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Tue 24th Jun 2008

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Donquijote23 commented on Eternity's Child - No Plans For A North Americ...:

so this is confusing. the article is called " NO PLANS for a North American Release" and contains the quotes "Eternity’s Child is currently only coming out in Europe on WiiWare for the moment." but in the comments we're being told it WILL have a U.S. release???



Donquijote23 commented on Nintendo Barring Small Developers From WiiWare?:

"In addition, Nintendo looks for secure business facilities, sufficient equipment and staffing, financial stability and other attributes that would distinguish the developer"

Nintendo didn't lie when they said WiiWare was open to anyone. It is. You just have to make sure you have your stuff together when you apply. So I theoretically could make a game, as long as I get some experience, a little money, have a decent computer , and show that I have some ideas. Pretty basic requirements I'd say. There has to be a way of keeping the shovelware out, and its not like he has to build up his own company to SquareEnix standards or something. Just give Nintendo a reason to trust you more than a random WoWgeek.

Also as far as his experience goes, I would be interested to know what games he worked on and what he actually did. What if he was a playtester for Anubis II? Would you consider that good enough if YOU were Nintendo?