Topic: anyone sticking with wii u for mostly next gen?

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At the moment my Wii U, 3DS and pc are all I have time for.
Maybe I'll pick up a ps4 at the end of 2014 or maybe even 2015.
If I had to pick only 1 home console for this generation, I'll have to go with the Wii U.

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I feel like trying to stick with just the Wii U is a huge gamble.Sure Nintendo has a hell of a line-up for the next year or so that has me more excited for Nintendo then I have been in the past 3 years after 2010 basically saw the Wii call it quits with a huge flow of excellent titles. But despite the fact that Ubisoft has reaffirmed at least some support for the console, it may very well be a Nintendo machine soon enough if we Wii U owners can't satisfy the sales targets that companies set on Wii U. If the install base was to grow I could maybe see some returning support, but it's going to be very interesting to see how it plays out over the next year. And if first party Nintendo releases are enough for you then I can absolutely understand sticking with the Wii U as your main console.

But if third parties interest you then I feel you have to go with getting a secondary console in some form. Though even there I feel like this generation is going to run straight into the same brick wall that last gen did since both of the consoles aren't all that powerful in the bigger scale of things and it's likely we'll see them hitting zeniths sooner than developers did last generation since the next gen twins are supposedly so much easier to program for. So they perhaps aren't all they're cracked up to be as well in the long run. It'll be just as interesting to see how they play out as well over the next couple of years.

That said personally I already got a PS4 because I like to game with friends and good luck convincing them Nintendo has any merit as a primary console and I'm a pretty big fan of what Sony gets exclusively on their console. I'm having a blast with it already like I did the Wii U when it first came out and I will continue to do so as time passes. It all just comes down to the fact that I'm a gamer who enjoys games, and Nintendo doesn't always present me with the opportunity to play everything I want to play. Even right now as I enjoy PS4, Wii U, and 3DS games and have a ton of stuff to play and look forward to already, I'm still glaring over at the Xbox One and it's Titanfall, Killer Instinct, and Dead Rising which I would love to play.

So I guess I'm just a gamer with my preferences, though I advise against completely shutting out the possibility of other consoles just cause they're are plenty of great games that you may really like if you ever play them. Screw the console wars man, just play games and enjoy them.



Yar, just play the games. And try PC gaming. Seriously. Just try it. Plug in a 360 controller and HDMI that puppy to the nearest HD TV and you'll wonder what you've been doing with your gaming life until that moment.

I joke, but not really. PC and Wii U all the way. Until I buy an Xbox One this weekend. Or maybe a PS4. Argh, I'm terrible - maybe I'll get both. This was an amazing post.



I'll go Wii U only for a while, but I'll get a PS4 before the gen ends.


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I WOULD get all, but I'm more interested in Wii U's outlook at the moment. The only game that I am looking forward to on The 'XBOne' is "The Stick Of Truth", and It'll probably be better on PC anyway. I might get a PS4 when they've cut the price, and it seems like a good bargain.


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Peach64 wrote:

I'll get them all eventually, but I have a ton of patience. I only picked up a PS3 six months ago. I'll probably get a PS4 in about two years, then a Wii U, and will likely pick up a Xbox One near the end of the generation. I love Nintendo, but the thought of only having a Nintendo machine right now is depressing. So many great games will be unavailable.

Well- yes and no..... I have to admit.... I thumbed through a gaming magazine and looked at all the titles coming out for all the other systems and to degree felt left out that there were so few relatively speaking for the Wii U. BUT- I'm pretty happy with the library I have so far- 20 retail and 4 eShop. And then there's about 10 that are about to come out- Mario 3d, DCTF, Smash, Sonic And Mario, Bayonetta, X, Mario Kart.



Lol no. Even I need more than 2 games a year to satisfy me.

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Wii U mostly for me



Currently own a Wii and Wii U. I'm thinking about picking up a 3ds xl during the holidays. Can't abandon first party Nintendo games. Can't get into spending money for a PS4 or XBOX1 for just a couple games that appeal to me.



I don't see how 3rd parties expect any console to absolutely sell out their games, honestly. I bought a ton of Wii U games within the first 1/2 year of owning the Wii U, and now I've gotten enough games to be content for a while with the occasional big purchase here or there.

There's only so much you can buy before 3rd parties just can't make any money no matter how much they sell. Look at Tomb Raider, Rage, SplinterCell, Street Fighter, etc. They sold reasonable amounts on any system(except Wii U for SC) and they still couldn't make as much money as they anticipated. 3rd parties have grown to expect high sale numbers from anything they put out, so they put upwards of $15,000,000 into their games just to sell 1,000,000 copies at $60 a pop. That proves that ZombiU wasn't by any fault of Wii U owners.

