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Super Turrican (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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You are Bren McGuire, on a United Planets Freedom Forces mission to save the peaceful planet Katakis from the Machine, source of all that is cruel and evil in the universe. The only weapon on your side is the state-of-the-art Turrican Assault Suit.

Equipped with multiple weapons, including the incredible Freeze-beam, that temporarily immobilizes almost any enemy, the Turrican Assault Suit gives one man the power of an entire army. Use the myriad weapons and powers at your disposal to fight through 12 increasingly insane levels, free the innocent residents of the planet Katakis, and crush the oppressive Machine.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

You are Bren McGuire, on a United Planets Freedom Forces mission to save the peaceful planet Katakis from the Machine.

Ever wondered what happens when a Western developer takes inspiration from the Japanese and decides to create a ‘run and gun’ game with flashy graphics, amazing special effects and killer gameplay? Well wonder no more, because Super Turrican is one...

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Super Turrican - Director's Cut Possibly Coming To VC?

As you might know, videogame forum NeoGAF is quite popular among people in the industry - Various videogame developers and publishers post there. One individual, called Turrican, claims he works at Factor 5, and has given some information on Turrican's VC future in NeoGAF's Virtual Console thread.

First up, if you downloaded Super Turrican, you might've noticed the operations guide has a whole list..

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EU VC Releases - 29th February - Super Turrican

Let's get this out of the way first - Sadly, there are no 3D games involving a pink puffball for Europe available this week.

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User Comments (31)



Mart said:

A classic, this one has to be released pretty soon if they've announced the sequal at the same time. Never played the sequal but the original played sort of like a side scrolling metroid, music to this one was great aswell.



Harthacnut said:

Looking forward to getting my hands on this, had the original Turrican and its sequel on my old Atari St and they were awesome, if its anywhere as good as those were onto a winner



deggs said:

if this is actually meant to be, it's amazing but me thinks it may be wrong...

Factor 5 is an exclusive developer for sony at the moment. these turrican games could very well be for the Sony ps3 download service...

i honestly am putting this in the "i'll believe it when i see it" catagory of wii vc titles...

but yeah, the game is amazing... both of them... abslutely excellent games. top notch. i had the c64 version growing up. when these came out, i was in heaven...



Abras said:

I'm pretty sure it's coming. The most recent issue of Nintendo Power has it included in the "this month's vc games" article. It's not concrete evidence. but print magazines tend to be more reliable, not to mention it's straight from the horse's mouth.



Delay said:

Actually it is not that great as the second game. It lacks the final level and thus ends with a fight against some generic alien head. That felt so uncomplete



Deadeyerobbie said:

I still play both Turrican 1 and 2 on my amiga. If this is half as good, it will be a must download. Please big N, release this and super turrican 2 soon.



CobraCommander said:

Turrican is still the best german video game Export. Everyone remember Super Turrican on the NES? It has the same name but its a different game. I like the NES Version a little bit more because it was closer to the original on C 64.
But the SNES Parts are excellent too.



SepticLemon said:

I just downloaded this game, and good damn is this awesome!

BTW I've been having a retro fest, been playing a lot of ActRaiser and BlasterMaster, awesome stuff, I wish new games were more like this...



CobraCommander said:

Great ! Fantastic release for europe .

Hopefully the C- 64 originals,The NES Version, the SNES Sequel and Mega Turrican are coming soon.



Villain said:

@CobraCommander: Agreed. Germans should be proud if this game. Might not be 100% original, but remember that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is not very original either, and it still kicks ass! I need this game soon!



Kelvin said:

I'm hoping for the C64 versions myself. They don't look as pretty as this, but the gameplay is a bit more balanced and the music is much less cheesy!



CobraCommander said:

Yes kelvingreen, I 'am hoping for the c64 vers. too. They are the originals Turricans from Manfred Trenz the "Father of Turrican".
I think if the c64 starts on WII we have a good chance to play them soon. The both Turricans are still two of the most popular games from the BIG C64 Games Catalogue



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Super Turrican is a bit of a remake of Turrican II for AMIGA. The Amiga games had elements of exploration, while this is a bit more direct arcade-action. Turrican meets Super Probotector. Super Turrican never shines as much as Turrican II, but in the end it´s a great game in its own right. Levels are fun (some enviroments never seen in the AMIGA games), music´s superb as always, and the challenge is near perfect!

The sequel Super Turrican 2 is not as good as this game. It contains even less exploration, and levels are not that inspired. Pretty fun bosses and a Battletoads-like stage where you jump from the backs of giant worms make it a worthy play anyway.

Kelvin & Cobra... I hope for C64 Turricans as much as you do! Can we have ém please...?



Kelvin said:

Yes, I would be very surprised if we get C64 on Wii, but we don't get Turrican and Turrican II. As you say, Cobra Commander, they're among the best games on the system, so chances must be good!



Jon2 said:

A very good game indeed, but a little hard (I know I suck). As stated above the versions on the C64 are one level above this version though. I don't think we will see the C64 versions though as Nintendo probably will settle for one version on each game (excluding the very popular SF2 series). On the other hand, Nintendo wants those dollars bad, so who knows?



ICEknight said:

The C64 version isn't "the" original... The Amiga version was also developed and released at the same time, and it's better in every aspect, so let's hope they release that one instead. Super Turrican is a different game, so they wouldn't have any problems releasing the original Amiga game.



Jockolantern said:

Wow... been nearly 15 years since I played this game on the SNES and it STILL rocks. The music is still awesome, the graphics are still exceptional, the difficulty is spot on, and the gameplay is fun and frenetic. This game has aged very, very well.



D00M said:

Yup, great music if you can hear it above the sound of the carnage
Awesome game all round though, The 2nd one is too on rails for me so I'm sticking with this one and waiting for the Amiga versions.



CobraCommander said:

ICEknight !. The both Turricans are developed first for the C 64 by Manfred Trenz. The Amiga Version are converted from the C64 vers.. So the Commodore 64 Parts are the only originals Turricans!



Mr_64 said:

I have to be honest, this game isn't half as good as I remember it being. Compared with the original Turrican games released on the home computer formats of the era, this game suffers from bland level designs, more linear gameplay and less catchy music. The difficulty curve is also far steeper and the weapons aren't as good either.

Still, all said and done, it's a great contra-style scrolling shoot 'em up, it just suffers from being a sequel to two of the greatest games of the early 1990s.



Jazzem said:

I've been playing this lately and...I don't know, maybe I'm too critical these days but I'm not really a fan. When the level design isn't being very confusing, it seems to be overly reliant on pixel perfect jumps.

It does have its moments but the design feels a bit off to me. Which is a shame as I quite like the style of the game, the music is awesome! And I quite like the laid back yet still challenging pacing of the game. It's just the level design that bogs it down.

Maybe I should try and complete it before evaluating it (The furtherest in I've gotten to is one of the ice levels) but it's probably about 6/10 to me. Still the sequel seems to be a very different game, maybe I'd prefer that.



zeta3 said:

the commodore 64 is nothing compare to the amiga version.i played every turrican..super turrican is more related and have some levels of turrican 3 not turrican 2.the amiga version was the best but the snes has a better movement due to the pad, and the graphics effects were way better than the t2 of amiga but on the par of turrican 3.
superb game best game ever .turrican forever..hoping to get the turricans on ps3.next turrican 3d is coming tp ps3.hope they release the old turricans.ehrn these programmers realize you can not make a 3d game of a 2d.2.5 is the way.



MrLopez said:

Looks pretty cool! I just love games that are like contra!
I just love blasting aliens!!

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