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Use your Fantasy! PLÄTTCHEN – twist ’n’ paint is a crazy, challenging Puzzle Shooter for more than 100 hours of fun with up to 8 players simultaneously. Guard the birth of ZeLeLi and free them from the menace of the evil black Shadow Plättchen.

Play as one of the countless FantasyMEs and fight as an astronaut, butterfly, car, football and many more against sharks, cowboys, asteroids and skulls in the numerous fabulous Fantasy Worlds. Use items and multipliers in combos to fight yourself onto the top of the high scores and find the perfect way to solve a level!

Become wild in the three completely different game modes of PLÄTTCHEN – twist ’n’ paint with more than 300 levels. Twist yourself along with your friends cooperatively or against each other through the many multiplayer modes.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Does Plättchen have the unique twists puzzle fans are looking for?

Plättchen: Twist 'n Paint is certainly one of the more mysterious WiiWare games to date. It was the very first title to be announced last year before the WiiWare service went live but has been plagued with several delays. Aside from the fact that it was...

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User Comments (90)



Boredom_v2_2 said:

So is this some sort of Art puzzle game? I'm a little confused because of the jewels, the electric thing in the middle, and the sun on the right. Oh and jg223, you know what would be cool! If Gamecube games were avalible for download and Donkey Konga 3 was an import title!



Serpent said:

finally some use for my DK Bongos.Its sad that a third party is using it still while nintendo doesnt care about it anymore.



TheLuigiDude said:

Definetly the first Wiiware game I'll (as long as it comes out first) I've been excited for this game for a long time, and it sounds like so much fun! Even though 1500 points is steep, admittedly I don't care.

12 players on one system, now that's nuts and plus I need something to play with my DK Bongos! Go Bplus!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

1500 - Not that steep considering the amount of depth to this game.
And yes, DK Bongo support is GREAT!

I'm looking forward to this with eager anticipation and I've set aside 1500 Points waiting for its release. I'm so stoked, especially being the avid Puzzle fan that I am.



Peznaze said:

1500 points is as expensive as WiiWare gets... For 100 levels of a puzzler? Well, I guess that's just 15 points per...

12 local player multiplayer? Er... How? Unless they have it one using the Wiimote and another using a Nunchuck... The Wii can't address more than four Wiimotes... I don't think the GC controller ports add another four, but even if they do, that still leaves four. Very bizarre...

Ah-ha! Wikipedia says the 12-player mode is ONLINE, not offline. THAT makes sense.



WarioFan63 said:

For the record, the GC Controller ports DO count for more players. At least as far as Ive seen from 5 player Turbografx games.



Peznaze said:

So it seems. They planned on 8P local multiplayer with 4 Wiimotes and 4 Bongos, but Nintendo told them they can't do the Bongos, so they did 8P with "sharing of Wiimotes/Nunchucks"... Sounds like a great use for wireless nunchucks, but Nintendo's suing Nyko over those.... Guess Nintendo doesn't like Plattchen very much.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm furious at the fact that Nintendo did that. Plattchen is my most anticipated title and I was very ticked when I found out.

Anyways, it won't deter me. I'm still greatly anticipating its release and I hope I'll have points to be able to buy it on the day of!!! Here's hoping for a release next month

Peznaze: You're right, about Wireless Nunchuks,



mr_niceguy said:

Wow! I read about this in Wikipedia and stopped when I heard it was a puzzle game(I was assuming falling block puzzles), but this honestly sounds cool, can't wait(yes I can).

Funny, that wikipedia thing happened with Helix(when I heard it was a music game, usually hate those), too. It's a good thing I found this site, other wise I'd be missing out on some great games!



Chipmunk777 said:

Um....... What do you do? (The description is sort of vague.....) I guess I'll go wikipedia it real quick. That wiki entry was also somewhat vague....

