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Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His Official Screenshots

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Beware, he still looks deadly

It's been a busy 24 hours in the world of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, with European reveals of a 3DS XL console bundle and a whole host of eShop discounts; Nintendo of America is yet to follow up with equivalent details at the time of writing, but we hope it's merely a matter of time.

The first reveal, however, was the return of Meta Knight, a character loved, loathed and feared in — perhaps — equal measure. His inclusion will prompt fears that he'll be somewhat overpowered, but the proof will be in the final games; button mashers like this writer are surely quietly delighted at his arrival. Forgetting arguments about movesets, he just looks rad, in any case.

Now that the dust has settled and we're all breathing again, it seems a good time to share the batch of ten screenshots posted for Meta Knight's arrival on the official website. They're below, so enjoy and let us know what you think.

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TwilightOniAngel said:

It would be hilarious for me if sakurai broke MetaKnight even more than he already was in brawl.But nah he looks like he got nerfed, i hope.



Alucard83 said:

He looks great. I think he would be my main character. All the old ones are been there done that. Time fore new. LOL



Doge said:

Awesome! Also don't forget that this is the first screenshot with paluntena Kirby....



DreamyViridi said:

I'm happy to see Meta Knight return, hopefully he's not as OP as he was in Brawl but it's nice to have him regardless. He seems to have a bit of battle damage in some of the screenshots. Check out his shoulder guards, they're scratched in some of the shots but spotless in others.



Samuel-Flutter said:

@TheWindWaker Honestly that's about all they've said about him. Kirby games aren't exactly known for their story. But he does have bat wings and a sword, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.



Wonder_Ideal said:

Awwwww Yeaaaaah!
Meta Knight was the very first smasher I ever played in the series. I knew nothing about his potential for spamming. I picked him solely because Meta Knight is awesome. It's great to see that he'll be returning, especially since he has sole sweet new gauntlets.



Ketchupcat said:

He doesn't really have a backstory, but he's basically the one with the most common sense in the series, and sometimes a rival to Kirby. He usually fights Kirby to prevent him from accidentally unleashing evil. He also has his ship, the Halberd, which he used to try to take over Dream Land and rule as a benevolent dictator, since the "king" never does anything for his country. He's also really focused on being the strongest warrior he can be.



Yai said:

I'm so glad he is back! I loved his play style in Brawl but he was rather strong. Hopefully it is dialed back a bit in this version.



agqwestern said:

@TheWindWaker According to Kirby: Right Back at Cha! (TV Series) Meta Knight is one of the the last surviving Dream Warriors(?) after a long war, patrolling the galaxies in search of a new generation of warriors. Kirby is one of these warriors but his ship detects bad forces in Dream Land and he crash lands, not being fully developed(?).



Nimious said:

Haha, that's terrible. Meta Knight only tournaments until Smash 4 meets an early grave like Brawl.



Nimious said:

@TeeJay I'm being realistic here even if my comment is heavily tainted by my annoyance. If Meta Knight's up B which was the best up B in Brawl gets a boost I can only see him becoming even more broken.

Lets be serious here. Two things killed Brawl, the new slow engine it employed and Meta Knight. The old community of Melee would not play Brawl because of the slow engine and the new school would quit on the game once they realized they needed to play Meta Knight to have any chance at winning a tourney.

I very much hope Sakurai does not repeat the two key mistakes that held Brawl and by extension Smash back from the glory that it should have had. Melee can only carry the standard for so long while Project M can never leave the shadows. Its up to Smash 4 and this just wasn't a good sign.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Nimious If metal knight becomes more broken than before, in this game. Then the casuals will have some fun on online, just spamming tornado move without end.But the competitive players though will freak out and that would be hilarious.But nah Meta Knight will be nerfed, i hope.



Hyperstar96 said:

@Nimious Did you also whine about Pikachu and Kirby being in SSB64? Or Fox and Falco in Melee? Because those four were broken and you don't seem to be complaining about them. And if you don't like Meta Knight, then just don't play as/against Meta Knight; it doesn't ruin the entire game like you claim it does.

