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Thu 31st Jul 2008

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MuljoStpho commented on BIT.TRIP FATE Revealed at PAX:

It's bullet hell BIT.TRIP!


Sure, I'll probably still get it anyway because I like this series. (Core and Runner in particular were great.) But I usually don't care for that style of gameplay.

On the plus side, the "on-a-rail" aspect almost makes it look more accessible than the typical bullet hell game.
wb, dude, and don't forget the 'edit' link above your comments if you made a mistake -- TBD



MuljoStpho commented on Dreambox Games Unveils its Debut Title:

More like AT-STs since its on two legs. I was thinking more along the lines of an ugly version of Wall-E though.

At any rate, this looks interesting so far. Definitely one to keep an eye on.



MuljoStpho commented on Review: The Magic Obelisk (WiiWare):

I just beat it. The story covers a total 33 levels. Some of those are ridiculously tricky to work through, but some of them are stupidly easy and just there to advance the story. I turned it off for the time being after I beat it, but I happened to click on free play mode first and it said something about a bonus level getting unlocked. So I guess there's still more to do after beating the main game. (Anyone know how many bonus levels there are?)



MuljoStpho commented on Gaijin Games Reveals First BIT.TRIP RUNNER Det...:

Beat was ****ing impossible, but cool. I really liked Core. It was tricky in parts and the 2nd level took forever to get through, but I think it was the most interesting out of the first three games. Void... Void's kind of weird. It seems pretty tough so far too, but I haven't been putting a lot of time into it.

Runner sounds neat so far and it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. And holy **** at 50 levels. I thought that had to be a typo when I first read it in the previous article about this.



MuljoStpho commented on Flowerworks Blasts Onto US WiiWare Monday:

I remember when you guys showed the trailer for this a while back... I remember that I had absolutely no ****ing idea WTF was going on in that video. It's just hard to tell what exactly it is that you're doing in the game.



MuljoStpho commented on Frobot WiiWare Music Video:

Hmmm, not as catchy as Still Alive or the Plants Vs Zombies music video.

I haven't ever seen Shaft though. I think fans of that would enjoy this video a lot.



MuljoStpho commented on Fight Stress With Abylight's New WiiWare Title:

Was he... Was he throwing a shoe... at a giant bee?

watching the trailer a couple posts up...

And apparently it only gets weirder after that. Stoplight golem? Toilet tentacle? A boxing copy machine? Robot chipmunks? And... a mailman... Consider me cautiously intrigued...



MuljoStpho commented on Flowerworks "Coming Soon" To WiiWare:

The concept kind of sounds like some sort of cross between Pikmin and de Blob.

Watching the video though... Okay, WTF am I looking at here? It's some sort of weird shooty madness and I can't quite tell what... shrugs

And then the screenshots also show some sort of overhead world map?



MuljoStpho commented on Telltale Games: 'Wii Audience Is Perfect For Us":

"(just that weird widescreen problem with Homestar Ruiner comes to mind)"

The problem was with 480p, but yeah, to avoid having the game freeze up on you in a particular spot you need to change your system's settings around. I seem to remember it having this problem in one or two of the other games in the series as well.

ToMI1 wouldn't happen to run any better in 480i, would it? Has anyone tested it?



MuljoStpho commented on Interviews: Driift Mania - Konami:

Hmmm, I've tried games like this that were included within another game (specifically the one in Bully, and maybe another that I can't remember right now) and somehow I always end up turning in the wrong directions. Something just doesn't seem to work the way it seems like it should, or something.



MuljoStpho commented on The Mystery of Whiterock Castle coming to WiiW...:

I was thinking pretty much the same thing. The title sounds good and that first screenshot looks interesting, but then you read what it actually is...

I had the same reaction not too long ago when I first saw Cate West: The Vanishing Files. At first it sounds interesting, but then you look at it closer and you find out how shallow it is.

I've tried out a game like this from a DS demo in the Nintendo Channel (Mystery Case Files MillionHeir) and I'm afraid I really don't see the point in them.



MuljoStpho commented on Nintendo Download: Drill Sergeants, Puzzles, G...:

I used to play Sim Earth on my family's first computer (which was actually a Mac, unlike all the computers we've had since then). This version of it looks really clunky and awkward compared to what I remember of the version I played.



MuljoStpho commented on Tales Of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare:

I never got a chance to play anything from this series. I'll have to keep an eye out for that. (Wait, by PC do they mean retail or Steam? (I only have Steam on my computer at all because Portal forced me to install it, and I'm not really interested in launching it again since I finished Portal... though Plants Vs Zombies is tempting... (How about a WiiWare release for THAT?)))

Anyway, yeah... I'll be looking forward to the new episodic game as well.

Am I overlooking something or do they not say how many episodes it is?



MuljoStpho commented on First Impressions: Tsuppari Oozumou Wii Heya:

I recently saw something about sumo in an episode of Time Warp. Apparently there's a legitimate martial arts practice behind this, as opposed to just being the "two fat guys pushing each other" that the common stereotype makes it out to be.



MuljoStpho commented on Legendo Announces The Three Musketeers: One Fo...:

Hmmm... When I brought up one of the screenshots I was thinking it looked like shovelware and I was about ready to dismiss it entirely, but it looked really good in the trailer. And eripmav's information was encouraging too. So I may be keeping an eye on this one after all.

(You weren't kidding when you said it looked better in motion.)