So, back to my original question: What do you do? What's so exciting about it? What warrants the $15 price tag (and presumably high number of blocks required)?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

For one there's over 100 levels to play through, there's an in-depth multiplayer mode contain sub-modes, and I think I read over "100 hours of playtime", also. Anyway, it contains high replay value.

Details aren't that descriptive about it but it's a mix between shooter and puzzle and consider that you'll be "twisting and painting" and you can probably tell how innovative it will be.

This is my most anticipated title and I'm REALLY looking forward to this. I can't wai tunitl Nintendo finally releases it. And to be honest, the less we know the better. IT's better ot be surprised than have expectations shattered, leaving you disappointed (as was probably the case for some, unlike myself, for Gyrostarr). Secrecy is an advantage in this case.



strade32 said:

100 hours on a puzzle game? and on a puzzle game that is 43mb or less? oh well, this SEEMS interesting, but i want to know the gameplay.



Terra said:

This one is bound to be big on memory blocks. I heard that because they had to get rid of the DK bongos, there's a new mode called "Bomb Rain Party Mode"



pApEr_y0sh said:

i need a video. it looks stupid, has a stupid name, one stupid picture... but it sounds good!



CanisWolfred said:

Thank you for the new info Terranigma! Hopefully that new mode will make up for the lack of bongo support, I love that thing



Ian_Daemon said:

Bplus: Trailer please? 1500 points is a HUGE gamble considering there is NO information. (What is Bplus thinking?)



chiefeagle02 said:

I'm very curious to see more about this game. 1500 is way too steep a price for me, but I'll give this the benefit of the doubt and take a look into it.



Terra said:

Not sure, have a look at the previous interviews and see if it says anything there.



Kenji510 said:

Looks cool and interesting... ill go and check out the video first to see how the game looks like and how it plays... if it looks fun and cool then i go buy it and if not i pass.



Super_Sonic said:

The only was Bplus will eat my Wii Points when I get one is 8 player Wi-Fi. Otherwise 1500 points is unaceeptable in my eyes.
Ian Daemon
"Bplus: Trailer please? 1500 is a HUGE gamble considering that their is No information. (What was Bplus thinking?)
I have to agree with you Ian Daemon. 1500 is a dangerous bet. Even with 100 hours of gameplay unless this include online play with at least 4 players Bplus has offical sneezed in our face.



MuljoStpho said:

I have no idea...

I only heard about this for the first time today, and the main thing making me at all curious about it is the total lack of information. Like others have said though, 1500 points is sounding like too much of a gamble on this. If we knew exactly what to expect from the game we could know if it sounds worthwhile. But as it is, I'm more likely to just forget about it and move on. Even with the screenshots on this page, I still have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at here.

This whole secrecy thing just isn't that great. Just look at Sadness. Hardly anyone gives a ** about that one anymore because we don't know anything about it. Nintendo is finally springing Disaster on us (some regions are getting it as soon as next month, from what I heard) after keeping that under wraps since before the system even launched... and I get the feeling that that's kind of going to fly under the radar as well, at this point.



Super_Sonic said:

The only way it will make me say "Bplus secerty plan has backfire." is lack of 4-player Wi-Fi. However I'm starting to doubt it's happening due to Tetris Party, Megaman 9, Alien Crush Returns, Bomberman Blast antications, and more titles I want such as Sonic Unleased, and Animal Crossing: City Folks.



ttplayer92 said:

This game looks interesting but I think by the time this game finally comes out its going to have too much competition to face (like Tetris) and the high price wont help.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm dying for this!!! There was news to suggest that it would be coming out soon. Now I have no idea when to expect it! This is kinda frustrating.

I'm getting it for sure no matter how long they take but still, ttplayer brings up a good point: The title may get overlooked.



WiiBoy said:

Hello Nintendofans! =D

I am here to answer all of your questions about PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint! We don't like too much secrets too, but it is hard to describe a game which works in a fresh, new way.

