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Join an elite group of heroes and set a course for the world's greatest source of power, the Grand Crystal. Prepare to venture into exotic and unexplored regions in search of pieces of the Grand Crystal and battle against the ferocious monsters that protect them!

Band together with friends and take on the realm's mightiest monsters in FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS on Nintendo 3DS family systems. With full online and local co-operative multiplayer, work together to save the world in this massive RPG adventure.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The Imitation Game

Despite the gravitas which comes with the Final Fantasy name, it's impossible to approach Final Fantasy Explorers without comparing it to Capcom's phenomenally successful Monster Hunter series. The game is a blatant attempt to ape the same concept,...

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User Comments (14)



Leafgreenmary said:

I have never played a Final Fantasy game because I can't afford a new system. I am going to buy this just because I will forever be ashamed if I can't say I have one Final Fantasy game.



Tigus said:

I'm looking for a PS0 RPG hopefully this meets my expectations



cormano said:

I am not a supporter of same-sex "marriage," so I have been watching with some interest how my favorite gaming company would react to pressure from fans and activists to get on the bandwagon. I am somewhat surprised - Nintendo usually manages to remain above the fray and do its own thing. They seem to not to listen to fan criticism.

I hope they listen to Zelda fans!



Volmun said:

@ShadJV im wondering the same... there is no marriage system in FF EX as far as I know... (although there is in FF14) seams like a Tomidatchi life (eh... struggle with that name) comment to me.

Im really looking forward to this coming soon ^^ iv got the collectors edition coming for my Birthday (27 so il be getting it a little late being in the UK) still a little bothered that you cant play it in 3D though but ohwell.



kamifox1 said:

@cormano I think you were looking for Tomadachi Life. Not sure how you ended up here instead but maybe read the article before commenting? I mean, to my knowledge, the game the article talks about has no marriage system nor is such a thing mentioned here.



thegetupk1d said:

I read somewhere that the original Final Fantasy comes with the download of this game. Is that true for the US release? Is it true at all!!?

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