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n0body wrote:

about 30 retail Wii games (and growing), 10 GC games I bought to play on Wii, another 10 on VC and another 10 on WiiWare give or take for a total of about 60 games at the moment.
I agree that there are more than enough high quality games on the system but the library is quite un-balanced when it comes to the different genres. I still have almost no choice when it comes to good JRPGs, flight games, 3rd person shooters, driving (not kart racing) and action games. It really is a shame as I love the console, but it just feels "incomplete" to me.

Aye, this is why I like to compare the library to the N64. It wasn't short of good games, but it was short on variety.

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At the moment I have 712 wii games and counting.



I have 1. i sold the rest.

tumblr's better...

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Physical: 26
Virtual Console: 29
WiiWare: 1 (Just Mega Man 9)

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Let's see

Mario Kart Wii
Punch Out
Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Kirby Anniversary Collection
Super Mario All Stars
Skyward Sword
Mario and Sonic at the London Games

So 10 total

I have alot more VC games but I dont know exactly how much since I dont have my Wii plugged in.

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Four Wii games and three Wiiware games, haha that's minuscule compared to some of the totals I've seen on this forum topic


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30 Wii Disks
12 VC games.

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29 Wii discs, 17 VC games and 2 WiiWare. I also have three other discs, but I'm selling them to a friend in four days.

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6 here...

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7. Had 8 but I just sold Xenoblade. lol

So I averaged a solid 1 per year.



I'm too lazy to count them, since I don't have them cataloged. But, 25 to 30 (max).
Then I sort of lashed out at the mediocrity, and sold almost a dozen.

Now I regret doing so even though most of the titles were rubbish.

burroughs wrote:

At the moment I have 712 wii games and counting.


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I'm sitting at 159 retail Wii games, plus an additional 41 WiiWare and 42 Virtual Console titles on the system.

I have been collecting Wii games for years, buying pretty much everything I consider worth playing. There are about ten Wii games remaining that I'd like to own (some hard to find now - maybe I'll never get them) and about the same number of games in my collection now that I'd be happy to part with... so the current numbers are probably close to where my video game collecting ends.


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Wii Discs: 167
WiiWare: 133
Wii VC: 97

pretty nasty collection i got over the years.
but only all the best Wii games ever, well with a few exceptions.


burroughs wrote:

At the moment I have 712 wii games and counting.

with such a huge collection, did you ever find true gems and interesting overlooked stuff in the heaps of shovelware?


50-ish retail with around 25-30 for downloadable

/too lazy to count them all

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Not very much, as my main console is Xbox 360, but I have about...not counting WiiWare, 2 official ones that weren't sent by Nintendo. Counting those i have 3 or 4. but my official ones are MW3 and Sonic Colors. I enjoy playing both.

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85 boxed games and a few downloads

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