Online would have been great, but we are a new (small) Developer and Nintendo told us that for OnlineGameplay we should calculate about 1 YEAR OF DEVELOPMENT TIME! Huge companies like Nintendo or Hudson with online-games already available are able to do this in a shorter time frame but we wanted, and needed our first game coming out this year - after a development time of 1.5 years!

@KnucklesSonic8: I think you are one of the greatest fans (except all the people who already had the chance to play it) THANK YOU for that. We try everything to release PLÄTTCHEN in Canada as soon as possible but we are not allowed to state anything right now. But we can't see you crying for it so I hope Nintendo will get it out September 22nd at the latest!

I am awaiting your questions!



Dazza said:

Is Sept 22nd realistic? We pretty much know the next few weeks will bring Potpourii, Strong Bad Ep 2 and Mega Man 9. You really wouldn't want to go up against the latter 2 games!!



WiiBoy said:

It is, but I cannot talk about a specific date right now. It is not AGAINST the other games becuase it is so different so I don't worry about that. Everyone who awaited a 'puzzle' game was surprised what PLÄTTCHEN really is and how it feels - we just hope for the fans communicating that, once PLÄTTCHEN has been released. Dazza, will you write the Review of PLÄTTCHEN?



Dazza said:

Well if it were my game I wouldn't want to go toe to toe with Strong Bad or Mega Man personally!

I haven't yet written any reviews for WiiWare World. I still do the odd review here and there on VC Reviews when I get the chance. Don't worry, we have one of our best reviewers lined up to review Plattchen. Are you keen to hear our verdict?



WiiBoy said:

No, I am not ^^' I had the Nightmare of 3/10 from WiiWare-World some nights ago =(
We got some very great Response from different persons at Nintendo and the GameClub.at-Members are also very happy with PLÄTTCHEN so we think it was worth everything. It is a great feeing seeing people having fun with the thing you have created and I hope many people will get a smile on their faces by rescuing ZeLeLi.



Dazza said:

Well we promise a fair hearing as with any game we do strive to be impartial. The only thing that concerns me is the price point, but we have been over that. If the gameplay is as revolutionary as you say then that concern will melt into the background.



Super_Sonic said:

I have 2 question Wiiboy (Bplus)
1. Will this have Nintendo Wi-Fi connection?
2. Is this a small company?



Super_Sonic said:

As small as a company you are and despite a 100 hours of gameplay I'm sorry to dissapoint you but due to lack of online play, this game is overprice, and (Thats my opinion.) (Don't get me wrong I don't hate you for it at all.) I'm going to give your game a miss. (This is why I'm getting Tetris Party instead.) I was wanting to review it but I would not be satisfied with the game. Anyone who is willing to look over the lack of online play should review this instead. (And someone who wants to review it.) I understand it would take a year just to get online play so I'll soften the dissapoinment. The reason why I won't be buying your product is not just because no online play but because I have no one to play with me offline. Neverless if you manage a strong sale and in case you want to make a sequal to Plattcheen I will be looking forward to it. In fact I will look at any Bplus games that is rated T or lower.



WiiBoy said:

I understand your sorrow and it is sad that you don't have friends you can play with because playing together with friends in one room is a great experience no online-mode can deliver.
Bplus created PLÄTTCHEN to be one major thing: FUN! That is why we developed it that long and not just 3-4 months like other WiiWare games may have been taken. We wanted to create one of the biggest, most colourful and craziest games for Wii (never mind if it is on WiiWare or on Disc) and we did everything in compression and more to make it possible on WiiWare.

I for one cannot understand why 15 USD/EUR is much for a good game because nobody talks about price if it is just delivered on a disc.

We hope that many people will buy it and, more important, that everyone will enjoy the game - so we can create more (huge) games with different and fresh genres. Hopefully it will not become the next TokiTori (which is too great for its sales).

Andy, what are you thinking? Something greater than only one line?



AlexSays said:

Nobody talks about price if it is just delivered on a disc.

What rock do you live under?



