Pokémon GO had a staggering launch, even when its roll-out was rather slow and steady. It set new records in revenues and was even threatening the likes of Google Maps in terms of daily users, a rather extraordinary state of affairs.

Those levels were never going to last, naturally, and though gradual updates aim to improve some aspects of the game momentum is starting to ease off.

Axiom Capital Management - via Bloomberg - has been accumulating data from multiple sources (Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia) to draw out the global picture of Pokémon GO's momentum. It highlights that, long term, Niantic's app isn't sustaining the engagement and user numbers that saw it temporarily overtake the likes of Twitter. The data indicates a gradual decline in the numbers of those accessing and playing the app regularly.

Pokemon GO DAU.png
Pokemon GO Engagement.png

These are still hefty figures, it must be said, and GO isn't exactly struggling or falling away badly after being on the market for over a month in various territories. Its download numbers have naturally dropped as tens of millions have already picked it up, but it's still making a lot of money. Having taken a look at App Annie data it's apparently still - at the time of writing - the top grossing app on iPhone (for example) in the likes of the United States, UK, Germany and more, while it's currently 4th in Japan (as of 23rd August).

Despite the fact it's still generating a lot of income from in-app purchases, the general downward trends are inevitable, especially considering the giddy highs it reached. No doubt Niantic will be shifting its focus to address common complaints from the vocal parts of its community, while also plotting new content in the coming months to keep players interested.

Gradually, however, the craze will likely downgrade from being a phenomenon to, well, just a chart-topping app.

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