Topic: How many games for Wii do you have?

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25 Physical games. I've probably owned 30 total in the span of owning a Wii. I'm still looking for a couple, but for the moment that's what I have. I'll probably sell some of them eventually...

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50-75. Haven't counted in a while.

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"Dubs Goes to Washington: The Video Game".

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Retail Discs: 14 (15 if you include Animal Crossing City Folk, which I recently sold on eBay)
Downloads: 39 (20 VC and 19 WiiWare)

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Retail: near 80 games
Downloads: near 120 VC and near 30 Wiiware.

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172 at my last count that's bought discs and over 50 downloaded

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172 Wii Discs + 140 WiiWare + 97 Virtual Console

Who knows how much that is in total?

oh spider you have just as many discs as me. Let me check out your collection!

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I have 176 wii games and 1000 snes games in an emulator for Wii

Have a good day /FordCapri


FordCapri wrote:

I have 176 wii games and 1000 snes games in an emulator for Wii

oh you must have 4 bad games then.
because there are only 172 good wii games. i own them all so i must know.

now everyone with more than 100 games pick 5 games you could do without.
i'll start...
uh... let me have a second..

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i have 6...

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My Wii was stolen a few months back, but I still have the three games I bought at the time...

Super Mario Galaxy
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Metroid Prime trilogy (steel case and disc only; no art book, paper sleeve, or instructions).

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About 40. The only one I'm pursuing now to complete my collection is Metroid Prime Trilogy. One day I'll find it for a price I find reasonable.



33 Wii games (Still missing a bunch of must haves like Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Smash Bros.)
34 Wii Virtual Console games
2 Wiiware games

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About 149 physical discs. I might've forgotten one or two I've loaned out to a friend.

To SKTTR: Games I could do without... Super Smash Brothers Brawl, All Star Cheerleader 1 (I haven't played 2 enough yet to decide if it's just as bad), Secret Files 1, Sam & Max Season 1 (got'em on Steam now), Mario Party 8.

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had a bunch, my Wii broke 2 years ago got rid of most games now only 2 are left....(I mean it was over 1 year, now 2, without a new Wii and still no WiiU for me who wouldn't get rid of the games!?!?!? I just didn't do the same for GameCube for the sake of the times I was a young teen, around 13 years old)

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I have 17 Wii retail games, 4 WiiWare games and 15 Virtual Console games. There are still many Wii games I still want to buy, maybe at bargain prices when I find them, but I'm moving to Wii U now.



SKTTR wrote:

now everyone with more than 100 games pick 5 games you could do without.

I've got 177 right now, and most are games that I prefer to keep. But 5 that I could do without?
1. Create - Bought for $0.50 because I wanted an extra case. Don't have any idea what the game is even about.
2. Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves - Thought it was classic Disney songs, turns out they are all unfamiliar remixes. Yuck! Another $3.50 wasted.
3. Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey - Purchased for my daughter. She loves it, but I could easily live without.
4. Kung Fu Panda Legendary Warriors - Another purchase for the kids; love the Kung Fu Panda films, but the game is pretty bad.
5. Wii Music - Terrible. Just terrible.


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