Also, make sure you actually READ the Miiverse post before discussing it; Sakurai said his new Up+B has no glide and is more tactical (meaning it requires more skill to properly use). It's definitely nerfed.

Melee fanboys...



Nimious said:

@Hyperstar96 You have to be ignorant of the Smash scene to say what you're saying.

I wouldn't complain about Pickachu and Kirby in SSB64 as Isai has personally gone to show that the tier list is not definitive winning with or placing final two with Mario, Link, Jigglypuff, etc at major tourneys. If you can count you'd notice that's a lot more than one character.

Fox and Falco are space animals. You want to tell me space animals are broken? Lmao. Look to Armada, Hungrybox, Ken, etc that have brought Peach, Jigglypuff, Marth to the top. And you know what they have on Spaceys? The grab combo, the rest combo, etc completely destroy them. Melee is more balanced on the tier list.

The only imbalance was on Brawl where well over half the major finals were Meta Knight vs Meta Knight. The closest competitive characters were Snake, Ice Climbers and Diddy Kong of whom there were only one or two competitive players (majority of whom have never won a major tournament) on each compared to significantly more big names playing just on Meta Knight. There's very obvious reasons why Meta Knight was ranked SS on the tier list far above the rest.

No glide just turns the move more offensive, the utility of using glide as a recovery is gone but what does that matter when Meta Knight can tornado or dimension cape back to the stage.... Marth's up B out of shield was one of the best moves both as a finisher and to relieve pressure in Brawl. As you should know that move didn't involve a glide... Meta Knights up B was trumps that and if the removal of glide just means more offensive power then he will retain the best killing move out of shield in the game

By the way the most time I've spent on Smash was on Brawl. I saw the inequality so clearly. If you want to argue that Meta Knight isn't the most broken character in the franchise then you need to educate yourself on the now practically dead Brawl scene. You can start by asking the Smashboards and try the same comparison you just gave me...



Nimious said:

@midnafanboy :] It would have been funny if he tried.

Hyperstar96 just doesn't understand my point about Meta Knight and being competitive at tournaments. I was never talking about the casual scene, or does he also think you can choose to not play against Meta Knight by telling our opponent to stop playing Meta Knight at tournaments? That'd be hilarious.

In any case I hope so badly that Meta Knight is nerfed as you said. Sakurai can start with removing tornado but even then Meta Knight would be Marth with five jumps lmao.



Videogamer123 said:

Is it just me or did the graphics get polished?(based off the first screenshot. They look very good)



Expa0 said:

Bleh, I really don't think Kirby should have more than 2 characters, but whatever.



Kosmo said:

@Nimious I doubt Sakurai would do the same mistake twice with Meta Knight. Every character has received a subsential power-up, so they should hold on now. I'm pretty sure that the release date of the two games being so far when the screenshots and gameplay have been looking tight for nearly a year means they are spending some crazy means on balancing the experience they're going to offer us. That, plus Nintendo has been listening to its players recently, and they can't afford to miss out on SSBU/SSB3D.
In the worst case scenario where a character would be unbalanced, let's not forget that the Wii U is a new system that CAN update its softwares easily if needed. (and not going all Capcom over this with an "Ultra SSB Turbo Ex+Alpha 3 Arcade Edition")



Nimious said:

@Kosmo It's tough to tell how the game will end up. The mechanics have changed vastly so I can't really tell how one character would hold up against another.

However if the air lag on moves stays around its arguable how good Meta Knight would be. Would he be able to short hop Fair without touching the ground? Depending on whether he can or cannot he'd have a massive advantage or handicap. Meta Knight is terrible on the ground with that slow movement speed and low range.

Patching would be fantastic however I have my doubts as to whether Nintendo will do such a thing. Mario Kart 8 and fire hopping is just an example of something that should be patched but is not. I say that because fire hopping literally destroys the balance in the game shifting all the priority over to Karts making Bikes non-competitive at higher levels of play.



Socar said:

Awesome man!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to play as Meta Knight!!!!!!!!!!!