WiiBoy said:

@x.SuperMario.x ... so you think that 15 USD is much ... for a disc game? Nobody says that a disc game is expensive even if it costs 50 USD ... so why should 15 USD be to much for a good game?

It is not about the money, it is all about the FUN! =)



andy836 said:

actually wiiboy is right. If you think about lets say a great game comes out for $50 and it scores a 9 i'm sure everybody would be getting that game and not even thinking about the price especially if its zelda. This game has a chance of scoring a 9 or maybe even a 10 but you guys have already disregarded it. Shame really its only $15 price doesnt really matter as long as the game is fun thats the reason people are willing to pay $50 for a game because its fun. Some of you people i can tell are never going to be happy in life. sad really i guess mankind is full of idiots.
NOTE i'm not saying this to anyone but in general so dont start going ballistic on me.



AlexSays said:

Nobody says that a disc game is expensive even if it costs 50 USD.
I do, a lot actually. Matter of fact, I've only purchased like 5 $50 games this entire generation.
And that same tight budget runs along with WiiWare too.

I paid 1500 points for Final Fantasy though, and I've even downloaded some DLC.
But why in the world would I do that? Am I crazy?
Nope, not entirely. So far, I've gotten about 30 enjoyable hours out of FFCC.

Now why did I say enjoyable?
Well I've heard Plattchen gives players a hundred or so hours..
But if I don't enjoy this game to the highest degree, I'm not likely to play that long anyway. Right?

Which leads me back to my original point.
I'll take every precautionary measure to make sure I'll enjoy this game to the highest degree before I spend 1500 points on it.
Why pay 1500 points for this, when I can pay less for something I'll enjoy more?
With 500-point games, it's a bit easier to download on a whim, but Plattchen won't get that luxury.



AlexSays said:

This game has a chance of scoring a 9 or maybe even a 10 but you guys have already disregarded it.
Some of you people i can tell are never going to be happy in life. sad really i guess mankind is full of idiots.

I never "disregarded it", so I sincerely hope you're not calling me one of those idiots...



andy836 said:

You make it seem like your not going to get the game even if its good i'm saying that some people have already disregarded the game and the review isnt even out. i understand that you want the game to be good before you pay for it.....dont we all anyways all i'm trying to say is that to many people complain about the costs of games without realizing how much time and money has gone into the games. People need to give every game a chance as long as their fun.



AlexSays said:

I'll keep this short and sweet.
If I think I'll get 1500 points of happy Wii time, I'll spend 1500 points.
If I think I'll get anything less, I'll spend that money elsewhere.
But with no video of gameplay whatsoever, Bplus really isn't helping themselves win some of us over.

Oh, and stupid people don't know they're stupid.
Here's a good blog about it.



Wiiloveit said:

Talking about the pricing, it's the equivalent of about $19.50 here in the UK due to more expensive Wii points (by credit card - Wii points card prices can be up to £2.00 more per 1000 ($18 per 1000)). I don't care though, and I've just been down to Game to get some cards, and I can't wait to get into this game.

You're just lucky Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Dr Mario and now Bomberman are keeping my online preferences busy



Pegasus said:

It's nice that there is a video now. I really like the music. The gameplay seems a bit confusing to me, but it certainly does look like something that would appeal to me.



Sage_Joch said:

Hmm, the video also has me confused. I guess I"ll wait for the review to decide if I will purchase it or not. Had my eye on this for a long time so I hope it delivers!



Wiiloveit said:

After reading the Wii Shop guide, I thought I had this one worked out. After watching the above video, I'm not sure any more. When will the review be up? Next month (if the 100+ hour gameplay is true)?



ThunderforceIV said:

A 50 Euro/$ discgame can be sold (secondhand) compared to a wiiware game. I can borrow it to someone or rent it. Usually a retail game has a higher production value i.g. Zelda or Mario Galaxy.
Perhaps Bplus thinks it was a good choice to price the game 1500 points. I think they would get more money with 1000 points because they could sell more games with a lower price.



