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  • News Nintendo Shuts Down Another Pokémon Fan Project

    "I'm sorry everyone, but Pokémon Prism is cancelled"

    A short while ago Nintendo made the news for shutting down Pokémon Uranium, a fan-made title which gained so much positive press it was even nominated at the 2016 Game Awards this year - before it and Metroid II remake AM2R were






  • News Nintendo Wins Patent Case Against Handhelds

    Portables don't fit mold of "Computerized Information Retrieval System"

    When you make things nowadays, especially in the realm of technology, odds are increasingly good that you will run into someone claiming patent infringement on your creation. Sometimes the plaintiff is in the right; other times they're just money-hungry patent trolls. Either...











  • News Nintendo Wants To Close Down This Open-Source Web Version Of Super Mario Bros.

    "Full Screen Mario" infringes copyrights, claims Nintendo

    Full Screen Mario is a recreation of the original Super Mario Bros. which runs in your web browser. It has all of the original levels and even allows you to create your own stages. It's an impressive feat of programming by a single person — college student Josh Goldberg — but Nintendo is...

  • News Illegal Nintendo Clones Are Running Rampant On Windows Store

    Fancy Mario Jump!, Bowser Town Defense, Pokemon Attack! or Yoshijump?

    Games which illegally use Nintendo characters are flooding the Windows Store, according to a report by Develop. Titles such as Mario Jump!, Bowser Town Defense, Pokemon Attack! are Yoshijump are all available now for download on Windows 8 devices — some of these games have been...





  • News Nintendo Responds To Guilty Verdict In 3D Patent Case

    "Nintendo is confident that the result will be set aside"

    Nintendo has responded to the guilty verdict issued in its case against former Sony inventor Seijiro Tomita, who won $30.2 million in damages after insisting that Nintendo stole his idea for 3D display technology. The statement reads as follows: A jury awarded $30.2 million in damages to...

  • News Nintendo Loses 3D Patent Case Against Former Sony Inventor

    Ordered to pay $30.2 million in damages

    A few weeks ago, we reported that Nintendo was being taken to court by former Sony staffer Seijiro Tomita, who insisted that the Kyoto company stole his idea for glasses-free 3D screens and used it on the Nintendo 3DS. Tomita's claim was that he demonstrated the tech to Nintendo in 2003, and that several of...



  • News Nintendo To Appeal French Flash Card Case

    Company "extremely disappointed" with ruling

    DS flash card manufacturer Divineo won big in France earlier this week, and Nintendo is not happy about it. A lawsuit filed by Nintendo against the company was thrown out in Paris’ Criminal Court earlier this week, with the judge saying that Nintendo should adopt a more open development system to allow anyone to create applications – like a PC, where..


  • News Nintendo vs R4: The Lawsuit and the Snitch

    A very un-Harry Potter like snitch website opens to combat R4 and their brethren

    A while ago Nintendo won a lawsuit against retailers that sold and distributed R4 and R4-like devices. In case you didn't know, these are essentially carts which allow consumers to pirate DS games. Since then, those retailers were sent notices updating them on the situation and were told to immediately stop selling..


  • News GoldenEye Designer Backs Virtual Console Release

    Martin Hollis would love to see 007 on the Wii...but also admits it's a legal minefield

    The man behind GoldenEye - one of the most beloved N64 games of all time - has admitted that he'd love to see the game make it to the Virtual Console download service. Martin Hollis, formerly of Rare and now plying his trade at his own company Zoonami (Bonsai...

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