How to Beat Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight isn't just a terrific game, but part of its appeal is its ability to prompt nostalgia for the 8-bit era. Its visuals are too sharp and detailed to actually be a game on the NES, yet it represents how we remember that era — with retro rose-tinted eyeballs, in other words.

It's that combination of excellent modern-day design and retro style that's captivated so many players, and Nintendo has now tweeted an awesome video from Backloggery that was posted on the My Life in Gaming YouTube channel. It's an imitation of tip tapes from the '80s and '90s, those VHS cassettes that used to lie around most living rooms. Anyone who grew up in the era likely encountered at least one of these, while game companies and magazines would often use VHS tapes for marketing — this writer used to watch a Sega CD tape repeatedly when too young to know better.

Not only is the presentation of this video humorous and well executed, but the actual tips may prove helpful to those taking this game on. Check it out below.