Rayman Legends.jpg

Eagle-eyed download update readers last week will have spotted confirmation of the Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition demo being due to go live in North America today, on 14th August. The European update didn't list it, but it has now officially gone live in the region; it'll arrive in North America later today.

This isn't the demo's first appearance, of course - a while ago a version of the demo appeared along with a listing for the game in the European eShop; we tried it out but there were technical issues with skipping audio that almost crippled the 'Castle Rock' stage. Intriguingly this only happened when the system was docked, as it ran beautifully in portable mode. Ubisoft stated the demo - which was promptly removed from the store - was an 'early version' and 'not a representation of the final product'.

The good news is that this final download does indeed fix the issues. It looks fantastic and has quicker load times, and we've played the demo with the system docked and can confirm that the rhythmic Castle Rock stage now runs exactly as it should.

Interestingly, if you downloaded the 'early' demo your Switch won't simply download the new one as a separate file. We tried to download it twice, the eShop processed the request but then nothing would happen. When we deleted the early demo and did it again, the system happily re-downloaded it from scratch, so that's what everyone with the 'wrong' demo will need to do to access the new and improved version.

In any case it's a reassuring release, as it paints a picture of a slick, buttery smooth version of the game for Nintendo Switch.