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Konami to bring us WiiWare goodness?

Posted by Darren Calvert

In a recent interview with IGN Fumiaki Tanaka the president of Konami has hinted that Konami may be looking at bringing classic franchises to WiiWare.

Tanaka stated that Konami will be releasing more remakes of old titles and revisiting past projects as the company moves forward. He suggested that digital distribution services like WiiWare could play a role in bringing these titles to players.

Our pals at Konami have never been shy to milk their classic franchises. In addition to that much of their back catalogue such as Castlevania, Contra and Gradius have already made their way to the Virtual Console.

With Hudson preparing to launch Star Soldier R it is easy to imagine that the Gradius series might be one of the first Konami franchises to get a lick of WiiWare paint. What do you guys think? Speculate away!

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Bass_X0 said:

Remakes are good. There's already a healthy supply of brand new original games so we can afford a few remakes of old games.

I'd like to see a Wind Waker spin-off title for WiiWare. Wind Waker's graphics are pretty simple and even though they are last generation, they still look good and should be able to done more quickly than Twilight Princess' graphics could.

I'm thinking of a brand new island with several dungeons to be found along with items and secrets. No sailing at all, just old fashioned classic adventuring. I don't know how many different dungeons they could fit into a game the same size as the Final Fantasy WiiWare game - perhaps three at most and a proper island?



djshep1973 said:

Oh man, this really would be awesome. Konami has probably been my favourite developer over the years, and I'd love to play some their classics on the WIi, in WiiWare form!

Pretty much any of the Gradius games, Parodius, Salamander, etc would be most welcome...



lordbowser said:

I hope they remake that Moai head puzzle game. What was that game called anyways?



JaredJ said:

I would like to see a new castlevania on wiiware and not some remake. Rondo of Blood would be nice too as well as bloodlines



Atlantis1982 said:

I think it'll be a puzzle game, cause WiiWare is all about puzzle games. (rolleyes)

@jg233: Thats Capcom, not Konami. >.>



Dark_Jinjo said:

Can you say Zack and Wiki 2: WiiWare Adventures? I think that regular updates for ZW would be awesome over WiiWare. New puzzle levels every so often and they could use them to promote the retail game. And of course, I'm a Castlevania whore so throw in my Symphony of the Night please. Also let's hear it for shameless self promotion, here's a link to my blog:



D00M said:

Another Castlevania whore here too so...Yes please! Castlevania and Gradius content will delight me in several strange but erotic ways.
How about releasing some Castlevania Anime on the channel? huh? huh?

And dont give Iga ideas Kenryoku, The SotN remake on the PSP is dreadful



Damo said:

OMG if Konami started to release games like Gradius V and Contra: Shattered Soldier on WiiWare then I would quite literally be in Heaven. This is excellent news!



wii-c-kid said:

Definitely need a Contra game on WiiWare and I wouldn't say no to a Zack and Wiki sequel. Wouldn't image Castlevania turning up but who knows....



yamiiguy said:

I'm guessing PSP ports. I would rebuy Dracula X Chronicles on Wii Ware if it had Wii controls though...



Rapadash6 said:

Hmm, a remake of Rondo of Blood, much like the PSP one, seems obvious but at the same time, I'd just like to see a better emulation of the original on VC instead. Of course a remake of Castlevania III would totally kick ass! Come to think of it, we should be getting the original on VC pretty soon, hopefully.



slangman said:

Awesome could this mean a possible sequal to axelay? Heres hoping to more 2d side scrollers. After all Konami are responsible for great VC hits like Probotector and Gradius.



whalleywhat said:

Hasn't SotN already appeared on PSN and XBLA? No reason for it not to show up on WiiWare.



Serpent said:

I never played Castlevania SOTN but i heard that its the best in the castlevania series. I wouldnt mind if they put it on wii ware



Slionr said:

YAY. I woulde LOVE to see games such as Castlevania SOTN and Rondo of blodd, Gradius 3 and 5, TMNT 2 and 4 and many other greatness from Konami on the WiiWare

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