We've always been partial to a little court-based entertainment here at Nintendo Life - especially when it contains Mario and pals - so the prospect of playing a brand new incarnation on Nintendo Switch has everyone excited. Mario Tennis Aces promises to be the upgrade everyone has been hoping for, and a new listing on Amazon Spain suggests we might be dusting off our virtual rackets in time for the summer.

According to the listing, Mario Tennis Aces will launch on 22 June, barely a week removed from E3 2018. Could this be a legitimate date? Nintendo has yet to schedule a big summer game to fill the slot Splatoon 2 triumphantly filled last year. Or this just a placeholder soon to be purged from the Amazon servers? Watch this space...


Are you planning to pick up Mario Tennis Aces when it loads up a serve on Nintendo Switch? Is the summer release window legit or just a placeholder? Share your thoughts below