MuljoStpho commented on ColorZ - New WiiWare Puzzler:

It's ColorZ (Color Z), not Colorz (Colors). At least, that's how I'm reading it.
/agreed on being wary of the z
//also agreed that this one looks interesting so far



MuljoStpho commented on More DSiWare: Mighty Flip Champs!:

This reminded me of an idea I had seen a while back... All I can find is this one though:
I thought he had one that was exactly like this game, something where he specifically addressed possibilities for unique DS game ideas, but I guess it wasn't a part of the 300.

As I look at his site again, I see that he also had an idea with a similar concept as LIT at some point, except his idea was more in-depth:

Anyway... DSiWare is looking promising. I don't care about the DSi having cameras or a music player or any of that, but things like this are going to make the system tempting.

Anyone know anything about the DSi being more powerful than the DS? When I was in Gamestop recently, I was listening in as an employee was telling another customer all about how the DSi really is the next generation Nintendo handheld more on the same level technologically as the PSP, and not just "a DS with a camera" like all the advertising so far has made it out to be.



MuljoStpho commented on The Making of World of Goo:

I remember playing the old Tower of Goo a long time ago (both a version that had a very limited screen size and one that allowed us to build up a lot taller) but the background I remember that being on was like a field, not the Peewee's Playhouse background in that picture. It also definitely didn't let you pick up the whole structure like the blog mentions. And I don't think the goo balls had eyes in the versions I played either.



MuljoStpho commented on Planet Pachinko Out Next Monday On WiiWare:

I like the music, but WTF was going on in those clips? It's like bullet hell run and gun in a vertical scrolling field, or something. You wouldn't think it was that insane just from looking at the screenshots though.



MuljoStpho commented on Semnat Studios Announces Eduardo the Samurai T...:

As I skimmed that description I was kind of reminded of some Chex themed Doom clone that came in a box of Chex when I was a kid. It just has that whole product placement shovelware vibe going on... but without a product... and presumably not shovelware...

It also looks like something you might see on Cartoon Network / Adult Swim.



MuljoStpho commented on Bobby Carrot Forever Confirmed For WiiWare:

Why does it always amaze me so much every single time I see it suggested that people actually play games on their phones?

Anyway... Anybody else kind of reminded of the Quik bunny by this "Bobby" character?



MuljoStpho commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bomberman Blast And Art St...:

"I don't know if I'll be picking up Bomberman. I bought the TG-16 version about a year ago and I hardly play it. :S Art Style looks interesting though."

Ditto. I'd never played Bomberman before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And just like the time I bought the Sonic collection on GC for the same reason, I still don't get it.



MuljoStpho commented on Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint:

I have no idea...

I only heard about this for the first time today, and the main thing making me at all curious about it is the total lack of information. Like others have said though, 1500 points is sounding like too much of a gamble on this. If we knew exactly what to expect from the game we could know if it sounds worthwhile. But as it is, I'm more likely to just forget about it and move on. Even with the screenshots on this page, I still have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at here.

This whole secrecy thing just isn't that great. Just look at Sadness. Hardly anyone gives a ** about that one anymore because we don't know anything about it. Nintendo is finally springing Disaster on us (some regions are getting it as soon as next month, from what I heard) after keeping that under wraps since before the system even launched... and I get the feeling that that's kind of going to fly under the radar as well, at this point.



MuljoStpho commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (3rd Sept):

I've been looking around trying to find some info on Plattchen. (just curious because I don't think I'd ever heard of it before this)

Yeah, ummm... WTF is it? The descriptions I'm finding almost make it sound like a Zuma / Magnetica clone with MORE COLORS. ("color wheel"? The pieces can be ANY color and we're supposed to match four together? How close do different shades of colors have to be to be considered a match?) They also describe the game as being a shooter and I'm not sure what to make of that. The only hint of what the game will look like is a logo with colored tiles like some sort of color coded version of Scrabble. There's mention of being able to use the bongo controller (WTF?) and of local 12 player matches... 4 remote + 4 nunchuk + 4 GC controller, I'm assuming? Everything seems to be saying that the game is built around motion controls and tries not to use buttons... yet somehow the controls can be adapted to the bongo controller? How does that work?

I seriously have no idea what to expect out of this.



MuljoStpho commented on Strong Badia the Free - Trailer And Screenshots:

"You get to go to Strong Sad's room in the next episode!"
You can go into Strong Sad's room in episode 1 too. You just have to do one little thing that most of us most likely skipped: play the tutorial!

"In Strong Sad's room there was a open door, which either looked like a shower or another room..."
Behind Strong Sad from the camera's point of view? I thought that was a closet. (You can't interact with anything in it in the tutorial anyway though. There's also a closed door on the opposite side of the room (not visible at all in the main game) that you can't interact with.)

Edit: Having actually looked at the screenshots now... Yes, that appears to be the closed door I mentioned, opened up to reveal a bathroom.



MuljoStpho commented on Luc Bernard's Pitch For The Star Thief:

So when is Eternity's Child coming out anyway? That's definitely on my list of games I'm looking out for. I just haven't actually heard that much about it...

Anyway, Star Thief also sounds like it could be interesting. It'd be a shame for nothing to come of it. That's actually something I had wished we could have seen in LostWinds, a more lively and interactive town life. Instead, that game had one person you talk to and a bunch of background nobodies that say "Ooh!" when you blow wind near them.