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Video: Nintendo's "Mario Kart 8 From The Pit" Series Sure is Energetic

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tips for beginners, shared loudly

Over the past year, in particular, Nintendo of America has been pushing plenty of video and social media content to promote its systems and games; other regions have done the same, yet NoA has commissioned a lot of unique content. It produced the imaginative and fairly flashy 'real-life' Mario Kart 8 trailers before its release, as an example.

With the kart racer still integral to the Wii U's major push in the second half of this year, we now have an additional series of videos branded as "From the Pit", in which host Andrew provides basic tips on getting the most out of the game. It's into its second week — we mistakenly ignored the first video thinking it was a re-tread of the previous adverts — and has gone into limited details on items, kart customisations, characters and Mario Kart TV. It's high level stuff targeting those new to the series or just generally inexperienced.

The reaction to the videos has been somewhat mixed; they're certainly loud and rather energetic, undoubtedly targeting young gamers; it's another example of Nintendo taking its message to children. The majority are still selecting the "like" button on these episodes, though it's not exactly unanimous.

Check the first two episodes out, below, and let is know what you think of them.

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GloverMist said:

I'm not actually entirely against this! Sure, it may be a bit shouty, but it gets the necessary points across well, especially for kids and it is (dare I say it?) a little bit funny!



97alexk said:

Hahaha im not even mad xD that was amazing, ok sure its cheesy, but what the heck, its all about fun right, you should have fun with video games xD and its obviously more a kids commercial, so i dont get people complaining about this. My opinion i thought this was kinda fun actually xD



Tsurii said:

I really couldn't bear watching the whole 1st episode, but I also think, that it's a pretty cool little series...for kids

It's not Nintendo's fault, tho. I wouldn't bother making a webseies like this for 20-30 yearolds either tbh. ESPECIALLY when it's for something like Mario Kart



erv said:

I always click on the picture with yoshi checking out rosalina's ass whenever the mario kart 8 screenshot reel shows up with an article.



DonSerrot said:

At first I was like "Eh..." and then I realized that this is about the same tier as the stuff Nintendo did in the 80s to get kids into the games, just updated for the 21st century.

Also he got a laugh out of me when he paused himself. Gotta give him that.



BakaKnight said:

Nice videos overall, even very funny in some bits, but that guy definitely need an exorcist O_O;;;



Inkling said:

This was quite good, but Nintendo needs TV ads for a huge push.

PS Morton owes me money too



Sparx said:

best joke was "Morton owes me money" and man, this is as cringe worthy as the stuff from when I was a kid xD



baba_944 said:

"NINTENDO" missed a HUGE opportunity to advertise SMB3 on "Wii U" virtual console. But great videos nonetheless.



NFCHillbilly said:

as an adult, these videos are incredibly stupid. for my 6 year old son however? I'm going to be showing these to him so he can learn how to get better at MK8 and laugh at this guy at the same time.



Laxeybobby said:

'Crazy 8'! I've had this game since launch day and I've never had one of these. Didn't even know it existed. Well I've learnt something from this video.



Emaan said:

These aren't that bad. Way better than some of the terrible Wii U commercials we saw when it first launched.

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