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Eternity's Child - No Plans For A North American Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

After yesterday’s shock news regarding the distribution of World of Goo, we’ve been informed by Luc Bernard that to the best of his knowledge, Eternity’s Child is currently only coming out in Europe on WiiWare.

The game is being published by UK company Alten8 and Bernard has confirmed that although he's been kept informed about the upcoming Euro release, he's not been told anything about plans for North American publication.

Speaking exclusively to WiiWare World, Bernard had this to say:

Well as of right now Eternity's Child is coming out on PC at the end of the month, I am not handling the Wiiware version, I am just having to translate it to 7 languages (so fun...). Eternity’s Child is currently only coming out in Europe on WiiWare for the moment.

Alten8 have the Wiiware version and it's their decision when or where to release it, and from what I know europe is their priority. At this point I think Eternity's Child Wiiware might come out in europe at the end of Q3, but I don't control when or where it comes out.

I hope for my next games to release first on Wiiware and be more in charge. I would like to defend World Of Goo though, since I saw alot of people got angry about them going retail, the title looks good enough to go retail and I will probably buy it if I'm still in Europe rather than Call Of Duty. I got offered to do EC as a retail title at one point.

The problem I would say in this industry, is that when I go up to publishers all they want is EC and won't look at any other of my games because there is no press around them, which is kind of sad. These are the phrases that I often get "great game design but art style is not mainstream enough", "art style does not appeal to hardcore gamers", "we have not seen results of Wiiware sales so we'll pass", "there is no press surrounding this game we don't know if people will want it". Maybe I should just put in a space marine with a gun that is defending earth from space nazis for them to be interested!

Some people might say this balances things out after the disappointing World of Goo debacle but we have to admit we’re rather puzzled by this decision, given the massive amount of hype the game has had worldwide. Obviously it’s all down to the publisher so if you’re in North America and want to see Eternity’s Child on WiiWare, post your thoughts below – you never know, someone from Alten8 (or another publisher altogether) might read and take notice.

It’s worth noting that the game is due out on PC via Steam at the end of the month, and that version WILL be available to North American gamers.

You can read our Eternity’s Child preview here and check out other info on the game here. In addition to all this lovely stuff, all the news stories regarding Luc Bernard’s games can be seen here.

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Corbs said:

Well, I guess I'll have to pick up the PC version now. At least for the time being. I hope some US publisher will consider giving the game a try here in the US on the WiiWare service.



Raptor78 said:

Although I should be happy that this would make up for World of Goo, im actually quite sad for the Americans. Also I hope this isnt a sign of things to come because America and Japan have quite a few games I would like released over here and if they start limiting releases like this I may miss out on some of the games I really want... then the only option "gulp" would be having to resort to alternative means of getting the game and to be honest I would rather buy my wiiware games rather than wad installing region unlocked version.



deshadow52 said:

oh come on this was one of my few hyped wiiware games coming out and for the record he would get a lot more sales on wii ware then pc. a pc game has to be well known and hyped to get sales



LucBernard said:


Did you read the article correctly?

It is written that Eternity's Child is going to be released first in Europe, and well I do not control the releases, and let's make this clear, I do not even own Eternity's Child Wiiware version. Alten8 does, so they want to go first with europe and don't have any plans for USA at the moment, but that does not mean it won't come out in the USA, it just means it will come out later.

Again I don't know when I do not own the Wiiware version.



PALgamer said:

^Hi Luc!

I'm sure it means it will be released at a later date, like DYC or Pop here in Europe. No need to worries, just buy the steam one and when it gets released on WiiWare buy it again



LucBernard said:

yeah it's just people should not get angry at me directly, I do not control the release

besides both versions will have their own exclusives

and at 5 dollars it's not like we're ripping anyone off



deshadow52 said:


well i did. I might of misunderstood, sorry. But you did say something like "there is no press surrounding the game we dont know if people will want it" but i guess that could mean your thinking about it



LucBernard said:


I was talking about other games that I have pitched to publishers, which had great game design (probably some of the best I've designed), but got shot down because they weren't known



Raptor78 said:

Hi Luc... Im glad that you take the time to read and reply to comments regarding games I only wish more people (designers and developers) would do that.

I really do hope that the game does get a US release as this seems to be one of the most anticipated third party wiiware games more or less since wiiware was first announced.



deshadow52 said:


for the record though i wasnt mad at you directly i was just mad(i didnt even know you were on wiiware world) but im glad you told me to read the article again it got me to understand whats going on a bit better. and i am excited for this game to come out and i hope it gets succesful.



bwaybuddy26 said:

That's strange because I very recently emailed Alten8 and they said it would indeed be coming out in North America for WiiWare.



XCWarrior said:

Apparently it costs a lot of money to put games onto a virtual system to sell to us or something? I mean is the translation from PAL to US really as difficult and time consuming and money depleting as they have made it out to be over the decades? Geez.



