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Mon 30th Jun 2014

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Pillowpants commented on Koei Tecmo Releases Awesome Hyrule Warriors Wa...:

I'm nearly finished with the first Adventure Map, but it's a hell if you choose not to play the others before finishing it. Seems like I could get quite some upgrades for my characters if I played other maps too. On the other hand, those will be easier to finish.

I thought they'd sold more of this game than just the 1M, but it's still a good amount of units sold.



Pillowpants commented on Speedrunner Sets New World Record for Fastest ...:

I really don't like these types of speedruns... Glitches are interesting and all, but I'd rather see someone blast their way through a game with skill, rather than using glitches. It totally defeats the purpose in my opinion.



Pillowpants commented on Miyamoto: We Are Working On Ideas For The Next...:

I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo work on a hybrid console that allows you to play on the move, while also allowing to play on TV. They're pretty much doing that right now with the Wii U, with the limitation that the GamePad needs to be in the same room as the console.

Right now I'm playing a lot more on my Wii U than my 3DS, but sometimes I'd wish I could play my 3DS games on the GamePad or vice versa.

But in reality Nintendo will probably just do what they want and surprise everyone in a good or bad way.



Pillowpants commented on Hyrule Warriors Update and Twilight Princess D...:

There's so much content and new games coming to Wii U at the moment. I was planning on getting a PS4 as well around Xmas, but as things are now my backlog just keeps growing and I don't really have any reason to get another console and another backlog.

I haven't even finished the original map of Adventure Mode 100% yet xD



Pillowpants commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

They all look great, except for Marth somehow, he seems a bit different. Or perhaps it's the picture quality?

I'll probably end up getting all of them, but the first ones I'll get are Samus, Yoshi and Link.



Pillowpants commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

I don't really think Chrom and Lucina are that different, when it comes to how they were in FE:A, but reading Sakurai's explanation, it's a good decision and just another way of incorporating a female character over a male character. I think it's good for the overall diversity.