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Tetris Party Live Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Online Tetris for people on the go

Let's face it, we've seen hundreds of Tetris releases on various systems over the years, some obviously better than others. Hudson released the original Tetris Party on WiiWare almost two years ago, but with the release of the game on DSiWare, they're now giving gamers a version to take with them on the go.

As a single-player experience, Tetris Party Live offers basically two ways to play the game. You can choose to tackle the traditional Marathon Mode, where you'll see how far you can progress before your blocks overtake the top of the playing field, or shoot for a high score before you take out the 150th line. There's also the CPU Battle mode that allows you to take on the computer-controlled opponent in a head-to-head battle. Not only will you have to take care of the standard block stacking duties, but you'll be able to use specialty items that can help you and hurt your opponent. These range from items that freeze your opponent's game for a short time to power-ups that will let you take out multiple rows of blocks that are stacking up on you.

If you're feeling a little competitive, the game also offers up a wide variety of online games to play via Nintendo WiFi Connection. Here you can take on up to four players in either the Battle Mode or a Duel Space challenge where you try to drop down blocks in an effort to take up the most area on the playing field. This mode might seem like a tacked-on extra, but it's actually a rather interesting twist on the original Tetris formula and one that can get quite intense and challenging. You can choose to tackle online challengers from various regions around the world or stick with your friends via Friend Codes, and you'll even be able to practise by playing a little Tetris while you wait for an online match to start up. About the only complaint would be the game's strange lack of a local multiplayer option, making this one for online or solo play only.

The controls of the game are extremely simple and fairly standard as far as Tetris goes, and even navigating the menus and online sections are easy and intuitive. The ability to voice chat while playing is a nice bonus and the rather large array of game options allows you to customise the game to your exact liking, something finicky players will find appealing. In truth, there's only so much you can do with Tetris, but the developers have included enough unique twists to keep things interesting.

Since you'll be spending the majority of your time staring at the falling blocks, there's not a huge emphasis placed on the visual presentation. Of course that didn't stop Hudson from tossing in some gorgeous backdrops to add a little spice to the experience and, much like the variety in scenery, there's also a rather significant number of musical tracks to keep things moving as well. There's even yet another remix of the classic Tetris theme song that should ring familiar to anyone who's ever played a Tetris game.


Tetris Party Live is yet another solid release in the series, but you can't help but wonder why no download or local multiplayer options were included in the package, especially considering the emphasis on competitive play. Of course, if you're one of those gamers that just can't seem to get enough of the falling block madness and enjoy the idea of competing with other players online, Tetris Party Live should do the job quite nicely.

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HolyMackerel said:

Love this game, I think it's one of the best on DSiWare. It's great to have this on the go without having to swap out cartridges. I always thought a WFC-enabled Tetris would be perfect for DSiWare, and here it is.

I actually think no DS Download Play is reasonable. As long as your friends have DSi's then at 500 points you should all be able to play. If you want that kind of option or the other peripheral game modes, you should buy Tetris Party Deluxe instead. As for no local wireless, you can still hook up using WFC as long as you're within range of a wifi signal.

The online play is perfect. There is canned text chat (not mentioned in the review? - press Y to use it during play), voice chat for friends, practice play while waiting for opponents and a nice selection of VS Battle items. Duel Spaces is a nice alternate gameplay mode that I'm glad they included.

By the way, the Korobeiniki remix in Tetris Party Live is the exact same one in Tetris Party for WiiWare.



Blue_Cat said:

Lack of local multiplayer is disappointing, but if that's what justified the game being 500 instead of 800, then I'm not complaining!

Nice review, by the way. I was waiting for this.



Kyloctopus said:

I was just playing my tetris DS game just Sunday. I love tetris but I'm not getting this one. This game is actually a smaller versain of my Tetris "Tetris Party Deluxe"
The difference beetween Tetris Party Live and Tetris Party Deluxe is
Download Play
Bombliz Mode
Sprint Mode
Shadow Mode
Climbe Mode
Extreme Tetris
Begginer Tetris



HolyMackerel said:

@Koops3 It's already well-known that Tetris Party Live is a small version of Tetris Party Deluxe. You can add friend codes for both Live and Deluxe and play Vs Battle so post your friend code in the forum so we can add you!



MrB4 said:

Tetris has always been a classic, and online multiplayer for DSiWare games is a rare thing. Might have to pick this one up.



