared among normal video games. It's supposed to be simple and if you don't drink you won't like it. That's the same as not buying Pokemon Ranch if you don't like Pokemon or own the DS games. Sure it's not exactly genre breaking and probably doesn't deserve that high of a score, but it's not exactly SPOGS or Plattchen either...



blackknight77 said:

Ok I can't stop laughing! Do they think the game will be better? I guess Frat party games thinks Europe likes shovelware.



Sassy_Cc said:

Games like that are only fun if you are drinking at the time & using real beer & props ~ The only people I see buying this are young kids who think drinking makes them cool ~



AlexSays said:

For those defending Pong Toss -- Actually play the game, then get back to us.

Oh, and I'm glad some people talk about the review, WITHOUT reading the review.
The main complaint, was that the game just wasn't fun.
But that's in addition to the horrendous graphics, the luck involved, and the fact you NEED to play with friends to get any sort of enjoyment out of the game whatsoever.

People need to actually read the review, and not jump all over the score.
The game might not look THAT bad to some, but they really need to play the game before they criticize someone who already has.



AlexSays said:

People haven't had nice things to say about Gradius Rebirth.
So be careful of what you wish for.



Dazza said:

I was playing Gradius ReBirth the other night at a mates who has a Japanese Wii, it's actually pretty decent. I enjoyed it anyway. Our first impressions were pretty positive I thought. I am sure this will get a decent review when that time comes.



Terra said:

Glad to hear that Gradius is Good. I am a shooter fan who needs his Gradius fix.



Ricardo91 said:

@Wiiloveitonline. Sorry, I thought you guys didn't have SPOGS yet, my bad. And about your new avatar, what the hell is it?

Edit: What the heck? My new avatar registered just fine in VC-R, but here I still see Wario in my profile! What's the dillio here?

Edit 2: Oh wait, I see it now.



Terra said:

@Mr Cheez
It may take a small while for the new avatar to show. I can see now that you've changed it. Is everyone changing their Avatar lately? Who else has changed their Avatar recently (around last couple of weeks)

Edit: Apart from me PALgamer. With your Avatar, it's a rather odd reason to choose the one you did.



PALgamer said:

@WiiloveitOnline: Bring it on... OMG!!!11!1 MR and PUP are going to be huge when they get released. MR wifi looks wicked with all those online features but in my eyes it can't beat PTw/BEER.

@Terranigma: You? My avatar will stay the same, it's to remind myself that region locks will always exist (lol).



BlueFlameBat said:

You mean Pop is not the worst WiiWare download?
Looks at Pop review
Okay, don't answer that.
What is the legal alcohol consumption age in Europe anyway?



danik said:

ive been waiting for this not..... i think there wasting there time bringing this to europe. its 18 in the uk blueflamebat



Bigby said:

The dude that was interviewed said it was designed for the casual crowd. It's meant for more then one person, I don't think playing real Beer Pong would be fun by yourself. Even Wii Sports sucks by yourself but it's fun with a group.
As one of the few advocates, I love the game. My whole family plays it routinely. Even though we mostly play speed pong, it's a fun and competitve game. The fact that the game is still charting says that it's still selling. After all this time It's obviosly being recommended by other people. Since it came out in June??? I would have to believe the initial sales rush would be over, so other people are enjoying it to.
The graphics and sound arn't great but it's 16 megs, after awhile your obliviuos to it anyways because your so focused on the game.
I thought the controls and physics are outstanding once you give the game a chance.



Terra said:

I Will say this to European Gamers. Expect This soon. Run for the Hills as fast as you can or at least far enough away from the Wii with the Shop Channel loaded the day it comes. Dark Clouds are gathering over the PAL Regions, Dark Beer Clouds. Ready your umbrellas to avoid the rain that follows this game. My those who buy this game be forgiven by their friends and those who are gifted it from them lose them forever. We must stand strong and resist the mediocrity,

Sorry for the melodramaticness, i've been practising Drama to help my Brother with his classes. Here me now JV Games, if i ever see one more Frat Party Game in your series on WiiWare, i know where you guys live, and i will destroy you, your company, your paychecks, your chairs, your coffee machine, your buildings brick for brick and finally, your hard drives. I Have armies ready, Legions waiting. Expect us

God help me, i need my own Drama classes. That was awful.
Still, could be a good laugh for some of you.



