Yesterday we - like a great many other gaming sites - reported on a rumour which claimed that Wii U production was stopping this Friday.

However, Japanese site IT Media has been in touch with a spokesperson from Nintendo who has said the reports are "not true" and that the console will continue to be manufactured:

There is no change to our continuing [Wii U] production. Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.

A few months ago Japanese newspaper Nikkei ran a report claiming production of the struggling system would be coming to a close at the end of the year, something Nintendo refuted at the time. The company's next console, the Nintendo Switch, launches in March 2017.

Do you think production will continue, or is this a case of Nintendo not wanting to destroy what little momentum the Wii U has coming into the holiday season? Let us know by posting a comment.