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Nintendo may have given the longest slots of this week's Direct broadcast to ARMS and Splatoon 2, as expected, but there was plenty more to dive into. Across 3DS and Switch segments we saw a range of games, old and new, and there were even some accessory announcements to throw in; amiibo, of course, made their mark.

All told it was an interesting Direct - Nintendo has come up with a cool new logo for the broadcasts, and in addition to longer segments dedicated to a few games there were 'headline' sections that rattled through a number of announcements in a quickfire format. There were no major differences between Europe and North America, either, beyond minor cosmetic choices and a small number of release variations. In general Nintendo aimed to make the broadcast almost identical in both territories.

All told it was a packed Direct, so we've brought together all of our headlines below, and further down is a collection of the key videos too. The Japanese broadcast is naturally a bit more unique, including a soon-to-be-infamous 'Senran Kagura' with HD Rumble announcement.

So, let's get to it.

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Nintendo Switch Direct 'Headlines'

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What was your favourite announcement from this week's Nintendo Direct, and what surprised you the most? Talk it all over in the comments below.