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Square Enix Announces Limited Edition of Final Fantasy Explorers in Japan

Posted by Karen Halloran

Onion knight gear also available, chive knight is chuffed

Square Enix has just announced a limited edition of Final Fantasy Explorers, available though the company's own online e-STORE in Japan. The bundle features the 3DS game, the mini-soundtrack Final Fantasy Explorers Suppin Tracks, an art book with illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano, Gen Kobayashi, and Toshiyuki Itahana; and to keep your 3DS XL warm and fashionable this fall the bundle also includes a console cover featuring Bahamut and a faux leather 3DS XL carrying pouch, all for 14,040 yen.

The bundle also features an exclusive in-game bonus quest where players can acquire the full set of Onion Knight equipment (the Onion Sword, Onion Helm, Onion Armor, and Onion Boots), pictured here:

Looking forward to some old-time Final Fantasy returning to a Nintendo handheld? Have you got your jobs picked out for this one in case it reaches western shores? Mourning the lack of chocobos? Tell us in the comments!


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

Final Fantasy explorers when was this a thing? What are the odds this comes outside of japan for a completely different platform? You know how SE love mobile.



TwilightV said:

The characters faces lack emotion. With modern games this is important to me, so i'd probably pass on this. Instead i'd rather have the colorful characters of Dragon Quest X.



eaglebob345 said:

I'd much rather them put Kingdom Hearts 3 (at the very least) and Final Fantasy XV on the Wii U, than foist anymore spin-offs onto the 3DS just to fund PS36041 games. Bravely Default is new, but the Chibi character design makes me not want it, and it is not on the Wii U anyways.



CaviarMeths said:

Alternate title: More cool stuff that western gamers will never get to have.

I was skeptical of this game at first, but the gameplay video actually looked pretty fun.



ueI said:

I'm going to be upset if I have to pay extra for the Onion Gear.



allav866 said:

I literally know nothing of this game, but it's one of the reasons one of my brothers wants a 3DS, and he wants me to get it too.



rushiosan said:

That's around US$ 135. Not worth it if you ask me. You can buy another 3DS system with that much money.



Spoony_Tech said:

We won't get this version of the game lol. With the current trend of Japanese companies we will get this in 2 years when another form of it comes out. Its getting ridiculous the amount of games that get an enhanced follow up lately. I just want the game and we have to wait for said enhanced version which will more then likely come.



Spoony_Tech said:

@IceClimbers Seems that way doesn't it? Look to Monster Hunter 4, Bravely Default, and Fantasy Life. I hope this isn't the growing trend but at least we are getting the best version and not the lesser of the 2.

Still would rather have been playing MH4 6 months ago as opposed to 4-5 months from now.



Dreamz said:

Now if they could just port this to the Wii U...the console badly needs a great RPG other than Child of Light.



ollietaro said:

@Dreamz I agree the Wii U and its predecessor lacks RPGs but I think it has something to do with the fact that Playstation has that genre covered pretty well and so Nintendo has focused on other genres of games. Isn't Bayonetta 2 an action RPG?



TooManyToasters said:

Karen Halloran: Hardcore gaming alter ego of actress Karen Gillan. XDDD

Now getting serious here... If Square Enix could enlist Nintendo to bring a game like Bravely Default to the west and have it sell well over there then I don't see why the same shouldn't happen for FF Explorers.



JJtheTexan said:

Square Enix execs have said Bravely Default far exceeded their expectations in the west and made them rethink future marketing of JRPGs overseas (from Japan, that is), so I'm cautiously optimistic we'll see this in the Americas and Europe / Australia. If they have any reason to hesitate, it's the modest support for Monster Hunter games outside of Japan. May end up being download-only, but hey, I'll take it!



TruenoGT said:

Currently playing through the DS remake of FFIV (man, still my favorite FF...), so this is popping up at the right time for me. Looking forwarding to seeing how this turns out.



AVahne said:

Just bring this game over. I don't need imaginary games like FF15 and KH3.



Windy said:

If it comes out I will buy it for now its Fantasy Life and Monster Hunter 4 for us. Now that Dragon Quest X has been announced on 3DS I'm optimistic we will finally get to see that announced for port. There are just too many 3DS systems out there to pass on that cash grab for Square.



hiptanaka said:

I haven't seen anything from this game. My interest completely depends on how it plays.

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