SilverBaretta said:

Couldn't you technically have quote-unquote "local" multiplayer using the Wi-fi mode simply by sharing friend codes, being in the same room, and using the same wireless signal? Althought that would be a problem for people with no wireless internet, which I know is still a problem for a lot of people.

Either way, nice review, Corbie, I may grab this next time I have a chunk of change to spend.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'll probably get this when it comes to eu but the lack of local multi-player is dissapointing and those avatars are ugly.



MeloMan said:

This was a no brainer to me, and as I lightly complained in another topic, as it's about time a DSiWare Tetris hit since Dr. Mario Express hit so early on. You can never get enough tetris, it's like an essential game (and further essential puzzler). Heck, I'd even say that I got a DSi partly for the DSiWare games and the expectation there would be a downloadable Tetris, even when one was never actually announced! Good review Corbie (and I think the score is accurate), but I had my heart set on this one regardless!



LordJumpMad said:

This made me want to get the Tetris Party Deluxe now.
Mostly because I stop downloading DSiware games.
Intill I get my 3DS



shinesprite said:

I'll probably get this even though I already have both the WiiWare and DSiWare Dr. Mario games.

Looks like there is WAY more content than the similarly-priced Dr. Mario Express.

Which do you think is better?



Xkhaoz said:

I think I'd rather get Tetris Party Deluxe, for all of the extra modes and stuff.



Jampony said:

@shinesprite God I bought that and was a little disappointed at how barebones that was. No online, only Singleplayer or VS CPU, no extras whatsoever. Extremely minimal.

This looks much more fun and worth the points.



Azikira said:

Exactly what I was hoping to hear! <3

I know its a bit hypocritical to only want a game with WiFi when I rarely play VIA WiFi, but its always a nice option to have in case I feel competitive.



chiefeagle02 said:

I'm not entirely sold. What hinders the deal for me is the lack of local multiplayer and the fact that I already have Tetris DS. On the other hand, what saves it is WPA and Chat support.

I enjoy playing Tetris, but I don't know if I'll be getting this one, despite an 8/10 score.



sleepy818 said:

love tetris party live...even though i am havin a bit of trouble with what is called the L-shape,Z-shape, and all that if anyone can help me with that it will b great...oh and here my friend code: 197869197378



RedYoshi999 said:

I guess I will get this soon after Christmas when I have the spare money for it. Sounds like a great game.
They download the game by going to a friends house who does have internet or going to a WiFi zone. My friends come to my house to download stuff now and then.



RedYoshi999 said:

I'm going to download this now with my Christmas points. It says the price for this is 800 in the UK but my Aussie DSi says 500!? I find it weird that we get a 300 point discount but I'm not complaining!



chiefeagle02 said:

I went ahead and picked this up over Winter break. I gave my sister my copy of Tetris DS for Christmas. Anyway, it's still a bit disheartening to see a lack of local multiplayer, but at the same time, I can see why this was so as the Tetris Company is also trying to sell copies of Tetris Party Deluxe and you don't want to cannibalize the market. I really like the WPA support for multiplayer! It's great to have working online matches for the DS. Overall, definitely worth the 500 points.



xPOTATOx said:

This game was awesome at first, but then got very repetitive. The wifi isn't all you think it is, but when you do local play, you can actually chat in between games using the DSi Mic. It is a waste of 500 points, should be 200.

& sort of agree with Scribblenaut2000 up there.
But if you want tetris, then whatever, waste your money.



Rusty203 said:

Hmmm... not sure about this one. I'm probably not going to get it. @ SyXBeAtz, I knew about that too, but I'm probably still not getting it though. But I am definateley transferring Cave Story. that game rocks!



Supremeist said:

I've always loved Tetris and probably always will. The only 'puzzle' type game that has ever kept me entertained. This game is a pretty good deal for 500 points (5$). Local Play, you can chat using the microphone between games. I don't see the point of that because if you are LOCAL, you are NEXT TO EACH OTHER. So that makes no sense... A cool addition was put in, but It's completely useless. The online play is really good, considering were even getting all this for 5 bucks. Instead of grabbing a Tetris from the shelves, go ahead and pick this one up, guys.



atariman said:

Hey guys my name is atariman on tetris party live! so if you want to play me then go on the WI-FI play! This has the best online play I ever played! 9/10!

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