Now that you're the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, chances are you've already realised that the 32GB the system comes with is woefully inadequate if you're planning on downloading loads of lovely games from the eShop. Heck, even if you buy all of your games physical, you're going to need plenty of space to store the updates and DLC on offer for your favourite titles.

Thankfully it is easy to boost the storage by using Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch. If you didn't already know, Nintendo Switch technically supports Micro SD cards as big as 2TB, but... these don't exist yet and would be far too expensive for the average consumer even if they did. Realistically at the moment you'll want to buy a 512GB or 400GB card at the top end, and maybe consider a lower-capacity option if you don't want to hurt your bank balance too much.

With that in mind here are the best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards on the market right now. We've tried to include an option to suit all budgets, because we're nice like that.

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US/Canada - SanDisk Ultra, Samsung Micro SD Cards - Best Prices

UK/Europe - SanDisk Ultra, Samsung Micro SD Cards - Best Prices

Where is the Micro SD card slot on the Nintendo Switch?

If you are wondering how to go about putting a Micro SD card into your Nintendo Switch to boost your storage, this handy diagram from Nintendo explains it all:

To access the Micro SD card slot on your Nintendo Switch, simply pop out the kickstand on the back of the Switch and it will be revealed. Inserting a Micro SD card can be a bit fiddly, so you'll want to do it with the logo of the card facing you. Push the card into the slot until it makes a reassuring clicking sound. It's easy when you know how isn't it?

What size/capacity micro SD should I buy for Nintendo Switch?

It's going to be a while until cards 2TB cards are available and more importantly, affordable. Right now you typically have the choice of 512GB, 400GB, 256GB, 200GB, 128GB and 64GB.

SanDisk have finally released a Micro SD card with a capacity of 400GB, which is is a fantastic option for Switch owners who plan to download a lot of retail games, but of course it comes with a high price tag at the moment. 

Integral have just released the 512 GB microSDXC Class 10 Memory Card too, with a similarly eye-watering price tag. This is the largest micro SD card from a respected manufacturer that we have seen. If you have that sort of cash to spend, this could be the ultimate option for your Switch.

On the other end of the scale you can pick up a 64GB card very cheap and even 128GB is pretty cheap right now, but chances are you'll fill these up within a year with downloads, so we recommend you think longer term and consider the ~200-256GB range.

The best value for money right now is 200GB from SanDisk which has been available as cheap as $50.

An alternative approach would be to buy multiple cards, eg two 128GB cards and just swap them depending on which games you want to play - slightly more effort, but potentially very affordable.

What type/brand of micro SD is best to use with Switch?

Nintendo Switch ideally wants the fastest micro SD card for improved loading times, generally a good micro SD card will outperform Nintendo's official game cards, which is a bonus for downloaders.

Each time SD Card technology has evolved it's speed is rated, you can usually get a "read speed" rating on the SD Card your looking at buying. You should also notice that micro SDXC is the newer, faster type versus the older micro SDHC.

Brands also offer "premium" versions of their products, for example is the SanDisk "Ultra" range which are typically their fastest cards.

We'd recommend going for one of the premium offerings if you can, but it shouldn't make a huge difference for the average user.

Whichever Micro SD card you pick, you're going to be increasing the potential of your beloved Nintendo Switch. If you plan on taking your Switch out with you on your travels, having a large capacity will be a great idea as you won't need to carry loads of pesky carts around with you.