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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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King_wiL commented on Strong Bad's Freezing Issue for Attractive Peo...:

also i apologise for not really having a wii related post in somes eyes but all im saying is if your worried about the wii versoin, or cant wait the few days, get the pc version, telltale still get the money and you can save about £8 on buying the whole season at once (ie by paying for it now in a bundle and downloading the other eps upon release)



King_wiL commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

Yes well how about when everyone stops downloading vc and wiiware games because theres nothing coming out that they think is better than the games they already have downloaded and havent finished half of them cause they deleted them when something better did come along so instead of giving ninty their precious gold coins, instead just redownload the games they havent yet finished, nintendo will soon biych and moan then. I'm actually glad i bought a 360 now, im only using my wii again when i get sam and max and SBCG4AP, nintendo need to get their fingers out and solve the storage crisis for the hardcore gamers, like myself. Think ive said my piece



King_wiL commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade – Fight!:

Being a 360 player (but not owner - its my housemates') im not on either side of the "fight" if you'd call it that, yeah XBLA has some turds as well as qualities but doesnt everything? Nintendo still rocks though, a fan for life since i could pick up a nes pad waaaaaaaay back when



King_wiL commented on Master System games hit the Japanese VC:

Miracle Warriors! The first RPG i ever saw, my eldest bro used to play it when i was bout 7, spent ever since tryin to rememberin what it was called, only rememberin what the in game play was like until i accidentally discovered it when browsing randomly through roms on an emulator on my mates pc, the name rang a bell, as soon as the title screen was up i knew it! Pure class of a game! Yeah! We'll prob never get it tho. Although the japs do love there RPGs so you never know...



King_wiL commented on Wii Menu and Shopping Channel Updated:

The ??? thing is a save file that's incompatible with your wii, for example, my friend had downloaded save files off the net for us versions of games for his uk wii, they came up like that. The ??? is an unsupported file format, basically. Hope that clears it up for you.



King_wiL commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th April - Lylat Wars:

Finally we get Lylat Wars, the one game i've been waitin for the most since the day i got my internet connection up and started filling my Wii with VC games (i have 18 so far) i got up early to check the shop channel before i went to work and i'm glad i did. Only not gonna be able to concentrate on work all day as i wanna get home and play Lylat all day and night, such is the awesome power of the Arwing calling me... Cheers ninty for finally giving us this feast of a gaming delight.



King_wiL commented on Opera Browser Available NOW:

It loads a lot faster, zoom works a lot better you can zoom freely rather than it making the thing you're pointing at full screen, the scrolling is smoother and you can now hide the taskbar- actually a very useful feature. Basically the whole thing is better, and it's free until june when it'l cost 500 points so you might as well download it now while it's free it's just as an update on the Wii shop channel. Easy



King_wiL commented on Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio:

Jeez i'm disappointed this week, was lookin forward to a long weekend with a new vc game, turns out we get 3 cack games a day early. Why bother at all? why a day early? Do nintendo plan somethin for friday that'l overshadow sega's rubbish releases that probably only went on the vc cause nintendo have a contractual obligation or are they just too lazy to go into work on the bank holiday? All i know is, i'm extremely disappointed and bored, fortunately i'm currently playing Zelda:Wind Waker. Grr so angry!



King_wiL commented on Dragon's Curse:

An absolute classic, played it to death many a time on the master system originally, played it 3times over on master system last year, and am gonna play it do death on my Wii now too. Quality game, well worth the points. Still no lylat wars though! But this was 2nd on my most wanted list so i suppose i'm happy for now. Ps hey back at ya BuLLeT



King_wiL commented on Europe VC Releases - 23rd March - Zelda Link t...:

Well i'd be lying if i said i wasn't extremely disappointed-though lttp is an awesome game, i completed it at least 10 times on the snes and i've done it 5 times on the gba so i don't think i'm goin to be downloading it, i'll save my points for lylat wars if they ever release it!