Topic: anyone sticking with wii u for mostly next gen?

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I know I am, I just gotten too used to having the convenience the gamepad that can do so many things including off TV play, the games on wii u interest me way more and the online community is friendlier

I'm sure 3rd party support will continue, sales will shoot up when smash bros,bayonetta 2,Mario kart 8 come, but I'm happy with what there is now, assassins creed is my favorite multiplat franchise and it comes to wii u, so is watch dogs which is a very anticipated game for me

What about you? Are you sticking with wii u this gen or buying another console?

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Me, too! Nintendo is all I ever need. If there is ever a game drought, you can always just fall back on Nintendo's current handheld system, and besides, Nintendo games are the best!

As far as 3rd parties go, the support is not as bad as people say. There's been an adequate amount of 3rd party support if you look at games like Rayman and CoD: Ghosts.



I have always stuck with one console each gen. I love gaming, but I also have other things I like to do, even more than gaming. So there is that.

I don't even know any people who have multiple game consoles. When I came across this site, I saw that quite some people have more, but I don't think they realise they are a minority. For me it's pretty weird at least.


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I can't handle two console cause I don't have money. But If I must choose ONE than it's Nintendo. (can't abandon mario games yet xD)

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I think I'll stay with my wii U and 3ds this gen or maybe get an XBONE later on. Honestly the Wii U and 3ds have all the content I think I'll need for a while.

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I am! I don't need either the PS4 or Xbone. Nintendo fulfills all my gaming needs and is extremely cheap compared to the other two consoles.

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Between my Wii U and my 3DS, I'm a very busy gamer.
I don't have the time for another console, yet alone the money.


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My focus will be on Wii U,Xbox one,PC,3ds.

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Ungravitify wrote:

I think I'll stay with my wii U and 3ds this gen or maybe get an XBONE later on. Honestly the Wii U and 3ds have all the content I think I'll need for a while.

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Not at all. It'll probably be only a month or so from when I buy my Wii U to when I'm getting a Xbox One. Too many games that aren't coming to the Wii U that I want to play, and my Xbox will be my main console covering most of my non Nintendo gaming needs and being my media center.


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I wonder about that media center.. I want to watch Netflix on my game pad and use Tvii so I am not sure how I can do both effectively.

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Might buy a Wii U next year... and that's about it. I've got a laptop for everything else.


Wii U + 3DS...With a big chunk of Wii games thrown in the mix.
aside from getting the Wii 1 year later after it's launch at Christmas, i ended up getting the PS3 close to 2 years after it's release, hardly touched the thing. The only retail release i completed on it or had the desire to play all the way through was Resident Evil 5, while i spent numerous drunken hours fiddling away 'online' with Super Street Fighter II HD remix. Before the PS3 i had an XBOX 360, which got even less play time. I sold it 4 months later after feeling dirty for owning the depressing thing. while my PS3 become a nice shiny ornament solely used for DVD's & Bluray's in my TV stand.

It Was Wii + DS Lite that gen for moi, and boy was it amazing....still playing catch up with the wii, it's far from over! Ribbit!

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My plan is 3DS > Wii U = PC > Vita. But I need to get into PC gaming first... Anyone have any guides they would recommend to start with? I'm not very good with specs, see... >.>

I'll probably buy a PS4 eventually(depending on what it gets later, like, years later), but four consoles is plenty anyway. I'd just drown in games.
Not touching the Xone unless it gets something frikin amazing. I simply refuse to support the system's "New Coke" mindset, and if I get a PS4 it'll probably have a lot of the multiplats anyway and I tend to prefer the PS to Microsoft exclusives.

I have plenty of games I didn't play last gen that I would like to experience, too, which is also making me hold off on buying any more new consoles.

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Yup. I cant afford more than one console, and I already do most of my gaming on PC. So for Nintendo games, I have my Wii U and 3DS.

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Hard to say for now. I still have quite the backlog to work through on PS3. I imagine that Wii U + 3DS will be my only current-gen consoles for a few years, at least. Exclusive JRPGs tend to migrate to Sony consoles though, so I may end up buying a PS4 eventually. Or maybe just a Vita.

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Nope, I'll be using it as a secondary console as most of the games I will want to play will be on the PS4.

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Wii U, 3DS and PC, i think these 3 will take all the time and money (lookin at you, Steam) i have. Also PS4 and X1 have little games i'm interested in. Knack looked nice, but i heard it turned out to be awfull.

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I have always bought Nintendo first, and then buy whatever system I have to get to play the latest Final Fantasy game. (Life long fan, you see)
After playing Final Fantasy 13, I will be sticking with Nintendo exclusive.




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