Topic: How many 3DS games do you own?

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Games I own:

· Nintendogs + Cats (Toy Poodle)
· Pilotwings Resort
· Ridge Racer 3D
· Super Monkey Ball 3D

Games I wish I didn't own:

· Asphalt 3D

Total Games = 5



Now that is out of the way I have 3
Pilotwings Resort 9/10
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition 9/10
Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 9/10
@the people who own Steel Diver, Ridge Racer OR Nintendogs+cats
Which one is better if I can't hold off till OOT one of these will purchase so I wondering which one is better.

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bluok wrote:

2 million for each brain cell in my head.

Please don't drool on me.

Glencoe Health 2nd Edition. Mission Hills: Glencoe Inc., 1989: 252. "Weighing around three pounds (1.35kg), the brain contains nearly 100 billion cells." 100 billion

World Book 2001. Chicago: World Book Inc., 2001: 551. "The human brain has from 10 billion to 100 billion neurons." 10-100 billion

Magill's Medical Guide Revised Edition. Salem Press, 1998: 221. "It has been estimated that the adult brain has around one hundred billion neurons and an even larger number of glial cells." 100 billion

The Science Times Book of the brain. New York: The Lyons Press, 1987: 150. "The human brain holds about 100 billion nerve cells." 100 billion

The Scientific American Book of the Brain. New York: Scientific American, 1999: 3. "An adult human brain has more than 100 billion neurons" > 100 billion



SSF4 is all I own right now, most defiantly getting LOZ OoT no doubt about that. But when that eshop comes out, my wallets is going to be crying... and PLUS don't forget all the other cool games that are coming out this year... for the kids who always hear "SAVE YOUR MONEY" from your parents constantly, these are the times they are talking about...

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@43 i would think you should go for mainstream just to be safe and get ridge racer?

i don't own cats and dogs though



Rob_mc_1 wrote:

bluok wrote:

2 million for each brain cell in my head.

Please don't drool on me.

cut the poor guy some slack, he's only got 2 million brain cells in his head

future of NL >:3
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Pandalicious wrote:

pikmaniac02 wrote:

er, none.
I regret nothing

As you should until Super Mario 3DS comes out.

Indeed. And OoT3D.


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At the moment I have:
1. Pilotwings Resort
2. Super Street Fighter IV 3D
3. Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

I saw Monkey ball for £15 online so may pick that up, Steel Diver I will pick when it severly drops in price. Pirates Lego is a definite as will be OOT and of course Kid Icarus (despite the other two Kid Icarus games being tosh).

Be excellent to each other


Meepok1 wrote:

xDemon720x wrote:

I currently have 4.
Ridge Racer
Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Rayman 3D

I'm thinking of getting Pilotwings Resort and I am most definitely buying OoT.

How good is Rayman 3D? I was thinking about getting that but I said no.... I really want SSFIV 3D edition!!! I only have Madden and Ridge Racer, they are both GREAT games!

Rayman is a great game, but I find the camera a little off putting. The 3D effect is absolutely outstanding, near the beginning of the game you can walk into this butterfly garden thing, and its like they're flying out of your screen. The controls are excellent and very easy to use. Some parts, like using the helicopter in the air vents, are pretty annoying mainly because of the camera in my opinion.

But other than that, its an absolutely amazing game, well worth buying.

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theblackdragon wrote:

cut the poor guy some slack, he's only got 2 million brain cells in his head

I'm Sorry.



How come there is no love for Samurai Warriors on this board!!

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For just now 3 games! Rayman, Pilotwings Resort and Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars

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Raptor78 wrote:

How come there is no love for Samurai Warriors on this board!!

You clearly read over a couple of our posts then.



i only got 1 game, and its street fighter.
of all the titles available so far, non interests me except this one.
maybe pilotwing will be fun to get, used. when it will be super cheap.

clearly no 40 - 45$ games on the 3ds except street fighter, and nintendogs for the pet fans.

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zezzy wrote:

None. Why would you even ask, I don't own a 3DS! D:

i wanted to expose deserter scum like you PITCH AND FORK MY BRETHREN!



Raptor78 wrote:

How come there is no love for Samurai Warriors on this board!!

i think because in general it got mediocre reviews. i do not find it that bad really and i think it shows that classic D&D CRPG group gameplay is possible on 3DS. I hope that certain devs see that, and think of ways to improve over its shortcomings.

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