During today's Nintendo Direct we got a ton of new info on Splatoon 2. The biggest news of all was the announcement of a solid release date of 21st July. It's a bit earlier than we expected, but we aren't complaining. The most exciting bit of news in our humble opinion was the addition of a new mode dubbed Salmon Run, in which a team of four inklings battle waves of salmon-like enemies in order to harvest their eggs.

Nintendo also announced a new set of three amiibo, an inkling boy, inkling girl and a purple squid,similar to the set that launched with the original. Unlike the previous sets you can now save outfits for your squid kid onto the amiibo, as well as take photos with your friends and share them on social media.

We here at Nintendo Life are immensely excited for Splatoon 2; what do you make of today's announcements? Let us know in the comments.