We think Nintendo of America's social media team need a refreshing hot beverage and then a lie down, as it's incurred the wrath of some of its 2.4 million+ Twitter followers once again. After teasing a disappointing but cute photo last week and underwhelming many, it's now given followers a demo and then rapidly taken it away.

Nintendo tweeted that a demo for Yo-Kai Watch would be released in North American today (13th October), before rapidly deleting that message and replacing it with a tweet confirming a release on 22nd October.

Predictably there was a mix of humour and what seems to be genuine annoyance in some followers' responses.

Our advice to disappointed fans in North America is simple - be glad you're not in Europe where this title comes out in 2016!

Also funny in recent social media woes is Nintendo's upload of an "extremely spoopy trailer", not our typo, for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. We say typo, or this could be an attempt at a meme (spoopy is a thing from Tumblr, apparently). We're not entirely sure. This is the same trailer we shared earlier in the week.

In any case, are you keen to try this Yo-Kai Watch demo out before the game's full release in November?