Adam said:

Re: ^

Zelda or Mario would have high production value no matter what format they're released in. That is a product of the company having a bazillion zillion dollars, not because of their pride for the retail disc.

Also, for the vast majority of games, you should expect to sell within $15 of the original price. So even if you made a habit of selling all your games you have played through entirely, you'd generally be down the same amount or more as if you downloaded a $15 or less game. The video looks way too simple for me to want to pay $15, but I'll await the review because I want to believe it is deceptively simplistic.

And on a side note, I'll second Super Mario's notion that it is fair and common to complain about disc-based game prices. $50-60 (depending on which console) is way too much to expect for almost any game, and is the main reason I love the VC, WW, and the downloadable services on other consoles.



AlexSays said:

When will the review be up? Next month (if the 100+ hour gameplay is true)?

I doubt WWW is going to play the game through before they review it. I don't think Corbie finished FFCC before reviewing it, if I'm not mistaken.

You were saying?

...and you were saying?



Final_Starman said:

I'm not sure I understand… by which I mean I am sure I don't understand. You just flip tiles and they break somehow?

@ x.SuperMario.x (56): Gamespot is right. "Stupid people, they've everywhere." FAIL



Bensei said:

Hey, there's a new trailer! It's the official now, which shows more than the first levels.



AlexSays said:

@ Final_Starman- Yeah I noticed that too. The rest of it's good though.

As for this game, I'm glad I didn't get caught up in the hype.
There hasn't been one single person overly enthusiastic about Plättchen.

I'm interested in how WWW is going to review this though.
Unfortunately, it might take them a week just to figure out the gameplay, from what I've heard.



Super_Sonic said:

Wiiboy (Bplus) I relize that online isn't everything and shouldn't detremine if you want the game or not. In fact if your game gets at least a 8 out of 10 I will support your game by downloading this over strangly my formerly most anticappated Bomberman Blast. I promise this won't be the next forgotten game.
Andy it's not like I hate the game. As long it get at least a 8/10 I will buy it despite no online play.



Twilight_Crow said:

I liked the video, most probably I'll like the game, but I'm doubtful any of my friends will, so, as interested as I am on this one, if the game has too many multiplayer modes the lack of an online mode afect a lot, I wonder how many of those 100 hours are multiplayer gameplay.
I just can't wait for the WWW review.



WiiBoy said:

PLÄTTCHEN is all about discovering. You read the manual, play the tutorial and read all the tips and after that you still have to find out how the gameplay in every Level works. And all people we spoke to really enjoyed this new kind of feature which is similar to old NES games where you also had to find out what's going on and what to do next like in Metroid or Zelda - just now in a cool, modern way. That, including COPYCAT and MISSION-Mode which can be unlocked by getting a good ranking position, will hold you 100 hours or more to 100% complete the game.

This all is also available for up to 4P cooperatively! Party Mode additionally adds a lot of hours of fun because you can not only play it with 7 friends but can also combine each of the party modes like you want!

@x.SuperMario.x - yeah they should take a week for the review otherwise if they don't got over 50 time diamonds (there are 200 to get in the game) and finish the review they might have seen just a quarter of the whole game. That would be like reviewing Ocarina of Time but just play it until Link got the master sword the first time.

We are in contact with MANY fans right now (can't wait to open up the forums on plattchen.bplus.at) and we are very lucky to get soo much compliments on our game. It seems that we are in heaven right now =)

Thank you all for buying PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint =)



Auntman said:

Such a shame its for 1500 WP. No-one who doesn't know whether Plättchen is the best puzzler ever or not will pick it up as there are many other games of the genre in WW which are much cheaper. At the moment I couldn't find Plätcchen anywhere from the WW sales chart. I'm thinking that if the price would be halved, it would sell at least ten times more. You don't have to pay for shipping, material or other matters so why you should be shooting your own leg?