Something's gotta give. 3rd parties won't be able to make money on Xbox One or PS4 either if they need 5 million sales from a 3 million install base.

Porting the games is not a problem here, either. The Wii U will factually be able to run an Xbox One game is some form or another. The only games that Wii U would have to worry about getting are PS4 or Xbox One exclusives, and guess why those aren't coming to Wii U(sarcasm).

A port WILL cost less, whether Wii U is the main target to sell on, or not. Say they create an Xbox One game that costs $10,000,000. Developers have the opportunity to port the game for around $2,000,000 to get their game onto Wii U. Now let's figure how much each system is costig the 3rd parties based off that $10,000,000 example:
Xbox One + PS4 version = $10,000,000, which means $5,000,000 per console
Wii U version = $2,000,000 since it's based off of a game that has already been developed for other platforms and most of the work is already done

It makes sense that 3rd parties would port a game for a fraction of the cost to raise their chances of selling a game. By that point, a ported game would be profitable with 40% of the sales in comparison to other platforms. So not only is it cheaper to port a game from Xbox One than developing exclusively, but now it gives the game to another audience and doesn't need to sell as well to boot.

The 3rd party sales and porting problems basically don't exist, considering the entire outlook of things.

As to the OP: I'll probably be getting an Xbox One eventually, but it would mainly be for exclusives or another feature on the console. As things are currently, I have no want for another console.

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hmm, Nintendo exclusive content or another platform with a larger variety of third party content.....

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I might actually stick to Wii U. I only play so much of it because of off-tv play. There will be a few killer apps on the other consoles by 2015 but there's so little innovation in gameplay on the horizon. All of the 'next-gen' games that are coming early next year look exactly like every other game from this gen except better graphics, more detail, more online interaction etc. They will all control exactly like they have since PS2 era and the only differential will be the scope of some stories and number of different storylines/endings.

However, if Nintendo don't get Wii U to Gamecube levels of sales then we'll all have to buy a second console because they will just not support it and never explain why all the decent games only come out on 3DS.

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Wii U this gen. Might buy a PS4 in the next couple of years. I'm supporting the company in my opinion has done good buy me. No crazy ruthless tactics like Microsoft. And their coming out with more amazing games that I'm excited for. So it's Nintendo for life. And I really don't feel like sending more crazy money on entirely different console and games. Just not doing this gen.

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well... Super Smash Bros, so yeah... full gen

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100% sticking with just Wii U. Not got enough time for any other system as I like loads of types of games. I still have Wii, DS and 3DS lol. Too many good games not enough time . I have a PS3, but consigned to Blu Ray and Play TV use. And by sticking to Nintendo stuff, I am using less electric and doing my bit for the planet

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I'd get a PS4 or XBOX one solely for 3rd party support since i don't care for either of their big franchise exclusives(Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid, KillZone ect ect) So for me they'd technically almost be the same system...Too bad 3rd party developers seem to be royally sucking these days. Capcom & konami used to be KING back in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. Now they've become sell outs, outsourcing their key franchises and screwing almost everything up while whipping out other forgettable junk that appeal to the western crowd. Operation Racoon city? WTF was that? same deal with Resident Evil 6 ect ect.

Killer Instict and a few indie titles on the PSN somewhat appeal to me that's it for now. I'll give it a couple of years, if I see a Power Stone 3 i will indulge.

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SCAR392 wrote:

3rd parties have grown to expect high sale numbers from anything they put out, so they put upwards of $15,000,000 into their games just to sell 1,000,000 copies at $60 a pop.

Ya....that's 'just' a $45 million dollar way any software developer would be happy with 'just' that...



I have yet to "pick" a main console for the current/next generation, but it sure won't be the Wii U. Maybe I'll get it as a secondary for Nintendo games latter on, but it could never be the only console for me.

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If it wasn't for the Wii U, I wouldn't be playing videogames any more. Neither the Xbox or PS concentrate on the sort of games I like to play. I prefer colourful and imaginative over grim and faceshooty.

Also, I went into GAME (not to spend money, I'm not stupid) yesterday, and saw the demo units of the 4 and One. For the life of me I couldn't tell what graphic improvement had been made from the 3 and 360 (wasn't meant to sound like a troll, I just couldn't personally see a difference). The 20% hardcore fans will be desperate to get a new PS4 or Xboxone, but I think 80% of the gaming world will have to be convinced quite a lot more before the majority make the switch.

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