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European release dates for WiiWare and Nintendo Channel announced

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of Europe today issued a press release containing the dates for multiple games to be released in Q2. While no doubt plenty of people will be happy Super Smash Bros. Brawl is included in the list, of note to this site is the fact that both upcoming Wii features have been dated.

WiiWare will be added to the Wii Shop on the 20th of May. No specific titles have been announced to release on that day, but from what's been rated by groups such as the OFLC, we predict that the titles will include one or more of the following:

The Nintendo Channel, released at the end of last year in Japan as Everybody's Nintendo Channel, will let you download demos or additional content for DS games, view trailers and commercials of Wii games and get more information on games.

According to Wired's Chris Kohler, who spoke with Reggie, the US will see the Nintendo Channel soon after the launch of WiiWare. Reggie also said that you'll be able to review WiiWare games you've bought on the Nintendo Channel, but only if you've played them for more than an hour.

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Kelvin said:

The Nintendo Channel sounds intriguing. It would be nice if they expanded it to include demos of Wii and VC releases instead of just DS.



DEMON212 said:

Review them, but only after an hours play. What?

I'm confused. Does he mean we can give them star ratings?



Drake said:

The Wired article says you'll be able to actually review them, aside from giving a rating.



neuzd said:

No Pokémon Ranch at launch?
: (
What am I gonna do? Play Mario Kart Wii until June 27????



west72 said:

All sounds great, but there is still no answer to the space issue. All this great new stuff and nowhere to put it. It's such a pain having to move games onto my SD card and then back again when i want to play them. Nintendo should have sorted this out first.



Drake said:

Remember that the titles are just the titles that have been rated and we think could be released - It's very possible we could be getting Pokemon Ranch at launch but that it hasn't been rated yet.



Raptor78 said:

Im not sure about wii demos, space issues and all that. But I agree with Kelvin it would be nice to see other demos aside from DS available through the Nintendo Channel.

I mean how small would it be to download the equivilant of the Zak and Wiki taster that was on the internet. Or even mini games that could be used to promote forthcoming games instead of full blown demos. At least until space issue is resolved.



Nicolasd said:

Better start working on finishing those VC games I have in my console's memory... I made a point of not deleting any game I haven't finished from my Wii's mem... And it's almost full !!! Please Nintendo... Let us use the SD card slot !!!



BDPatVCR said:

Good news
The Nintendo Channel sounds fun ... But not if they only update it every 2 months. I hope they use it wisely. Also Wii-fit was released here today! Yay



kitroplious said:

@Raptor78: Maybe in the future they would put Wii and/or VC demos on the Nintendo Channel from a channel update by the Wii Shop Channel!

Anyways, I'm SO happy that this channel is finally coming out soon! I'll be getting a DS now!



Quimby said:

Yeah! I have been hanging out for Nintendo Channel for so long... AND Brawl!



Rexy said:

I'm just happy we're getting demos full stop. Sony and Microsoft haven't been as lucky recently :

But still, two new features coming and a final release date for Brawl? Cue me in!



i8cookie said:

US will get nintendo channel soon after wii ware release, does that go the same for Europe?



Drake said:

FFCC was rated too, I must've missed it earlier. But even without it, how can't you get excited? Dr. Mario and Star Soldier R are confirmed to be great and if Toki Tori's anything like the original it'll rock too.



Fulgor_Astral said:

oh plz!!! nintendo channel!

i hope i can finally put my hands on Chocobo Tales secret cards (if the channel indeed works like a download station then it may be possible!)

do you think its possible?



Fulgor_Astral said:

oh plz!!! nintendo channel!

i hope i can finally put my hands on Chocobo Tales secret cards (if the channel indeed works like a download station then it may be possible!)

do you think its possible?



Objection said:

Storgage yes. Dates for Nintendo Channel awesome. But I dont know why so many peopl are excited about Pokemon Ranch, the 2nd stupidest Pokemon game ever. (No.1 reserved for Pokemon Box.)



navelfluff said:

fulgor_astral you get those cards by inputting cheat codes. Try gamefaqs if you need them. I better get me some wii points ready for may 20th! Can't wait!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Yes!! Finally the Nintendo Channel is announced for the US...but what took so long? I'm sure we missed plenty of demos for the DS during that time unless they keep all the demos there all of the time.



MrPoo6321 said:

It's really crazy how long Japan gets things before the US... I never really noticed before (probably because I wasn't on the internet all the time when I was a kid), but jeez! They've had the Nintendo Channel since November, right? Not to mention they've had Wii Fit since December, while we have to wait half a year. Although I guess I shouldn't really complain seeing how Europe gets screwed over more then we do. I feel really bad for you guys not having Brawl yet.... that wait for the release date was pretty excruciating. I'd hate to still be waiting, and it's gotta be made even worse by the fact that you probably know all of the characters and you won't be getting any addition fighters despite the long-ass delay.



i8cookie said:

yes mrpoo it is annoying, what would delay brawl so much? why would it be six months between US and Europe but with mario kart we get it first? maybe it's a matter of demand.... i dont know. Japan gets things first coz its made there and they have to translate everything before it goes global, actually maybe thats why it takes a while to come out here after the US coz we have a zillion languages in europe



Drake said:

Don't try to make sense of Nintendo of Europe's game plan, you'll just end up even more confused. The translation thing can't be right, for example, it took Super Paper Mario 6 months after the US to come out here, while it took Paper Mario 2 (Much more text heavy since it's more of an RPG) only a month. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Almost no text) took a YEAR, while Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (Quite a bit) took half a week. I could go on and on with more examples.



i8cookie said:

true, there has to be SOME reason! The wait with brawl must be bad for sales, I'm much less excited about it now than I was when it was coming out in america, I mean i'll still buy it but it'll feel like i'm buying an out of date game in some way.... Surely the sooner they get the money from sales the better, coz they can start earning interest on it. Either way they suck balls



ChocoDK said:

I don't have the space for Final Fantasy: My life as a King. I wanted the Eatting Competition game =(. Oh well I will wait then for it to come out.



Bass_X0 said:

regarding the space issues, can't nintendo find someway to decrease the amount of blocks being used per game since they clearly won't be giving us more storage.



Fulgor_Astral said:

i heard somewhere that the cheat codes for chocobo tales only worked in the EU version, so i never tried em... thats why i hope i can use the nintendo channel as a download station to get those precious cards (Omegaaa!!)

And its not that difficult to make some space in your Wii... i have some games in my console memory, and some others at my SD card... whenever i want to play a game, i trade games in my SD and Wii... the save files are always in my Wii, due to the very limited space it needs... it takes some minutes, but its the best way to have tons of games in your Wii

So, i'll ask again you guys know if i can get the chocobo tales cards using the nintendo channel? i damn nintendo for not bringing Download stations to Mexico ¬¬

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