Topic: Are you still buying DSiware titles?

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are you?

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Well you can buy them on the 3DS eShop.....and the amount of physical games for the 3DS isn't very wide yet. So dsiware games are like a godsend for those who haven't had the chance to play them before and just got a 3DS.

I got Zenonia and Shantae about a week ago, enjoying them a lot.



I will be, there a still a few of DSi games I want to get.



I'm still buying DSiWare on both my DSi XL and my 3DS. I buy games on the XL that would benefit from playing on the larger screen and DSiWare that I want to play on the go I get for the 3DS.

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I do, sort of. I bought Puzzle Quest since I got a 3DS.

The problem is that DSiWare games can only be played directly from the hardware. If you move them to your SD card you can't play them. I have long since run out of space and probably half of my DSiWare games are stored on my SD card where they will likely never be played again. Yesterday I moved some larger titles to the SD card, like Art Academy and Inchworm Animation, to make room for more, smaller games. It's kind of sad. I wish I could have all of my purchased titles easily accessible on the main menu.

Therefore before I buy a new DSiWare game, I have to decide which game(s) will have to be sacrificed to the SD card.



yep I will, and even though its free ill get 4 swords

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Yep. In fact, I just bought Go!Go! Kokopolo last week.
@Taya: I feel your pain. I have like 20 pages of DSiWare on my SD Card. Of those, I can only fit 4 pages in my actual system memory. Its ridiculous that we have to deal with this still. This is really something Nintendo needs to get on...

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When DSiWare runs out of quality games worth buying, that's when I'll stop buying DSiWare games.

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Yes. I just bought Cave Story and Shantae not too long ago. Late to the party I know


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due to the lack of 3dsware...yeah. zenonia rocks

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Since I didn't buy any DSiWare before I got a 3DS, yeah. Okay, so I've only bought Shantae so far, but there are a few other titles I'm gonna get sooner or later, too.


Not really. I still have 900 points to burn on my DSi, but I'm not really interested in 2D games anymore. I guess I'll hold onto my points till DSiWare is pretty much over with and then decide the best way to spend them: currently thinking Starship Defense, Escapee Go, and Glory Days unless anything better comes along.

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There are still a million billion (not literally) games I want to get for my DSi... but the whole not being able to load from an SD card has been a serious setback. I suppose it could just be because I'm lazy, but once a game ends up on that card it's probably never going back to the main menu, so I hesitate to download more games that are going to end up in (or drive other games to) that situation.

Meanwhile... I'm working on unlocking everything in Art Style: Zengage and and Mighty Flip Champs. After I'm done with at least one of those I'll probably spend some more time with 99bullets and then finally get around to downloading Mighty Milky Way.


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Hi, today I bought some dsiwares for my 3DS, there's still 6 euros on my credit, may be for a new 3dsware or dsiwares. I've watched multiple videos of dsiwares and here's what I bought: Art Style Intersect and Code (Base 10), Wakugumi Monochrome, Dictionary 6 in 1, Shooting Watch (I'm fan of Meijin : ) and Aura Aura Climber.
What do you think about the purchases?

I hesitated for a long time to buy some dsiwares, what I am searching is original puzzles which has the power to be replayed after 1 year.

I hope that some people like me will continue to contribute to the sales of dsiwares



I haven't bought any DSiWare yet for my 3DS, but I keep toying with a variety of purchases. I can't make up my mind whether I want to try some more Game Boy games (I have Donkey Kong and I'm holding off on Link's Awakening since I'm currently playing two other Zelda games), get some 3DS downloads (Xevious and Let's Golf 3D, particularly the former), or get some DSiWare.

When I do get some DSiWare, I'll probably focus on the highest-rated games if only because space is at a premium on the system memory.

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Just bought Mighty Milky Way the other day, as a matter of fact. Corbie's review was spot-on, that game is brilliant.

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i hope nintendo list what games are coming out for the last week of aug and the first couple weeks of sept... sitting on 2000 pt card but hate to waste them getting games today if something better is coming out thursday or next...



There are still loads of dsiware games out now that I plan on getting so yes I am still buying dsiware games.


Yes, I'm still buying DSiWare. I like to have a core of portable games on my hardware, and I do move them back from the SD card to play them.
However, I do wish Nintendo would sort this problem out. If it's possible to play 3DSWare, 3D Classics and 3DS VC games from the SD card surely they could sort out a system update which would make it possible to do the same with DSiWare.
C'mon Nintendo, pleease do it

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I've never had a DS, so I'm catching up with them on my 3DS. I just got Thorium Wars. I just wish I could get Oregon Trail...

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