LucBernard said:


well you must know more than I do from what i heard Europe is first
lol haha isn't that hilarious I don't even know when my own game is coming out



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

i'm still confident we'll get it, SSR was originally a Japan-only release, but Hudson decided America should have it too. If we don't get it, i'm going to be so sad though, I'm not a fan of pc-gaming unless it's RTS.

hey Luc !!



Lugia2 said:


This is actually one of the games I was really, really looking forward to. It LOOKS great, the level designer-

Wait, it's five dollars? Okay, I really need to clean the fridge for this game! Stupid Nintendo...



theberrage said:

I'd take eternitys child over world of goo. although they both look like really fun games. Eternitys Child is my most wanted game. Surely it'll come out in north america.... $$$$$$$$$ !



Cooldued59 said:

Oh well......

It doesn't really matter to me that much if we get it or not.

Even though the game looks pretty good.



Chipmunk777 said:

Wow, seriously? That sucks..... This game was literally my most anticipated wiiware title. I guess I'll be picking it up on steam then...



Phantom5800 said:

this was one of my most wanted games on WiiWare. And I hate Steam with a passion so that is out of the question. I really hope it does come to NA sometime, keep up the good work Luc.



Objection said:

I am really looking forward to this so a NA release would be appreciated. k thanks.



vherub said:

I was/am looking forward to this on the wii.

I have will have to submit some daily "questions" using the everybody votes channel regarding a us release.



MrPoo6321 said:

Man, this blows... Why can't everyone just get games around the same time. I've been looking forward to EC for a long time, and I'm not really a big PC gamer, so I'll try to wait it out, unless it looks like its never gonna make it to WiiWare in the U.S. at all. This game looks like a blast, and I've been really wanting to play a new 'classic-style' platform for a really long time and this game looks like exactly what I was waiting for. I guess I'll have to wait a while longer now. Who knows, maybe I will get it for the PC, I just really wanted to use the Wiimote and the Nunchuck... I'm not a big fan of using the mouse and keyboard for video games.



deshadow52 said:

well all we do now about this whole situation is hope for the best its not like its saying its never going to be realeased (even though thats what i thought its said at first) so im sure well get it its just not planned yet



originalp said:

nooooo!! I want Eternity's Child in America!!! It was an instant download for me...



SilentJ said:

I was interested in this game for the artwork, price, and accessibility on the wii ware service. I can't stop downloading games!!! I also never buy pc games so I hope this eventually makes it to wii ware otherwise I'm sure I'll be missing out on this one.



AlexSays said:

If it's already translated to English, why not release it in NA?

Unfortunately if the game is just released on PC, half the people who play the game will do so illegally. Alten8 will make much less money than if they released the game via WiiWare, so this seems like a very bad business decision.

In World of Goo's case, they needed the money right away, so they had to make their decision. I'm not sure why Alten8 did this though...



LucBernard said:

god why is it that people don't realise business, it's not as easy as Oh let's just release it in NA tommorow...

european companies deal with Nintendo Europe, americans deal with the USA one

both are seperate and do not act as a whole

oh yes and you think that us devs of EC are rolling in cash lol, now see why it's multiplatform?



Stratos said:

One thing I don't quite understand that perhaps Luc could possibly explain to me. Why does it seem that Devs are extremely dependent on publishers for WiiWare? I though the point of WW was to circumvent them all together so you Dev's can make a better and direct profit? Or is that a long term goal for you once you have a bit more cash to play with?

PS- Thanks for actually hopping on the comment section and chatting with us about this. I think this is the first time I have gotten to speak with a Developer directly.



Cowmansr said:

Luc, you can't really expect people to understand the industry. Some of these folks might even be kids. I've worked in the industry a tiny bit, and I still don't get the international business stuff. I think sometimes we imagine that all publishing companies are huge and international, like Nintendo or Toyota.



LucBernard said:

well it all depends on the dev, some devs are big companies on Wiiware (like the guys who did Lostwinds, Gyrostarr, etc...)

while others are indies like us and World Of Goo and we fund the games out of our own personal pockets



AlexSays said:

Most people look at this and say, "Well that sucks, I guess I won't get it now." It's much more accessible as a downloadable service. It'd be different if Alten8 released the game on WiiWare, and released it retail. Then it'd be multiplatform.

As it stands now, WiiWare games get looked at every day by millions of people; How many people without a PC have heard of this game? Since EC is supposed to be a good price for consumers, it would have been instantly downloaded on a whim for some people. People would've said, "Oh wow, this game looks cool, and its a decent price, I guess I'll download it." That won't happen with the PC. As it stands now, people have to know about this game, and be willingly to go out of their way to purchase it, and thats too much work for many Americans. I also fall into the category of, this would've been an instant download, but now I'm not as sure. If this game were released on WiiWare, with millions upon millions of Americans owning Wii's, you'd be rolling in cash much more sooner than you think.



