Topic: How many 3DS games do you own?

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Kainard wrote:

Raptor78 wrote:

How come there is no love for Samurai Warriors on this board!!

You clearly read over a couple of our posts then.

Just looks like you and me playing this game. lol
It should be up for the title of "best game that people arn't playing"... although the way the sales are going in the UK for "Steel Diver" it looks as though that would win.

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I have 0 games for my 3DS. I'm waiting for Zelda:Ocarina of Time.

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So many Awesome video games coming out this year! So many games so little money! Crap!



One, and it's Rabbids Travel In Time /:

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Four. Super Street Fighter IV, Super Monkey Ball, Pilotwings, Ridge Racer. ALL either good or brilliant.

Next up is Oot and Pac Man and Galaga Dimensions


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Cut down my collection from SSFIV, Asphalt, RR3D, Pilotwings and SMB. Got rid of SMB, Asphalt and SSFIV and added Rabbids 3D. Got bored of that andd traded it for Steel Diver. So now I just have 3 games.

The 3D is a gimmick, so I'm trying to stick to games that I know I'll like rather than something that may look interesting in 3D.

Sigourney Beaver.


guys, 3D is just a different interesting way to view things. that's all.

i dunno what people expect... but i have even seen some turning my 3DS around to see if there are actual characters and boats in the screen and where it gets so much depth in a slim screen.



Just one at the moment, Pilotwings Resort. I have OoT 3D on preorder though.


i agree, i wouldnt mind getting it used one day. i loved dynasty warrior games, and im glad its a possible title on handheld.

it doesnt look all that bad. maybe deceiving for its price, but used would be a good deal.

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