TheWindWaker said:

@agqwestern @Musterd @Samuel-Flutter
Thanks for the info!
It would seem that his story can simply be known from his actions.
He's not a villain, although he seek power. He wants to fight the greater evil, but he's going to do it his way. His realm extends beyond dreamland, so he would be a big fish in a small pond there. He sees the big picture, and will even fight Kirby to maintain that it remains intact.
I like him more now! Maybe I'll give him another shot in this next installment!



Porky said:

@Expa0 Why the heck not? THEY ARE SAKURAI'S CHARACTERS. Hell, since he's directing the game, he could have 5 Kirby characters if he wanted.



Hyperstar96 said:

@Nimious Once again, you don't get the point I'm making. If you hate Meta Knight so much, then don't play as Meta Knight. One single bad character doesn't ruin an entire game, no matter how much you want to think it does. Did Oddjob ruin Goldeneye for everyone? No; it's still considered one of the best multiplayer games on the N64, if not the best. One big reason Brawl doesn't have as much of a competitive scene now is because Meta Knight wasn't banned as soon as people realized he was broken. We all get that the floaty physics are responsible for Brawl not being as popular as Melee in the competitive scene, but don't try to place all - or even half - of the blame on one character.

Likewise, a character being good in one game doesn't automatically mean they're going to be good in the next. Again, look at Kirby. He was #2 on the tier lists in 64, and where was he in Melee? At the very bottom. Even Pichu beat him, and Pichu was supposed to be a joke character. Just trust that Sakurai and his team know what they're doing and maybe you won't feel so bitter. If Meta Knight is still broken when Smash 4 cones out, then you feel free to complain about it all you want. But until then, remember that you haven't actually played the game and have no right to make any objective comments about it other than what Sakurai has said.



Nimious said:

@Hyperstar96 facepalm Good god was that literally your point? Yes, I'm well aware that when playing Brawl I can hover my cursor over any of the other 34 characters and start a match....

To begin with I don't main or even play Meta Knight and I'm strictly talking about the competitive scene where in case you do not know you can't stop your opponent from choosing Meta Knight... Never once did I imply I played Meta Knight nor did I say Meta Knight has single handily ruined the game. As I pointed out he was half of the two major factors that killed Brawl. If you want to debate the two factors that I put out as the main reason Brawl is effectively dead the Smash boards would love to hear you out.

Based on your comparisons and "ideas" it is blatantly obvious you have never played Brawl competitively or even spectated any live Brawl events. You clearly have not seen pools with Meta Knights only (which is not all that uncommon) nor have you heard the obligatory Brawler moan about how cheap Meta Knight is. In fact based on your argument you are not even aware of the community's opinion on Meta Knight.

Meta Knight is ranked SS, he holds advantages over every other character BUT Meta Knight himself. This is not Smash 64 nor Melee where skill can compensate for a character's weakness. If you do not believe that I dare you to go through major Brawl tournament summaries and point out to me the ratio of Meta Knight golds over every other character. The statistics alone should convince anyone something has gone terribly wrong with balancing. I will give you a hint, the Meta Knight dominance is not focused on skill.

In my opinion Mr.R is the most technical Brawl player there ever has been yet he has never won a major international Brawl tournament simply because of the fact that his character is utterly outclassed. He has brought Marth to his limits yet the best he can do is place highly.

If you had read my other comment I pointed out that without knowing the mechanics and finer details I can not definitely say Meta Knight would dominate Smash 4 only that if things hold constant he could very will destroy this game as well. That was clearly not an objective comment and was a prediction.



S3OL said:

Whenever there's a SM4SH related post, there will always be people arguing about Melee and how crappy Brawl was and how Project M is the best ever.

In this case it's how broken Meta Knight /was/. Emphasis on the /was/. Sakurai is nerfing characters that need to be nerfed and buffing characters that need a slight boost. God sake people, wait until the game is out.



Benjelo said:

There is a theory that characters take physical battle damage in this version. A while ago sakurai posted his pic of the day that had little mac with a bandage on his face. It's just a posability.

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