Stratos said:

Is that a goal for you to eventually self publish them though? It sounds like some of your more unique game ideas would only be able to see the light of day intact that way. It is sad that creativity has to fight through corporate and mass appeal.
And are you able to take out loans for your projects or do you have to wait until you save up enough from another job or project?



andy836 said:

please come out here i don't care if they make it cost more here like they did with Toki Tori I'll still get it and I'm sure others will do the same whats a few extra dollars for a great game like this.



Peznaze said:

As they say, when a door is closed, a window gets opened.

I wonder if this has to do with the weak dollar and strong euro again... people love to blame things on the weak dollar and strong euro. I say, "Bollocks!".



LucBernard said:

well the dollar is very weak indeed, but for example the Steam version will be 5 dollars worldwide (so cheaper for europeans)

but EC wiiware will be 500 points everywhere



Virus said:

Oh the irony... oh well, the way I see it, this is a good thing. If this comes out in Europe first, the reviews will come out and tell me if I have reason or not to be excited for this game. I've been waiting for a game to be excited for anyway. And from the way Bernard seems to be correcting us that EC will eventually be coming to America, I have no worries.



lockelocke said:

Much props, Luc.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear of games with original concepts and art direction. Can't wait to play one of your games! Also, thanks for chatting!



Drake said:

If I pick it up I think I would get it on Steam, despite living in Europe. Steam is an amazing service, really.



ttplayer92 said:

Well wasnt getting this game anyway since there is still a bunch of games I want to get before I even think about getting this one. I have to say though this is pretty stupid since NA has such a large market (and a bunch of cheap scapes) that this game will sell tons here. Kind of like DYC (which is good)



DarkLloyd said:

I see if they plan to do that kind of release then when the time comes when i will own the rights to legend of dragoon the prequal , remake and sequal will only be release in america, canada and japan at the same time. europe will have wait longer for thier release. now its fair and about the whole legend of dragoon part is not a joke or a lie im serious about this.



deshadow52 said:

its going to come here sometimes how many game does europe and japan have that we dont its usually north america and japan but no europe release. and i think that its might not sell well here is wrong since its north america sure its not a huge press everywhere talking about it game but people will buy it because it looks good and its cheap what more could you ask for in a game besides gameplay but since the game isnt out yet we dont about it yet but im sure it has that to



hal said:

@Luc: thanks for such a cool game! sry nintendo's so dumb... i'm really kind of done with them! but i'll want to play EC, soo.. lol



Ricardo91 said:

This must be some kind of joke right?

Hopefully Luc will come to his senses and release EC here after all. It's my most wanted Wiiware game.



Ricardo91 said:

Wait, so EC WILL see an eventual release here?


Sorry Luc for being such a whiny bitch lol.



Draygone said:

Sometimes it's very easy to tell who has read the comments and who hasn't. looks a couple messages up

Admittedly, I'm one of those that took this as "no US release ever, sucks to be you". But as has been said, just because a US release hasn't been announced doesn't mean it won't ever get here. Gotta at least wait for it to release in the homeland, first.

And seven languages, huh? Lessee... English, French, Spanish, Italian, German... What am I forgetting? Polish, maybe. Greek? Bet it's real fun, though, considering how different some of these languages are.



Donquijote23 said:

so this is confusing. the article is called " NO PLANS for a North American Release" and contains the quotes "Eternity’s Child is currently only coming out in Europe on WiiWare for the moment." but in the comments we're being told it WILL have a U.S. release???



The_shoemaker said:

I'm deaply confused. Eternitys Child was my most wanted game. And for some reason I can't bring myself to play PC games so Wiiware was kinda my only option. Although I'm pretty sure when the sales stack up in Europe, that (can't remembers it's name so I'll say A8) A8 will decide to bring the wiiware version to the states, or whatever company that does it.



ToneDeath said:

Us europeans will just have to make sure we actually buy this game when it comes out (on the day of release if possible; save those Wii points!). Then if it's a hit and there's demand for it, it's certain to be published in the states by someone. Heck, if it's a Geometry Wars sized hit then Nintendo may even publish it themselves.



Ricardo91 said:

Guess it pays to read those comments...

are we gonna get Eternity's Child or not??



SmaMan said:

I'd get it for PC if my compy can keep up with the system never seems to. That's why I'm really hoping for a WiiWare release. But hey...there's still a here's hoping!



Jockolantern said:

I can't imagine this game NOT coming to US WiiWare. A platformer of this artistic beauty and classic platforming design is precisely what WW is all about.



AlexSays said:

@ ZIMlord- Agreed. World of Goo looks really good, I'm not too worried about this game anymore. I'll give it a looksie after it's already out, whenever that may be.

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