Topic: How many games for Wii do you have?

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I have 47

And about 10-12 VC and WiiWare games. I thought I had 35 but until I counted them, things stacked up.

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Maybe a little of Goldeneye



25, with more than that in downloadable stuff

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Retail - 20ish
Downloadable - over a page and a half, so say 18-20

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9 Wii

4 Wiiware

7 VC

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15 games if I count my little sister's DDR.
And about 25 WiiWare/VC games if I remember correctly. Too lazy to power on my Wii and count them

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Reala wrote:

Here's the original post your wii games list as well as the original wiiware list and VC list.

See, I did a Google search for a thread/topic like that and nothing came up. I made sure there wasn't a similar thread like this :/



26 Wii games currently, but that's because I had a purge before Christmas. At its peak, my Wii collection would've been 70+.

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About 9. I tend to sell games and get a new one I'm interested in. Only a few are "keepers" like Twilight Princess, RE4, and SSBB.

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On physical discs... 93, I think.

@KaiserGX: Wow.

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88 discs plus 150 VC/Wiiware downloads, so I got 238 games total!

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13 discs, 74 VC and 72 WiiWare games.

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I have 33 discs, around 5 wiiware games and no VC yet.

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Wii - 29 (Probably over 10 games that have been released that i still need to get)

WiiWare - 4 (I had more, but I deleted Contra ReBirth, Bit Trip Runner and Sonic 4. Still need to get a few more)

VC - 24 (Need to add Adventure Island, StarTropics, Gun Star Heroes and a couple more to the listO!)



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