Topic: Anyone seeing things 'pop' out when on the computer?

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As the topic suggests. I'm kinda seeing things 'pop' out as if they were 3D. I haven't used my 3DS extensively (maybe 5-8 hours since I got mine), and I feel like some things are popping out or 'idly' moving.

I guess the 3D is turning my brain into moosh. It's cool, but weird.

Was wondering if anyone was experiencing something similar.



Your eyes are still getting used to the 3D.

Give it time.


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I think I know what you mean. After playing on the 3DS I tend to see things that aren't in 3D (computer monitor, books) appear to be in 3D as well. I keep thinking the highlighted internet computer tab is standing out more than the inactive tab next to it, and the white space in a book seems pushed back from the words that are forward. I think it's a light-to-dark contrast, and depends on what I'm focusing on. The focused part seems to stand out, while the rest tends to blur, making me think it's in 3D when it's not.

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That would actually be kinda cool, but no. The only thing I get is that my vision gets all blurry, especially if I go from the 3DS to my computer screen over and over again.

Like right now.

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Mine did the same thing. Now it doesn't do it at all. Just give your eyes time to get used to the 3D. Patience!

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yea....I think I've had a similar thing where text seems to all be on slightly different plains. I think its cool :3 Maybe years of 3DS playing can permanently set your eyes to see 3D that isn't there. That would be COOL!!!

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Yes, I keep seeing a hideously deformed version of my head in a helmet with a propellor on top of it. Then I hear this really creepy laugh, it's like WHRA, WHRA, WHRA. It's flying around the room and I keep trying to take a swing at it.


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i had a similair experience. right after i left the shop where i first played the 3DS i was on the street and everything was much more 3D than normally xD

really cool "feature"

but it only happened after the first play^^

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Had that happen after my first go round with the system, actually
It isn't a problem now, thank goodness.

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Havn't had this problem. Did have a bit of a balance problem after playing for 3 straight hours tho

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I want 3D eyes too : /
Can't wait till I get mine and see what yall are talking about


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Haha, it isn't really a problem. Just weird. But yeah, I'll give myself time to get used to watching 3D daily. Glad to see I'm not the only one



Yeah, something pops out when I'm sat at the computer, lol.



Haha same, nice to know I'm not just hallucinating. I got it when trying to read a book, too.

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Yes! I thought I was just going crazy, like I was the only one...sometimes I see text stick out a bit. It's freaky man!


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Super Nintenzo wrote:

Yes, I keep seeing a hideously deformed version of my head in a helmet with a propellor on top of it. Then I hear this really creepy laugh, it's like WHRA, WHRA, WHRA. It's flying around the room and I keep trying to take a swing at it.



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If you're referring to those noisy roll-over Alienware ads, then yes.
If you are referring to a weird side effect caused by intense 3DS exposure, then no. I've only tried out a floor model.

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Yeah, I get what you mean, mostly I feel a little dizzy though. I kind of have a bad feeling about the life of this technology, though, after having these kind of side effects after only 1 day. No one is going to be able to keep young kids away from this, and I think it could be as bad as the virtual boy, especially in terms of long term development.
It's such an awesome effect that I can totally see some bad news coming out of "studies" in a year or two of people who play as much as most of us are probably going to be playing.



Well i just tryed the old Gameboy with super mario to just compare the graphics with those from the 3DS ....
yeeeks now i can only see in 2D and all is black or green !!!!!

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