What happens when Nintendo of America accidentally tweets "Mario has a new best buddy!" without an image and then deletes that tweet? Some of its 2.37 million followers - at the time of writing - get a bit over excited, thinking that a massive announcement is about to rock their world.

Then this happens after a short delay.

Excitable buzz turns to "oh, it's a little thing to promote the Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash amiibo". While some reacted with responses along the lines of it being cute or riffing on images of a crying Yoshi, those that had whipped themselves up into a frenzy in the 15-or-so minute gap from the deleted tweet responded in predictable ways. Some samples are below.


There are a mix of light-hearted responses and others that are unnecessarily spicy. It seems to be a reaction - for some - to a 'hype drought' of late, with fans desperate for the next big Nintendo announcement / Direct / release; you can delete as applicable. Well-known YouTuber Roger DiLuigi III knows this well, hinting at insight into a big upcoming Nintendo announcement and then being surprised by the outcome when he was bombarded by tweets.


Is there a bit of a lull around Nintendo in the hype stakes right now? Arguably yes, but it won't do any of us harm if deep breaths are taken occasionally. Sometimes social media teams just forget to attach an image...