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Video: This Retro-Styled Shovel Knight 'VHS' Guide is a Thing of Beauty

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Entertaining and helpful

Shovel Knight isn't just a terrific game, but part of its appeal is its ability to prompt nostalgia for the 8-bit era. Its visuals are too sharp and detailed to actually be a game on the NES, yet it represents how we remember that era — with retro rose-tinted eyeballs, in other words.

It's that combination of excellent modern-day design and retro style that's captivated so many players, and Nintendo has now tweeted an awesome video from Backloggery that was posted on the My Life in Gaming YouTube channel. It's an imitation of tip tapes from the '80s and '90s, those VHS cassettes that used to lie around most living rooms. Anyone who grew up in the era likely encountered at least one of these, while game companies and magazines would often use VHS tapes for marketing — this writer used to watch a Sega CD tape repeatedly when too young to know better.

Not only is the presentation of this video humorous and well executed, but the actual tips may prove helpful to those taking this game on. Check it out below.

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OorWullie said:

@Thomas I had that Sega CD tape too hehe.I'm sure it's still in my parents attic actually along with my magazines.Good times



Spoony_Tech said:

Just shut up now. VHS isn't that it? I mean i'm not that old am i? Aww crap, the last time I used a VHS was probably before the turn of the century!



Falchion said:

Pretty funny video, but it gave lots of tips... If you dont want the games challenges to be spoiled i wouldnt watch this



ShadJV said:

I laughed at how bad the person was playing it. so many careless deaths!

And I try not to think about VHS, it makes me feel old. DX



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

God I'm only nineteen so my memories of VHS isn't much but gosh this makes me feel all nostalgic xD the way he talks is hilarious "WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!" THAT HAD ME DYING



DreamOn said:

HAHA! Love the mature male voice over. Awesome job I felt instantly transported to a clunkier, lower-tech age.



OorWullie said:

@WiiULoveSquid That clunkier low tech age was a magical time,much more so than now.When the next slightly less clunkier (or in SEGA's case,more clunkier) piece of tech came along it totally blew ye away.Now nothing really has that effect or maybe I'm just old and nostalgic



Kaeobais said:

One of the people who runs this channel is also one of the creators of The Backloggery.



TeeJay said:

Oh gosh this video made me feel really old. I clearly remember watching Disney classics like Aladdin using VHS tapes. It was soooo annoying to pop a cassette in only to realize you forgot to rewind it the last time you watched!



Yoshi said:

@TeeJay "The next time you rent a DVD, don't bother rewindin'. The way I see it, it's the next person's problem."



Zach said:

I love that they try to use "Backloggery" as a name and can't fit the whole thing. Everything down to how they hold the instruction manual is perfect. I had to stop watching 4 Spolierz!



DiscoGentleman said:

This is excellent. Even this game's marketing is perfect. I really hope this is a big success on Wii U & 3DS for them.



argol228 said:

@ShadJV they aren;t careless deaths. they are used to show examples for the sake of the guide. or did you not notice to correlation between stuff like "Watch at for these roof spikes" and the death followed by hitting the roof spikes.



World said:

Okay so, does anyone have YouTube links to "tip tapes" they actually remember? I feel like...I just feel like this is something I need to see.



elstif said:

This video is awesome, good old VHS...
I had to stop it pretty early just because I don´t want spoilers.
This reminded me of a promotion Nintendo had before releasing the SNES, they gave VHS tapes with footage of SMW. You had to call a number and answer some questions about the game. They were giving some SNES with SMW bundles for the winners. I think I never wished to win something in my life more than that because I knew my parents were not going to buy one. "You already have one console..." they used to say, I didnt get an SNES until later in its lifespan

@TeeJay Now I´m feeling old too but I´ll feel younger again tomorrow when I won´t have to work and I´ll have time to play some Shovel Knight while my baby boy sleeps



netroz said:

My God.... this recalls the SEGA VHS I used to buy.. people over 30, don't look at this... the Nostalgia attack is way too efective



dumedum said:

the fishing rod never worked for me. I could pick up my fallen gold but never anything else even if the pit was sparkly.



dumedum said:

Oh, i have to "hit the attack button when exclamation points appear above Shovel Knight's head" - wish I'd done that lol.



aaronsullivan said:

Watch the beginning to get the effect, but the tips are too extensive and spoilery for anyone who hasn't played, IMO.

Very cool and love how it sets Shovel Knight in another era. I have to say the game feels oddly modern at the same time. It's pretty amazing. My kids love it. Granted they have had a lot of exposure to the old NES games like Zelda.

So... I know Yacht Club Games is working on all the promised extras for THIS game, but I can't help but hope for a metroidvania-style game from them, or maybe more Zelda. I hope they kickstart the next one. I'll be first in line.



Ferkner said:

Was totally awesome until the video went widescreen. Then it was merely awesome.



Mr-DNA said:

This video made me realize how useful the Chaos Orb actually is. That thing tears through bosses! Also, I like how the VO never calls the Phase Locket by its proper name.

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