I had to register just for this comment and I hope that WiiBoy (or his dog) would read this. I'd love to try out your game, but not for 15€.



maka said:

I went ahead and bought the game. I think it's a very fun game, but for now I agree 1000 points would have been a better price. 1500 seems a tad too much, but then, I still have played just 5-6 times, so maybe my opinion will change later...

My only complains are:

1. I wish they would have applied some kind of smoothing algorithm on the pointer movement. Sometimes the pointer shakes like mad. This may be a problem with my lighting, but other games that do some kind of averaging usually don't have this problem

2. The twisting mechanic is a bit strange. I would rather play with only the remote, but sometimes the colors turn like crazy with almost no movement of the remote. It works better with the nunchuck, but still, I think there's a bug there and I wish a patch was released...



Chipmunk777 said:

I have no idea what's going on in that video..? I'll check out the review later, I only took a look at the score. But unfortunately, if the choice for Monday is either this or Megaman 9, I won't be getting it this monday anyway



samus2008 said:

i might check it out, when i get more points that is, lol. MM9 took the rest of what i had...



zombiekillr said:

wow... and to think i was thinking about getting this...... ya know what.... puzzle games are starting to suck... i'll stick to shooting zombies( even though they're not really zombies.. but i don't want to offend anyone) and RPG's



lockelocke said:

Funny, that dude that works for BPlus (WiiBoy) said back in September that he had a nightmare about Plattchen getting a 3/10 on WWW. I guess some dreams do come true.



Juampi said:

If WWW had given the game a decent score, half of the people on this site would be praising it right now. The fact that WWW gave the game a bad score doesn't mean the game is bad, it just means they don't like it. I'm pretty sure most of the people who trash this game haven't actually played it.



AlexSays said:

If WWW had given the game a decent score, half of the people on this site would be praising it right now.

You mean to tell me people on this site actually listen to these reviewers?
That's great news!
See I was always under the impression Corbie and friends typed these things up to see if their keyboard still worked.

The fact Bplus praised this game to the high heavens, slapped a huge price tag on it, and then had their game ripped apart by several reviewers is more than enough to tell me this game is not good.

Maybe if Bplus didn't praise this game as if they thought it was the best on WiiWare, I would've given it a chance.
Their own ignorant pride has me never wanting to play their game.

Luckily they learned from this horrible mistake, and made a new game without coming on here and telling everyone how great it is.
And they gave Niki a low price tag.

Their WiiWare launch was absolutely terrible and deserved to be laughed at by this entire site.
Now we can move on and hopefully enjoy their latest game, Niki, and any future games they might have in the works.



Juampi said:


You clearly don't get it. The purpose of the reviews is to help you make the decision of whether to buy a game or not. A very different thing is using the reviews to form your own opinion about it.

Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.



AlexSays said:

You're saying all this hatred stems from the review.
How do you know people aren't thinking like me, and dislike the game for the reasons I listed above?

The arrogance of certain Bplus employees formed my opinion of the game.
Especially after a former Bplus employee came on this site, said he has never been affiliated with Bplus, and praised the game.
Their actions were inexcusable and unprofessional.
I don't support those facetious acts with my hard earned cash.



Wiiloveit said:

@Nintendork: idiots? That's a bit harsh.

I got this a few weeks back now, and must say that with a bit of patience and time, the game is actually pretty good fun. The complications that do arise an a huge annoyance, but once you get used to them, the gameplay hidden underneath is fantastic. Of course, the twisty shooty controls aren't perfect, but (as I said a few seconds ago), with a bit of practice, they really start to work extremely well. It is a very difficult game though, and so will also take a long while to really get to know the game, since there are also so many different twists and turns as you continue through the game. The graphics are also pretty damn good, along with the excellent soundtrack, although we all know that this won't matter if the gameplay is crap (which it isn't) - well, everyone that isn't an idiot.

Did all that make sense? Meh.

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