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    Review Picross e7

    The numbers are adding up

    We have once again been blessed by a new Picross e game, and you know what that means: new puzzles and, erm... some more new puzzles? By now you should honestly know what to expect with these titles, but here's a quick rundown again! Picross is a classic type of puzzle game that has featured on Nintendo systems since the...


  • News Picross e7 Launches in North America Tomorrow

    European release is next week

    The Picross series has always been a reliable portable offering from Nintendo, providing relaxing, thought provoking puzzle gameplay. It seems that Jupiter Corporation—the development studio—has really doubled down this generation, as we've so far received six Picross e games along with Zelda and Pokémon spinoffs,...





  • News Grab Yourself a Mew Puzzle in Pokémon Picross

    No annoying Picrites required

    When we reviewed Pokémon Picross we rather liked it, but felt that the free-to-play aspect was stingier than Cranky Kong's Black Friday discounts. Nevertheless, those happy to spend some money that like both Pokémon and Picross should have much to like in the download. For those of us trapped in the purgatory of its...

  • News USK Listing Reveals Picross 3D: Round 2 for Europe

    Hang in there, North America

    The Picross series has always been a somewhat niche property within the Nintendo canon, but one that is greatly appreciated by its fanbase. There's something remarkable to be found in the experience of creating pixel art through a deductive reasoning puzzle. Most games in the series have been exclusively 2D affairs,...


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    Review Pokémon Picross

    Pika-p and play

    During the Nintendo Direct in November one of the surprise announcements was Pokémon Picross. It seemed like a bizarre idea, but crossing over the Pokémon franchise with the quirky Picross series is precisely what the somewhat stagnant puzzle series needed, adding a considerable amount of replayability and strategy onto the...


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    Review Picross e6

    Continued conundrums

    The Picross e series seems to have settled in its ways now, not choosing to add any more additional features and simply having new sets of puzzles with each release. Picross e6 is no exception, once again playing it very safe and just giving you more pictures to unveil. Again, the three available modes are Picross, Micross and...



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    Review Picross e3

    Fun and repetition Picross paths

    There’s a question you must ask yourself before proceeding: do you want to play Picross? There’s been ample time to give the pastime a try, what with all the previous games put out by Jupiter, and the next step in this journey is remarkably similar to the last one. Picross e3 is a finely crafted puzzle game worth...