Objection said:

Terranigma- Partner in Drama crime eh? Awesome! Anyway, nice metaphor of the "fun" that awaits these surprisingly-positive Europeans. Well, half of them. Don't want to overlook the half that seem to read reviews.



Virus said:

Finally, America is unleashing its ploy to destroy the brains of the Europeans. Americans will become the most intelligent beings on Earth! I must admit, I was a bit confused when the government allowed JV Games to test the weapon on us first, but seeing that the abomination is perfected (Version 2.0/with beer) and being fired at Europe, I am confused no longer.

You're next Japan. You've been warned.



Wiiloveit said:

@Terranigma (29) / Mr Cheez (41): I changed my S&P avatar to BBC childrens TV legend Timmy Mallett. No real reason. He's just "utterly brilliant". I'll change it again soon - I only changed it this time because I was bored of my other one and TM was the first square image I found in my pictures folder (other than the David Hasselhoff one I use for dating 'sites)

EDIT: Changed it again. Not meaning to cause confuzzion or anything.



Starwolf_UK said:

I forgot to note is ironic how much countries in Europe are critised for censorship of games (Germany) or banning of games using an unfair yardstick (UK) yet we get the uncensored version of Pong Toss...

You're next Japan. You've been warned.
There is enough Japanese developed crap for them to be concerned with...remember, Japan is where you can get the bubble popping game



blackknight77 said:

They will clog the Wii Ware service with this, but they won't give you guys the Art style series. It does not make sense to me



Bass_X0 said:

"Clogging"? I don't believe thats possible on a downloadable service. All it means is that you have to go through more pages when browsing through games on the Wii Shop but thats hardly a huge problem. People should know what they are downloading before they do so though. If you download a game thats widely known to be poor then you have no one to blame but yourself.



Kriqz said:

"Oh, and I'm glad some people talk about the review, WITHOUT reading the review."

Actually I did read the review, maybe YOU need to read it again, but here's my summary of it:

Very good play control (++)
Poor Visuals (-)
Good Music (+)
Repetitive Sounds (-)
Multiplayer game (+ unless you have no friends)
Simple casual gameplay ( ++ Pretty much the same as most wii-ware games)

Doesn't sound like a 2 to me, for a drinking game because there's nothing to compare it to, I'd say 5. Oh, and saying "the fact you NEED to play with friends to get any sort of enjoyment out of the game whatsoever." means that Bomberman should be a bad game because you need to play with someone else to enjoy it. Something I highly disagree with.

No one is claiming it's the next Final Fantasy or Halo. It's a casual game for people to have a few drinks with before they head out to the bar (and in some cases even play at the bar). For you puritans, let me remind you again "the prohibition ended in the 1930's!". Alcohol isn't immoral, it's legal, and people from almost every country (save a few middle east countries) drink it everyday.

Anyway, if you don't like the game, whatever. This game did exactly what the developers set out to do and sold it to the exact crowd they were targeting.



Wiiloveit said:

@Kriqz: Wait... alcohol's legal now? So much for the underground bunker I'm currently using, then...

@Starfox_UK: I HATE the German ratings bored - they keep ruining perfectly good box art with their mahusive logo that's about four times the size of your average PEGI or ESRB ratings. Damn them...



AlexSays said:

Actually I did read the review
You read the review?
Now perhaps you can read what I said before you post such a useless comment.
The main complaint, was that the game just wasn't fun.

You can jump around with your great controls all you want.
That doesn't make the game fun.
You can listen to all the music you want, that doesn't make the game fun.
So perhaps you can respond to the point I made, instead of posting something TOTALLY random and useless.
After all, unless you have a different Wii with different games, YOU CAN'T PLAY SCORES. Wow I wish people knew that. These are the same kids...
Timmy -- "Mom, can I have Super Mario Galaxy?"
Mom -- "Sure, why do you want it?"
Timmy -- "Because IGN gave it a 9.5!"
Mom -- "Wtf?"

Oh, and Bomberman has online play.
You don't need friends to play it.
Try again.



Bigby said:

I totally agree with kritz.
I felt the review was so poorly done and in complete contrast to the excellent questions that were asked in the interview.

It's like "Everything is average" but I hate the genre, the game should have never been made, I give it a 2.



EJD said:

Do not want! I'd rather have Gyrostarr or an Art Style game than this sad excuse for a game.

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