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Miiverse Update Allows Screenshots As Favourite Posts and Additional Community Info

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Share your favourite Communities with the world

The Miiverse platform is continually being updated by Nintendo, with the recent addition of line breaks not necessarily blowing minds, but doing its part to improve the service. We've seen posts support more characters, improvements to the profile layout and options, and more besides.

Yet another update has just been confirmed, this time allowing more customisation to Miiverse profiles. Whereas previously you could only pin a handwritten post as a 'favourite' on your profile, you can now do the same with a screenshot; likewise if you have selected some communities as favourites you can display them on your profile, too.

Below are the details from that lovable Nintendo of Europe Miiverse rogue, Marty — the updated features should be the same in all regions.

1) On all versions of Miiverse, you can now set a screenshot as your favourite post. Previously you could only set a handwritten post, but now you can set a screenshot too! Open one of your own posts that has a screenshot attached, select the settings button (the spanner icon), choose the "Set Screenshot as Favourite Post" option, and add the screenshot to your profile screen from there. You can remove a favourite post by going to Profile Settings (in the same way that you add and remove handwritten posts).

You can set any screenshot you want from a game, such as a high score or the moment you pulled off an amazing move, so this should provide more flexibility for you to decorate your profile in style!

2) On the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Miiverse, you can now display your favourite communities on your profile. Previously, your favourite communites were only visible to you, but now you can share them with others if you wish. If you choose to share them, your favourite communities will appear on your profile as icons. Go to User Page => Profile Settings and choose whether your favourite communities should be public, visible to friends only, or private under the new menu option "Who should be able to see your favourite communities?"


-If you're already using Miiverse, this option will be set by default to "Keep Private".
-User communities will not be displayed on your profile.

Are you happy with these changes, and what further tweaks do you still want to see on Miiverse? Let us know.


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Prof_Clayton said:

They care so much about Miiverse. It's great to see.
Now if only they make a mature people only section.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Nice, really nice. Especially considering most people want to show off their drawings via Favourite Commentary, but not everyones is that good with it.

@Prof_Clayton For what? 18+ titles? I don't think that going to work well - those communities will be full of 'cool' kids in no time.



XCWarrior said:

That's cool. The Miiverse profile originally was so basic. Getting more and more original now. Will have to update mine tonight.



millarrp said:

I don't use miiverse much but it's good too see it's being regularly updated...



JadedGamer said:

They don't need a mature section..they need a section where you have to Be THIS tall to gain access... 🎢



6ch6ris6 said:


and that's a bold statement considering i hate every other "social" network

i wish all games had communities. it really adds something to the game. it works like an official forum you can enter with your 3DS and post screenshots directly. love it



allav866 said:

I'm happy with these, but I already worked so hard drawing my profile pic, pixel-by-pixel. I'm still waiting to be able to filter posts by a user to a specific community.



allav866 said:

@6ch6ris6 I'm still waiting for the Nintendo 3D Classics to get their own Miiverse communities. Odd how not all of Nintendo's games have a community.



Cavalier41 said:

I'm glad to see Nintendo as a whole supporting their online products and even being a little more transparent with their customers. Miiverse is pretty great and keeps getting better.



Freeon-Leon said:

I've got to say I wasn't really excited at the beginning for this Miiverse thingy, mostly because I used to have just a 3DS. Now I think it's an awesome place where I can spend a nice time, if Nintendo just added chat...



Darknyht said:

@Prof_Clayton The problem is that age does not automatically result in maturity. My experiences using Xbox Live multiplayer taught me that, and it was the adults behaving like 13-year old kids on the schoolyard that made me mostly play without a headset or offline.



Ventilator said:

Its only a few days that i was annoyed that i couldn't add screenshots as favourite. Didn't take long until that was fixed.



maneauleau said:

I would like hem to allow commenting on comments as well as a way to order the comments in a post in descending order from highest rated comment to lowest which would be useful for feedback as well.



Iggly said:

@salxicha It's like how you do it on the 3DS. Make sure you're on a game that supports screenshots like Mario Kart 8, then press the home menu once you find the thing you want to screenshot. Go to Miiverse and then its community, when you post; there should be some kind of rectangle at the top right and then you pick if the screenshot is from the tv or gamepad screen.



DinoFett said:

Great update I use Mii-Verse everyday. Thank you Nintendo-Life and Nintendo for this news.



ultraraichu said:

Great update, I'm already taking advantage of it with my Tomodachi Life personality as my favorite screenshot post and my favorite boards. Would be interesting having an update that allows you to show off the games you play/own.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@pigwarts5ever I suspected as much, but as I said, kids are everywhere when it comes to online things, so an 'Adult Area' (oh god, that sounds so wrong!) would never work to begin with.

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