Topic: Will WiiU Turn You Into An Online Gamer?

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The Wii U will eat you soul,and spit it out.

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I spent hundreds, possibly well over 1000 hours playing my Wii online (Mario Strikers, Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, Goldeneye, Boom Street) and I've already played my 3DS online for well over 100 (Mario Kart, Kid Icarus and Mario Tennis) so I expect the Wii U to be the same, but even more so.
In saying that, single player is way more important so I hope that remains their primary focus.


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@Waveboy @Wheel

What's so bad about that? I love it when a game sucks me in for hours at a time. Maybe if it's past the point where it's healthy, I could understand it, but there really is something to be said about a game that you can hold your attention for such long durations.

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I don't enjoy online games,so no.

I do enjoy extra costumes and other content for free,like the Samurai Warriors Chronicles levels or the free Pokemon in White/Black,just today i got a Victini

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What's so bad about online games? They open up a new experience that wasn't possible not to long ago. Its not bad to be an online gamer. If a game is focused on online and you don't like it move on, and buy a different game. I like a game with good online. It opens up new possibilities. However if the online messes up the story, the music, the visuals even the gameplay then is the online even necessary?

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I've not really been that much of an online gamer for years, so likely no until I remember the inevitable increased amount of "no splitscreen" games that will appear.

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Online is just a massive global LAN party. Anything that would work with four players infront of a TV or four players infront of four monitors can work online. If anyone is only just getting the appeal of that idea with the Wii U maybe they should look back at what the N64 did with four controllers... and multiply it by millions.

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Nope. Most I'll likely do online is use it to buy VC games on eShop, and the inevitable Mario Kart 8! Otherwise, I'm offline.

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Not likely. Online to me is too much work and dedication that I need to put in. I stick with single player usually unless its just simple like a quick match ( like the wii really did well with stuff like Tetris or Mario kart). But who knows.



Absolutely not. I don't play my consoles online, they're for singleplayer games. And I can probably already be considered a online gamer since I play online games on my PC almost every day.

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GamecubeMan32 wrote:

What's so bad about online games? ... However if the online messes up the story, the music, the visuals even the gameplay then is the online even necessary?

You've pretty well answered yourself, but I think the Game Overthinker put it best in a recent episode. Basically the studios only have so much time to get a product to market so a story-driven game will invariably end up cutting corners somewhere to provide online play and a single-player campaign; often the latter.

I don't have a problem with a game being designed to be online exclusively, but it's pretty rare that's the case. Either I'm getting a really good single-player game with a lackluster online mode or vice versa. I can live with the former, but pass on the latter.

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If you're relying on Nintendo to introduce you to online gaming, you're going about things wrong.

Horribly even.



Hah, you must have sensed my incoming presence!

I forgot about this site, to be honest. Took me about an hour to remember my password..



Interesting. Last time I saw you was when they showed off 3DS back in 2010. Now, we see you again when they show off WiiU 2 years later.

Guess when summer is over, we'll see you again in about 4-5 years when Nintendo shows off their new handheld/console

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The internet is for arguing about games, not playing them.

Twitter is a good place to throw your nonsense.
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warioswoods wrote:

The internet is for arguing about games, not playing them.


For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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L4DYK0M1C wrote:

Guess when summer is over, we'll see you again in about 4-5 years when Nintendo shows off their new handheld/console

That may be fairly accurate actually.. lol

By that time I should finally have my career in order, so I'll actually have free time for once.

warioswoods wrote:

The internet is for arguing

'Tis a good philosophy, indeed.

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