A new video recently posted to Centro Pokémon showcases some new footage of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Although the footage is in Japanese, the footage reveals some new footage of the evolution sequence, as well as the Acro Bike in action.

The video bregins by showcasing a wild encounter, which looks very similar to the battles of Pokémon X & Y Although the visuals surrounding the battle information such as HP and level, the battles look almost identical to X & Y.

The next major segment of the video showcases the evolution process, which from a visual standpoint looks very appealing. Afterwards, some footage of Fortree City was shown, as well as the player using the Acro Bike to perform wheelies across the city's various rope bridges.

The footage ends with some gameplay from Route 119 and the Jagged Pass. On Route 119, the player once again uses the Acro Bike to cross of the Narrow Bridges found on the route. On the Jagged Pass, the player puts the Acro Bike to work again, this time using the bunny hop to scale the mountain.

[via youtube.com]