When it comes to Nintendo's rich gaming history, there's little doubt that the Nintendo 64 holds a special place in many gamers' hearts. It delivered games that were revolutionary for the time, and it has an iconic look that's hard to forget.

The controllers, particularly the analogue stick, nevertheless have a tendency to disintegrate as the years pass, and sourcing replacement pads or parts isn't always easy. That explains why there's always such an eager market for N64-compatible pads that can take the strain.

Tapping into this is Retro Fighters, a company we've covered before, with its 'Next Gen N64 Controller'. It offers a more conventional layout for the N64's somewhat unique inputs, and supports memory cards and the Rumble Pak.


Posted on Kickstarter, the enthusiast scene has leapt on board quickly; at the time of writing nearly 900 backers have pledged over $25,000, smashing the $13,000 target and unlocking a stretch goal for additional colour options. The cost for a controller (for November delivery) is $20.

The campaign still has 29 days to run, so could make a lot more cash yet.