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Sean Bean Declares His Head is 'A Bit Square' in GoldenEye on N64

Posted by Alex Olney

But he's Bean a fan for a long time

In a recent 'ask me anything' (AMA) on Reddit, Sean Bean confessed his admiration for the N64 classic Goldeneye 007, but also made reference to how polygonally-handicapped his head appeared.

Oh, it's good, it's great! Especially because it's so popular, it's like, quite unique really. It was such a big hit. But I think I've seen him. I think my head looks a bit square innit.

Strange grammar aside, it's clear that despite his blockish portrayal he feels that Rare did the film justice, and rightly so. The game is still held in high critical acclaim today and is believed by many to be the first game that led to the FPS becoming as popular as it is today.

Although the technology was not what it is today, you wouldn't have too much difficulty identifying him in this gaming milestone.

Aside from talk of past gaming glories Bean talks about all number of previous endeavours. This includes a man-to-man mutual pouring-out of hearts with Viggo Mortensen during the filming of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and burying a skull with Nicolas Cage; it's well worth a read.

You can find the AMA in question here.


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Zobocop said:

Certainly one of my favorites on N64, but I haven't played the game in around 15 years. I assume it doesn't hold up well. 5th gen 3D games are kind of notorious for that.



Adam said:

Don't complain, Sean. At least it is attached to your body.

sobs uncontrollably



whodatninja said:

Sean Bean is a funny guy in spite of the characters he play. His AMA is certainly a fun read!



Captain_Gonru said:

@Zobocop It depends on what aspect you're considering. The game play is still tight, as is the pacing and mission structure. The graphics, while still serviceable, obviously aren't up today's standards. Some of this can be mitigated by playing on an era-appropriate tv.



LtAldoRaine said:

Sean Bean is a cool actor. I hope his upcoming TV show is good,he deserves a movie franchise or a good show.

Also, the horrible puns on this site never cease to amuse me. I appreciate it.



Ricube said:

@Knuckles right! I loved that movie and the game! One of my favuorite Bond movies. Maybe because I played the game first...



ToneDeath said:

@Zobocop The controls are certainly dated, but the mission design and attention to detail put plenty of today's games to shame.



Nico07 said:

@Zobocop One of my all-time favorite games ever as well. I bought a used N64 and this game a few years ago to keep in my collection again.



kensredemption said:

Loved him in GoldenEye and loved him in Silent Hill. His work in Troy and Black Death were great as well. Hope he's in the business for a true GoldenEye remake with Pierce Brosnan, Famke Jansen and everyone else for the Wii U.



AJWolfTill said:

@Zobocop I started it again recently, it's still very playable, the visuals are comedic rather than bad if you have some attachment to the game already. The one thing which was really hard to adjust to was the game's enemy spawn/stealth system.

"alerting guards (either with sound, an alarm or being spotted by a camera) will cause all guards in the level to begin spawning copies of themselves. This will only stop when the original guard is killed."
This only applies to a handful of levels though.



KeeperBvK said:

@Blaze Slow comment day? Seriously, there are way too many people asking whether it's a slow news day. This is an amusing bit of news, so just let it be if you're not interested in it.




The sad thing is, this version of Goldeneye is WAY more fun than the remake and the remaster of the remake.



EJzelda said:

Man, I miss the times I had with that game. I would always pick the bad guys when playing with my friends, so either 006 or Xenia. Huge fan of the movie growing up.

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